Top 12 Binance Trading Bots 2023 (Free And Paid)

Top 12 Binance Trading Bots 2023 (Free And Paid)

Top 12 Binance Trading Bots 2023 (Free & Paid). Trading bots are one tool in the arsenal of experienced cryptocurrency traders looking to increase earnings while decreasing risk and minimizing losses via algorithmic trading and data-informed automation.

A cryptocurrency trading bot is just a computer program that operates online and does tasks quicker than a person. Bots are estimated to account for more than half of all Internet traffic. They interact with websites and users, scan content, and conduct other functions, such as cryptocurrency trading, on behalf of competent individuals.

What is Binance Trading?

The process of acquiring and selling cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform is called “Binance Trading.” Binance is one of the world’s largest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, and it offers trading in various digital assets. Before starting trading, users must create a Binance account, fill it with money, and then choose a trading pair.

Users may carry out their trades on the trading pairs, which are made up of two cryptocurrencies, by placing various orders, including market orders or limit orders. The trading platform offers a simple user interface for managing trades, including establishing stop-loss and take-profit levels. Because of market volatility, cryptocurrency trading on Binance entails risks comparable to other kinds of trading. As a result, users must exercise caution and caution and should only invest money they can afford to lose.

How Does a Trading Bot Work?

We now understand what a cryptocurrency trading bot is. Let’s go through how it works.

Traders and developers collaborate to build the trading strategy’s code. The technique states that the coding automatically allows the bot to trade, open, and close positions.

The most notable advantage of cryptocurrency bots is that they disregard all human emotions, which may sometimes be harmful to traders. Like most things in the crypto world, these bots aren’t perfect, but they may frequently help you save or even earn money.

Even if you are a good cryptocurrency trader, you can only work for a limited time. As a result, here is where cryptocurrency trading bots begin to shine.

Pros and Cons of Binance Trading:


Various Cryptocurrencies: Binance users can access many trading options, including many cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

Liquidity: Because Binance is one of the world’s largest exchanges, it frequently has high liquidity, allowing users to buy and sell assets rapidly and at appealing rates.

Friendly User Interface: Both novice and expert traders may easily navigate and complete trades on Binance because of its user-friendly design.

Low costs: The average trading fee on Binance is competitive, particularly if customers pay using the native Binance Coin (BNB), which may result in cheaper transaction costs.

Security Measures: Binance uses robust security mechanisms, like two-factor authentication (2FA) and cold storage for most customer funds, to protect user cash and data.


Regulatory Concerns: Because the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is still developing, exchanges like Binance may face increased attention from authorities in different countries, potentially leading to compliance issues.

Customer Service: When there is high demand or technical issues, customer service on Binance might be delayed and difficult to reach.

Security dangers: Although Binance maintains security seriously, hacking attempts on exchanges occur, and users’ money may be jeopardized if security is violated.

Limited Fiat Options:  Despite having more currency options than in the past, Binance may only enable a tiny percentage of direct fiat deposits and withdrawals compared to other financial platforms.

No Deposit Protection: Unlike conventional banks, money stored on cryptocurrency exchanges is often not insured, making it susceptible to theft or loss.

Features of Binance Trading:

  • Spot trading is supported by Binance, letting users buy and sell cryptocurrencies at market prices. Users may set buy and sell prices by placing market or limit orders.
  • Binance offers futures and margin trading alternatives for more experienced traders, allowing users to leverage their holdings and quadruple their wins or losses.
  • Customers may participate in flexible or locked savings accounts using this feature or produce passive income by staking their cryptocurrency.
  • Binance Launchpad, which supports Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and token sales for new projects, allows users to participate in new token offers.
  • Members of Binance Earn may explore different investment products, such as staking and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) initiatives, to earn dividends on their holdings.
  • Binance Card debit card users may use cryptocurrencies at companies accepting Visa payments.
  • Binance has generally minimal trading fees, and customers may save money by paying for transactions using Binance Coin (BNB).

Best Binance Trading Bots:

Let’s first discuss trading bots more generally before discussing the top Binance bots, in our opinion.



Short Description

Coinrule brings AI automation to your favourite trading platform — it’s a comprehensive crypto and stocks control centre. With their Market Scanner, it scans 10,000+ crypto currencies and 1,000+ NASDAQ-listed stocks simultaneously to identify prime investment opportunities.

Dive into their AI-Based Trading Bot Marketplace to confidently deploy backtested, profitable strategies in seconds. Novice or pro, their intuitive UI and 250+ preset trading templates ensure seamless and profitable trading.

Want to test a strategy? Use their free demo wallet. Engage in leveraged trading and access their platform anytime on Android, iOS, and web.

Plus, enhance your crypto knowledge with their extensive educational resources.


Coinrule is one of the fastest-growing trading bot providers with a simple interface. Backed by top investors such as Y Combinator and Urban Innovation Fund as well as Angel investors including founders from Twitch, Kayak, Fitbit and Eight Sleep, Coinrule has assisted over 250,000 traders in automating over $3 Billion in investments across the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin and others.


Coinrule has a number of unique features:

  1. Crypto and Stock Strategies:The core feature of Coinrule is its ability to let users set up rules for automatic trading. These rules can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user wants, and can be based on various factors such as price, technical indicators, and other conditions.


  1. Ready-Made Templates:Coinrule offers a range of templates that traders can choose to apply to their portfolio. These templates are based on popular trading strategies and can be a good starting point for beginner and intermediate traders. Users also have the option to create their own custom trading rules to test their assumptions or ideas.


