Top 7 Cryptocurrency Converter Applications for 2023

Cryptocurrency Converter Applications

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Converter Applications for 2023. When converting digital support, such as cryptocurrencies, into fiat, you must evaluate several aspects to choose the best crypto exchange platform for your needs. It’s simple to discover exchanges that will accept your fiat currency in exchange for crypto. However, converting your funds back to fiat currency and withdrawing them comes with complications.

You may desire to exchange your cryptocurrency for fiat currency for various reasons. You should take advantage of good market conditions. Alternatively, because fiat currency is still the most extensively used payment method globally, you may utilize yours to pay bills and other transactions.

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Converter Tools:

Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat Currency

Before we get into our list of top conversion tools, it’s crucial to understand the difference between crypto and fiat. Learning about crypto and other sorts of currency is to your advantage.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that serve as a medium of trade. You can make direct transactions with another person using crypto without going via an intermediary.

Meanwhile, the government declares fiat currency as legal tender, making it valuable. It has no intrinsic value in and of itself, unlike commodity money, which derives its value from its merit. Gold and silver are two examples.

Are fiat and cryptocurrency similar? Both yes and no. Crypto is considered money since it functions as a medium of exchange and stores value. However, there are characteristics of crypto as an alternative payment method that make it distinct from traditional money, the most notable of which is that it is decentralized. What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing the Best Crypto to Fiat Converter

You must pick an exchange platform that you can completely trust and ensure that it has acceptable fees and withdrawal limitations. You’ll need a platform that has a simple process for cashing out your cryptocurrency gains.

 What To Consider When Choosing the Best Crypto to Fiat Converter

You must pick an exchange platform that you can completely trust and ensure that it has acceptable fees and withdrawal limitations. You’ll need a platform that has a simple process for cashing out your cryptocurrency gains.

  • Withdrawal limits 

Crypto exchanges typically have a daily limit on the amount you can withdraw. This guarantees the security of your funds. You should choose a platform that offers several options for withdrawing funds and low fees. The withdrawal fee should be fixed, regardless of how much you intend to withdraw.

  • Fee structure

Exchanges make money through commissions, which they receive from several fee categories such as deposit, trading, and withdrawal fees. Choose exchanges with a clear fee structure and no hidden transaction fees.

  • Intuitive platform

Complicated user interfaces, as well as slow transaction speeds, should be a thing of the past. If a platform has a difficult-to-use interface, traders are more inclined to seek other exchange platforms.

  • Customer support

Customer service is also essential. It is critical to be able to contact a customer representative if you have any problems with the platform.

How to Convert Crypto into Fiat Currency

This depends on the type of cryptocurrency you hold, but the most common methods for converting it into fiat are exchanges, debit cards, peer-to-peer exchanges, and A.T.M.s. The process of converting utilizes this method, though, as we’re focusing on exchanges.

Most people transform their cryptocurrencies into fiat currency by using cryptocurrency exchanges. The process is similar to that of using a money changer or remitter. Your cryptocurrency will be converted into your regional currency via the exchange. The disadvantage of this method is the delay in cashing out your fiat currency. Sometimes, the process can take up to five business days to complete.

The exchange will make use of a crypto converter that is incorporated into its system. It will display the amount of fiat currency you can receive based on your crypto amount. Most exchanges nowadays feature user-friendly interfaces that make conversion easier.

7 Best Exchanges for Converting Your Crypto

Aside from the fee structure, withdrawal limitations, and simplicity of use and support, it would help if you also considered the exchange’s supported cryptocurrency and level of security. You can also listen to cryptocurrency specialists and pick their brains. With that in mind, consider the following options for converting crypto to fiat currency.

1. CEX

CEX bills itself as a safe and trustworthy platform for crypto trading, buying, selling, and other activities. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Sepa, and A.C.H. are just a few accepted methods for withdrawing funds. You can withdraw infinite funds using several payment methods, including S.W.I.F.T. and Sepa. The fees for withdrawing your cryptocurrencies vary depending on the payment method. Visa card withdrawals, for example, incur a service charge fee of up to 3% + $1.20.

The fact that C.E.X. supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies is an advantage. Meanwhile, you can withdraw fiat currencies in the following denominations: USD, E.U.R., GBP, and RUB. Because not all exchanges support RUB, C.E.X. may be your best option if you withdraw from RUB. Overall, withdrawing funds using the C.E.X. platform is simple and speedy.


  • Reliable security precautions
  • Licensed in the United States and other regions of the world, it allows users to earn
  • cryptocurrency through crypto staking.


  • For first-time users, it could be more user-friendly.
  • More verification is required before increasing users’ withdrawal and deposit limits.

2. Bitstamp

Cryptocurrency Converter Applications

Bitstamp has been a popular crypto converter tool among many users due to its unlimited withdrawal amounts. This makes it an excellent choice if you frequently withdraw large cash.

For foreign withdrawals, there is a 0.1% fee. However, the minimum fee must be $25. If you plan to withdraw huge amounts, this fee is worth paying. There are alternative exchanges with lower fees, but those who prefer reputation and trustworthiness will not have to seek further.

You can withdraw fiat currencies in USD, CHF, E.U.R., AUD, GBP, CAD, and J.P.Y. Bitcoin, X.R.P., Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, SAND, and more cryptocurrencies are supported by Bitstamp.


  • The interface is simple to use
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods vary.


  • The list of supported currencies could be expanded.

