Emergency Preparedness Checklist: How to Be Ready for Anything and Everything

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: How to Be Ready for Anything and Everything

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: How to Be Ready for Anything and Everything

How often do you think about an emergency? Probably not that much. But when it does happen,
everything changes, and the last thing you want to worry about is how prepared you are for a crisis.
The best way to be ready for anything at any time is by creating an emergency preparedness
checklist. Keep reading to learn more about all the essential items that should be on everyone’ list.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: How to Be Ready for Anything and Everything

Water, Food, and Health

Water purification tablets are essential for your emergency preparedness checklist. If you don’t have any stored or fresh running water, chances of survival are low. Water purification tablets turn questionable water into water that is bacteriologically safe to drink.

Pack both canned goods and dry foods such as granola bars, crackers, etc., or anything else you
know can last long periods without spoiling (remember any medications members of your family might need). Sanitation items and first-aid kits are other absolute must-have essentials for any emergency preparedness kit.

Portable Solar Powered Back-Up Generator

It doesn’t matter if it’s a winter storm, hurricane, earthquake, flooding, power outage, EMP attack;
having power is an absolute must. The Titan solar generator is the perfect option for those who want the best of the best. With a 2,000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, the Titan solar generator is extremely powerful and lightweight for its capabilities.

Emergency Weather Radio

Your emergency preparedness needs an emergency weather radio. A radio is how you’ll get access to the news if cell towers go out. It’s also how emergency broadcasts will be communicated to you.

A solar emergency weather radio is even better since the battery can be charged by sunlight,
providing power that never runs out. If you’re really looking to get prepared, look into getting one with both AM/FM reception and shortwave coverage for emergency broadcasts from other countries around the world (think WWV).

High-Quality Bag

Everyone likes to talk about what should go into an emergency preparedness kit but rarely do people talk about the bag itself. When choosing a bag to store all of your items, go for a high-quality tactical bag with lots of compartments and chest and waist straps.

You will be carrying several items, so you want to make sure the weight is evenly dispersed and
comfortable to carry if you ever need to go on foot.


Lanterns are a great option, but they’re also bulky. We suggest solar headlamps. It can get annoying having to carry a lantern everywhere you go, and sometimes you’ll need a hands-free light option.

Chemlights are another excellent option for a compact light source. Chemlights are like glowsticks but a thousand times better. They last for 12 hours and are versatile, and they can be used as a light source or a marker.

Fire Starter

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have basic bushman skills like knowing how to start a fire without a lighter. So when preparing for an emergency, be sure to add a tin of Pyro Putty to your emergency kit.

A little goes a long way! A nickel-sized pyro putty can start a fire in up to -90°F weather and burns for 10 hours. A fire rod is another excellent fire starter.

How to Prepare for an Emergency: Your Emergency Preparedness Checklist

An emergency preparedness checklist will help you prepare for anything and everything that could
happen. We hope this list gave you an idea of all of the emergency supplies you need to have on
hand so that when disaster strikes, you’re prepared.

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