Discord Spoiler Tags: Top Tips You Need To Know in 2024

Discord Spoiler Tags: Top Tips You Need To Know in 2024

Many people are unfamiliar with the Discord spoiler tags. Are many Discord users bothered about this? This page will provide you with full and up-to-date information on how to spoiler on discord.

Especially if you are a lover of TV series or movies, spoilers will always be one of the most hated things in the world. However, unlike most other applications, Discord makes giving spoilers far more fun, therefore you are not liable for them. The Discord Spoiler tags are used for this reason.

Discord is a popular tool for connecting people to communities. You join or start a chat server and invite like-minded people to join. Discord has various unique features that are not seen on other chat services. One of them is the Discord spoiler tags. Let’s see what they are and how to add them to our Discord talks.

Discord is also a popular instant messaging platform for gamers, Redditors, and Patreon producers to interact and exchange material. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to its success in the game streaming community. The app appears on various rankings of the top ten messaging applications in the globe. Yes, it is that excellent.

Discord developers are adding new features and responding to user input. The most recent change is the inclusion of “spoilers“. Spoilers are hidden messages that become visible when clicked. Users often use them to exchange information without interfering with the fun or excitement of other group members. For example, a movie’s climax, a book’s twist, and so on how to do spoiler on discord. Users may now post spoilers in the messages that they send on Discord with the latest version.

Learn how to add a Discord spoiler tag to your desktop, Android, iPhone, or iPad client.

What are the Discord spoiler tags?

Assume you’re discussing a great thriller or anything in the community that is intended to be thrilling, but there may be gaps in the community that detract from the excitement or enthusiasm of others.

To avoid this, add Discord spoiler tags to any message or image you send to the chat server. The content of a specific message or image is hidden when you apply a spoiler tag on it. It is visible just to the person who clicks on the blurred message. Once you click on it, you will be able to see the content. Everyone should do the same to see the community’s content.

How do Spoiler Tags in Discord Work?

Discord’s spoiler tagging feature enables users to hide or block text and image content from Discord spoilers. However, the Discord spoiler tag option is not accessible for Discord videos. Another thing to note is that this feature does not delete Discord messages.

This Discord spoiler tag also enables for making the content visible exclusively to people who are interested in it, or to those who the user specifically requests to see it. To see the images and discord spoiler text of a Discord spoiler, click on the black message to open it. And if someone does not want to see the spoiler, they may avoid it.

It has the ability to hide not only text but also images. Discord enables users to illustrate text with images, gifs, and emoticons, making it a great communication tool. Several tagging features enable users to create unique effects. Discord has added a spoiler tag to supplement its great tagging feature discord spoiler text.

Discord postings with spoiler tags must be prepared using the Discord mobile app for Android, iPhone, and browser, as well as the Discord app for Mac or Windows.

How can I add a spoiler tag to a text in Discord on my computer?

Adding a spoiler tag to a text in Discord is simple!

  • On the chat server.
  • Type / spoiler
  • Then enter your message.
  • Finally, press the Enter key.
  • This adds a “spoiler” tag to your text message.
  • A black frame has now hidden the spoiler text.

To begin with, adding a spoiler tag is really simple. Exchange messages on the server chat. Press Enter after typing /spoiler, followed by your message.

That is it. You have just added a spoiler tag to your post. The person who wishes to read it in the community must click on it. After then, the post’s dark cover evaporates.

On Android and iOS.

This is a uniform technique for Discord’s Android and iOS applications.

  • Start a chat room in the Discord app.
  • If you embed the text in spoiler bars, it will appear as a spoiler.

An alternate method (iOS only)

  • In the conversation, highlight the message and long-click on it.
  • Choose the “Mark as spoiler” option.

How can I add a Discord spoiler tag to images?

Adding a spoiler to an image works similarly, except you don’t have to type anything discord spoiler image. To add an image, click the “plus” icon next to the discord spoiler text box.

  1. Locate the image in the Explorer window that opens. Select it and then click the Open button in the Explorer box.
  2. A dialogue box offers the download and cancel options. Check the Mark as spoiler box to add a spoiler tag to the image, then click the Upload button discord spoiler image.
  3. The discord spoiler image you upload will be blurred and marked SPOILER. Anyone who clicks on it will be able to see it discord spoiler image.

How can I mark a spoiler on the mobile Discord?

To mark a spoiler on your mobile Discord, follow the method outlined above:

  1. Open the conversation window.
  2. Enter a message.
  3. Add “/spoiler” at the beginning of your message.
  4. Make this happen. And that’s it!

How can I upload a video to Discord?

The simplest method to upload a video to Discord is as follows:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Get to the chat server.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) in the dialogue box.
  4. Select or double-click a video.
  5. Finally, click “Download”.

What options are available for adding Discord spoiler tags to messages and images?

Mark a text message as a spoiler in Discord.

The first method is rather simple. Simply type /spoiler before what you’re typing in the Discord text channel. You may then lock the spoiler tag with the Tab key, followed by the Return/Enter key to send the message normally discord spoiler image.

The message text has been greyed out in the text conversation. Users can’t see the message content unless they click on the grey line.

Alternative way of marking a text message as a spoiler in Discord:

This method is very identical to the previous one, except that instead of /spoiler, you write two vertical lines before and after the text you wish to mark as a spoiler, for example: ||Pain is momentary, but triumph is permanent.

The benefit of this method is that you may enter the text you don’t want to hide in the same message, which the first method does not allow. Simply type the text you don’t want to hide outside the vertical line.

  1. Mark images as spoilers on Discord.
  2. Click the + sign to the left of the text box to select the appropriate image from your folders.
  3. Make sure to check the “Mark as spoiler” box. Select “Upload” and enter an email (note: it won’t be hidden).