3. Kraken

Kraken is also a preferred exchange for converting your crypto into fiat

Because of its large withdrawal restrictions, Kraken is also a popular exchange for converting your cryptocurrency into fiat. The amount you can withdraw depends on your verification level. There are four stages of verification: starter, express, intermediate, and pro. You must submit several requirements and papers to enhance your deposit and withdrawal limits.

You will be granted the starter level if you submit your email, full name, birthday, contact number, and address. By entering your social security number and job information, you can raise your level from starter to express. Meanwhile, providing a valid I.D., proof of domicile, and submitting a photo of your face indicates that you are at the intermediate level. Finally, consumers seeking Pro level verification must complete a KYC questionnaire and enable two-factor authentication.

Users at the Express level have a $10,000 daily and monthly withdrawal limit. Intermediate users can withdraw $100,000 per day and $500,000 per month. Meanwhile, Pro clients can withdraw $10,000,000 or more daily and $100,000,000 or more monthly.

Kraken supports many altcoins, giving it an advantage over other prominent exchanges. You can withdraw fiat currency in the following currencies: USD, E.U.R., GBP, CAD, CHF, AUD, and J.P.Y. The processing period ranges from quick withdrawal to five days, depending on your chosen method. Withdrawal fees differ as well.


  • A large number of cryptocurrencies are supported (over 100).
  • It is present in over 190 countries.
  • Excellent for experienced traders


  • Slow and thorough verification
  • Minimum withdrawal amounts are relatively high.

4. Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Converter Applications


Coinbase is typically recommended for beginners in the trade who require fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversions. However, it maintains relatively high fees for cashing out from crypto to fiat. Conversion fees for cryptocurrencies range from 0.50% to 2%.

Coinbase supports fiat currencies such as USD, E.U.R., and GBP. A 1% network fee would be charged for each withdrawal.

Coinbase has a rigorous verification process in place. To sign up for Coinbase Pro (with a daily withdrawal limit of $50,000), you must submit at least two government-issued documents to prove your identification. This is something that only some would be willing to do. However, given its great reputation and simple but effective design, Coinbase remains a viable alternative for cashing out crypto funds.


  • For enhanced security, use the vault protection option.
  • Maintains crypto insurance and is accessible for iOS and Android.


  • High fees Limited altcoins

5. Okcoin

Cryptocurrency Converter Applications

Since 2013, Okcoin has been operating and expanding mostly in North and South America. It first debuted in China, but it decided to expand to other places due to the country’s crypto restriction.

Okcoin distinguishes itself by allowing users to trade, deposit, and withdraw in currencies not offered by other exchanges. It supports the following fiat currencies: USD, E.U.R., S.G.D., and B.R.L. There is no withdrawal fee when converting your cryptocurrency to U.S. dollars by A.C.H., and the minimum should be $10. Depending on your chosen payment channel, the transaction speed ranges from one to five business days.


  • The app is designed for both new investors and experienced traders.
  • Competitive trading Fees
  • User-friendly


  • Crypto assets are limited.
  • Languages supported are limited.

6. CoinSmart

CoinSmart is considered ideal for crypto to fiat conversions

CoinSmart is preferred for crypto to fiat conversions, particularly Bitcoin to fiat for withdrawing via bank account. You are guaranteed a same-day deposit with CoinSmart.

The platform currently supports 16 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, U.S.D.C., Stellar Lumens, Cardano, and Solana. It keeps fiat currencies such as the USD, E.U.R., and CAD. There is a 1% fee ($15 minimum) for bank wire or electronic funds transfer. You also can withdraw a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $15,000 by electronic funds transfer. There is a $10,000 minimum and $5,000 maximum limit for bank wires. The processing time ranges from one to five days.


  • Rapid confirmation
  • Trading fees are rather modest.
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Limited crypto assets Limited fiat currencies supported.

7. Coinmama

Coinmama is suitable for both crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto conversions

Coinmama can handle both crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversions. It solely supports Bitcoin cash-outs, however. It would help if you first converted your other cryptocurrency into Bitcoin to cash out the former.

Coinmama supports ten cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, E.O.S., and Litecoin. Coinmama has the advantage of not charging additional fees for deposits or withdrawals.


  • The process for verification has been streamlined.
  • There are no additional withdrawal fees.


  • Significantly higher fees
  • There is no built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

How About the Best Peer-to-Peer Exchanges?

Peer-to-peer exchanges are another option for exchanging your cryptocurrency for fiat money. These sites provide a variety of options for cashing out. There are various advantages to using peer-to-peer exchanges for your cryptocurrency needs. For example, you will have access to customers and sellers from all around the world. If you desire anonymity, P2P exchanges can supply that. The following are some samples of peer-to-peer exchanges.

  • LocalBitcoins

It has been operating since 2012 and has grown to become a popular site for buying and selling peer-to-peer Bitcoin. It facilitates Bitcoin exchange in the majority of places across the world. There are no fees associated with registering, purchasing, or selling Bitcoin—instead, users who create an ad and make a trade pay a 1% fee.

  • LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos functions similarly to LocalBitcoins in that users have several options for withdrawing funds and can do it anonymously. This peer-to-peer marketplace supports over 40 payment methods and is driven by smart contracts.

  • LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap is ideal for beginners in the cryptocurrency world, as it provides an intuitive platform with simple and well-structured methods. It supports over 190 local currencies and over 300 payment methods.

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