12 Cutest Drinking Glasses for Sipping in Style

Drinking Glasses

It’s easy to overlook your drinking glass collection in a society where everyone carries tumblers and water bottles like security blankets. After all, why would you grab for anything smaller and more delicate when such big vessels exist to stimulate appropriate hydration? But, if your drinking glasses have long been an afterthought, there’s a good reason to start worrying about these ordinary vessels. Drinking glasses can be just as chic and attractive as cocktail or wine glasses, despite their lack of specialness.

Drinking Glasses Do you want to expand your glassware collection? Look at these lovely vessels from Esty, Our Place… [+], and IVV.

While the plain glass cylinders of yesteryear still exist, you can now get water glasses in infinite colors and designs, making them an intriguing and worthy investment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with relying on your reliable tumbler all Day. However, when hosting dinner parties, it’s preferable to set the table with chic, matching glasses rather than a variety of mismatched jars. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 12 of our favorite glasses to get you started drinking in style.

Upgrade Your Glassware With These Beautiful Vessels

A Set Of Small Stacking Glasses

West Elm Essential Stacking Drinking Glasses

West Elm Essential Stacking Drinking Glasses (Set of 8)


These drinking glasses not only look great, but they also store well. These lovely vessels are ideal for individuals with limited cabinet space due to their stackable shape. They take up so little space that you could get the matching highball glasses set while at it. Choose your desired style and color (they come in five colors, including clear).

Vintage-Inspired Glassware With A Unique Rippled Design

Drinking Glasses
Colorful Nordic Glass Ripple Effect Cups

Colorful Nordic Glass Ripple Effect Cups Y2K Vintage


Whether you favor basic clear glassware or a vibrant color pallet, this rippling glass cup, which comes in clear, blue, orange, pink, and green, will meet the bill. Each cup is sold separately, making this one of the more expensive glasses on the list. However, this petite drinking glass is worth the additional price with such a distinctive design.

A Classic Tumbler And Rocks Glass Set


Libbey Polaris 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set


Drinking glasses don’t have to come in bold colors or designs to make a statement. Case in point: This 16-piece set of tumblers and rocks glasses, which includes eight of each vessel. And if you’re only in the market for one type of glass, tumblers or rocks glasses, no sweat; you can opt for 8-piece sets of one style, as well.

Stackable Glasses Sold In Solid And Multi-Color Sets

Drinking Glasses
Our Place

Our Place Night + Day Glasses (Set of 4)


Our Place’s Night + Day Glasses are some of our favorites because they are both handsome and flexible. These stackable vessels, available in sets of four and eight, come in eight rich tones such as amber and sage green; multi-color sets are also available if you don’t want something so homogeneous. These durable glasses are valuable for their high-quality construction (recycled glass and natural dyes).

A Set Of Durable, Outdoor-Friendly Vessels


Fortessa Tableware Solutions Outdoor Tumblers (Set of 6)


This set of Tritan tumblers is worth considering whether you have small children or love to host outdoor dinner parties. These glasses are sold in sets of six and come in both short and tall sizes and six different colors. You can even complement your new glassware with a matching water pitcher.

Textured, Colorful Highball Glasses

Drinking Glasses

Anthropologie Bombay Highball Glasses (Set of 4)

It’s up to Anthropologie to create highball glasses that are nothing short of spectacular. The hand-blown textured glasses (which come in four sets) are sold in five colors and rest atop solid pedestals, offering them a fun yet luxurious vibe. These vessels are guaranteed to make a charming addition to any glassware collection, whether you use them to serve water, juice, mocktails, or cocktails. Just keep in mind that they are only hand-washable.

An Art Deco Highball Glass

Crate & Barrel

Atwell Stackable Textured Ribbed Highball Glass

$6$7Save $1 (14%)

These ribbed glasses have genuine Art Deco beauty and are sold singly. While the 16-ounce highballs only come in clear glass, who needs color when the design is as eye-catching? They’re simple yet elegant, and you’ll get a few questions about where you got them. They’re also dishwasher-safe.

A Retro Set Of Italian Glass Tumblers


IVV Italian Retro Glass Tumblers (Set of 2)


If you like the old look, you’ll love this set of vintage-inspired glass tumblers produced in Italy. The vessels have a chic pebbled finish and come in six distinct colors: purple, clear, and “Peacock Green.” While they’re ideal for water, at 9.5 ounces, they’d also make excellent wine glasses.

Thick Marbled Glasses With Welcome Heft

Drinking Glasses

Ilaria DOF Glasses, Set of 4


These large 13.75-ounce glasses are available in green, pink, and blue, making a statement. Because they’re mouth-blown, yours may differ somewhat from the ones displayed, but that only adds to their allure—every glass is unique. Something to remember: Despite their sturdiness, these glasses are hand-wash only due to their handcrafted design.

Short, Fluted Glasses In A Variety Of Bright Colors

Crate & Barrel

Duralex Picardie Blue Glass

$4$6Save $2 (33%)

Duralex’s Picardie Glasses are popular because they’re chic, durable, and incredibly affordable. Because the 8.75-ounce fluted glasses are sold individually, you may mix and match bright colors like hot pink and jade green to create your ideal set. The glasses also come in clear glass if you prefer them to be less noticeable. They’re also resistant to chipping and shattering because they’re composed of tempered glass.

A Large, Heavy-Duty Glass Featuring A Classic Design


Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Large Working Glass

$2$3Save $1 (33%)

Consider Crate & Barrel’s Large Working Glass if you’re looking for a tall, beautiful vessel. This durable, dishwasher-safe glass is as traditional as it gets, with a faceted design and a rolled rim. It also has a large 21-ounce capacity, making it great for iced tea and lemonade.

A Gorgeous Set Of Colorful, Embossed Glasses


La Jolie Muse Heavyweight Drinking Glasses (Set of 4)

$29$36Save $7 (19%)

These multicolored embossed glasses are stunning. The four-piece set features 12-ounce vessels in various colors: subdued pink, baby blue, amber, and light green. And, despite their delicate appearance, these tapered glasses are dishwasher-safe. Overall, 500-plus Amazon reviewers give these vintage-inspired glasses five stars.

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