How can I add a spoiler tag to Discord using Markdown syntax?

Discord uses Markdown for formatting. To put spoiler tags in Markdown, a just enter two vertical bars (||) on each side of the text you want to hide.

  • A black marker is used to mark the chosen text.

The text enclosed by the two vertical lines was hidden from the receiver when it was originally received, as shown in the first line. The receiver must click on the black part to disclose the spoiler, as shown in the second line, to see this hidden text.

How can I add a spoiler tag in Discord using the term spoiler?

Discord Spoiler tags may be added using the keyword spoiler as follows: ‘/spoiler’, a slash, and the word spoiler. This is a built-in feature that appears when you type in the text editing area. See the example below.

Any message that the user wishes to send as a spoiler must appear before the colon.

The downside of this function is that, unlike the Markdown syntax method, it does not support spoiler tags. The “/spoiler” keyword only works at the beginning of a phrase.

If the user simply wants sections of the text to be hidden, use the above-mentioned Markdown syntax.

You cannot use /spoiler to write “Spoiler head: ….”. If the /spoiler method is used, the user is unable to enter empty lines or even add a spoiler on the second line after adding text to the first.

Why mark messages as spoilers?

Assume you wish to send a message regarding a recently viewed movie. The message you send may only be meant for people who have previously viewed the movie. The message may include movie plot spoilers. To prevent users from observing the message if they want to, you may use Discord’s spoiler feature to first hide the discord spoiler text.

A label displays on the screen, with the option to magnify the message. By hitting the show button, the message or image becomes instantly visible.

Isn’t it great?

The greatest part is that this feature works on all platforms, including PCs/laptops and mobile devices. However, you can only add a spoiler image to Discord on the PC version.

So, without further ado, let’s see how to send a spoiler message on Discord.

How can I send a spoiler notice in Discord?

Learn how to post spoilers on Discord in this section. If you wish to post spoiler images, please see the following section.

Open Discord on your smartphone in step one. As previously stated, the spoiler alert works with Discord across all devices.

Step 2: Open the channel where you want to send the message and go to the message box. To mark the message as a spoiler, enter the command /spoiler. After inputting the /spoiler command, you may specify which message you wish to hide.

Sample spoiler message on Discord: /spoiler Your message will be sent here.

After that, just click the “Send” button to send a spoiler message over Discord. And, sure, you may use emoji in your message.

Here’s another method to send a spoiler message using Discord.

You may also type your message between the two vertical bars (||) to send it as a spoiler. Simply type || before and after your message content. Please see the sample below for a clarification.

Here are some simple guidelines for using the Discord spoiler tag in words:

To hide a spoiler, use the spoiler markup syntax. In Discord, it is the “Pipe” or “Vertical Bar” sign, specifically two “||”s. To mark the text as spoiler, place two “Pipe” symbols on each side of it. This works for the whole post or just a part of it. “Hiding Discord spoilers is good practice,” you write in the post.

You may hide the text behind the spoiler overlay and place a pair of spoiler text characters on each side of it. You may hide the spoiler text overlay and place a pair of spoiler text characters on either side.

If you don’t hold down the pipe key on your keyboard, you may still mark the text as a spoiler. Before inserting the text, click the eye symbol on the toolbar’s left side. When you highlight the text rather than using keyboard shortcuts like “Ctrl+A,” it seems to operate consistently.
You may also mark spoilers by clicking on the text in the eye icon toolbar. Additionally, you may mark photographs as spoilers by clicking the “Spoiler” box in the lower-left corner of the image download window. In order to hide the image behind a spoiler overlay, type “Mark as spoiler” in the bottom left corner of the photo upload window.

If you mark an image or text as a spoiler, you must manually hide the image title using the same syntax as before.

Discord is great for making friends on servers with similar groups, but not every message you send will be appropriate for everyone. Discord spoiler tags may be used to hide certain messages.

How can I deactivate spoiler tags on Discord?

If you wish to deactivate Discord spoiler tagging, we can assist you do so.

  • To do so, go to “User Preferences”, then “Text and Images” and select one of the following options:
  • “On click”, “On the servers I moderate”, or “Always”.

What do these options mean?

  1. “On Click” means that users on your server can reveal spoilers by clicking on spoiler tags.
  2. “On the servers I moderate” means that you have been given the job of message manager and only have power over the tags of the servers you oversee.
  3. “Always” means you don’t have to click on the post, but postings containing spoilers are visible to users.

We hope this was useful, and that you now understand how to use spoiler tags in Discord.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I see the spoiler content?

Discord enables users to determine whether a spoiler should be visible: always, on click, or on user-moderated servers.

Click on the Settings option, then click on Text and Images, to access this feature. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Show spoiler content section.

How can I add a spoiler tag in Discord using the “mark as spoiler” option?

Attachments, images, and videos are handled via the “Discord spoiler” option. In the editor, there is a plus sign (+) to the left of the text box that enables you to upload files. When you upload the file, you’ll see the Mark as Spoiler checkbox.

If you check this box, you will be able to send attachments with spoiler tags.

The recipient must click on the attachment. The main disadvantage of this method is that it is not accessible for mobile phones. It can only be done on a personal computer.

How can I add a spoiler tag in Discord using the eye icon?

This is a pretty simple technique to mark any text as a spoiler. The quantity and type of text that may be hidden behind a spoiler are completely flexible, much as with double marking bars.

To access the eye icon, select the text you wish to hide, and a toolbar will emerge. When you click the eye symbol, the chosen text is enclosed by two vertical bars.


When you add the Discord spoiler tag to your message, it is blocked from being read or saw by anybody, and only interested or authorized people can see and read your message. This obviously stops your text from being visible by any Discord members on your server.

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