  1. Demo Trading:Coinrule offers a demo wallet to test  trading strategies in a risk-free environment; the comfort of paper trading with the exciting volatility of the market. This can be a useful feature for beginners who are still learning the ropes as well as for advanced traders wanting to simulate trends before switching to live mode and trade with real funds


  1. Market Scanner: Coinrule’s ‘any coin’ scanner is capable of monitoring price trends for more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies, and provides a convenient tool for identifying those that satisfy your specific entry criteria or trigger price points. Its primary goal is to assist you in pinpointing the most lucrative markets, thereby ensuring you never overlook a promising investment opportunity.


  1. Leverage Trading:Coinrule also supports leverage trading on multiple exchanges. Among the standout features is the Coinrule’s “Any Contract” scanner. Mirroring the efficiency of the “Any Coin” market scanner previously mentioned, it diligently scans the market to identify leverage pairings that match specific pre-defined entry conditions.


  1. Educational Resources:To help users understand the platform and the broader world of crypto trading, Coinrule offers a range of educational resources, including guides, tutorials, live webinars, active Discord community and premium customer support


  1. TradingView Integration: Take your game a step further by integrating with TradingView, home to the world’s most extensive collection of technical indicators. With TradingView, you gain access to a myriad of customizable trading setups, allowing you to fine-tune strategies to match your precise needs. This integration seamlessly connects with your favorite crypto exchange via Coinrule.


  1. Ease of Use: Coinrule is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that’s accessible even to beginners.
  2. Flexibility:The platform supports a range of trading strategies, from simple to complex. Users can choose from pre-set templates or create their own custom rules.
  3. Leverage: Coinrule supports leverage trading on multiple platforms.
  4. Educational Resources:Coinrule provides guides, tutorials, and dedicated customer support to help users understand the platform and crypto trading.
  5. Demo Mode: Users can test their trading strategies in a risk-free environment before switching to live mode.
  6. Support for Multiple Exchanges:Users can manage and automate trades across different cryptocurrency and stock trading platforms.
  7. App:Unlike many of its competitors, Coinrule also has an Android app with an iOS app coming soon.

Unique Features

Any Coin/Market Scanner- Coinrule boasts a unique offering with its “Any Coin/Contract” scanners, a feature that none of its competitors provide. As previously discussed, this innovative tool can monitor price trends across over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies and helps in identifying those that match your specific entry criteria. Designed to spotlight the most rewarding markets, it ensures you never miss a golden investment opportunity.

Simple UI and Logic – Coinrule’s “If This Then That” (IFTTT) logic is a powerful feature that allows users to set up automatic trading decisions based on specific triggers or conditions. It’s a way to create automated strategies without needing to know how to code.

In the context of Coinrule, “If This” could refer to any number of market conditions or trends. For instance, if a particular cryptocurrency drops or rises by a certain percentage, if it hits a certain price, or a specific condition of a technical indicator is met.

“Then That” refers to the action the system will automatically carry out once the conditions in the “If This” clause are met. For instance, it could automatically buy or sell a certain amount of a coin.

The power of Coinrule’s rule page lies in its flexibility and customization options. You can set up a wide range of conditions and corresponding actions based on your own investment strategy and risk tolerance, allowing for a highly tailored trading experience.

Trading Bot Marketplace- Coinrule has unveiled an exclusive trading bot marketplace, providing traders with a platform to discover hand-picked, highly profitable strategies. These strategies have been meticulously backtested using historical data, enabling traders to implement them with confidence in under a minute.


Trade Across Crypto and Stocks- Coinrule allows you to automate your strategies for cryptocurrencies and now also the NASDAQ. Trade your favorite tech stocks like Apple, Tesla or Meta directly with automated trading strategies designed to outperform buy-and-hold strategies.

1-1 Coaching Sessions- Coinrule offers 1 to 1 coaching sessions where users can find out how to get the most out of Coinrule.

Community- Coinrule doesn’t just provide tools, it fosters a vibrant community. Their unique Discord channel is a testament to this, where traders from all backgrounds come together to assist one another. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a collaborative environment where users share insights, discuss strategies, and uplift each other. This collective knowledge pool is invaluable, especially for newcomers seeking guidance or seasoned traders looking for diverse perspectives. With the Coinrule community, you’re never trading alone.


Coinrule offers four tiers of plan:

Starter (Free) Plan- Access to 2 live and demo rules, 7 available templates, 1 connected exchange and up to $3K a month in live traded volume.

Hobbyist Plan ($29.99/mo)- Access to 7 live and demo rules, 40 template strategies, 3 connected exchanges, and up to $300K a month in live traded volume.

Trader Plan ($59.99/mo)- Access to 15 live and 15 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, 5 connected exchanges, one-to-one coaching sessions, TradingView integration and up to $3M a month in live traded volume.

Pro Plan ($449.99/mo)- Access to 50 live and 50 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trading volume, one-to-one coaching sessions, TradingView integration, and a dedicated server with ultrafast execution.



Coinrule is accessible via their webapp or via their mobile applications on Android and IOS.


Right now Coinrule supports Binance and Binance.US, Coinbase Advanced Trade, KuCoin, Bitget, ByBit, Kraken, Bitpanda and OKX. Coinrule also allows Market Notification on rules build on the DEFI exchange Uniswap.

Leverage trading is supported on Binance Futures, KuCoin Futures, and Bitget Futures.

Recently, Coinrule also started offering its powerful automations on top stock trading platforms Alpaca, Robinhood, Interactive Brokers. On both Crypto and Stocks, Coinrule Automations help you beat the market.


Binance Trading


On Binance, TradeSanta, a cloud-based trading bot, focuses on grid and trend trading tactics. It offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface for developing and deploying automated trading bots. TradeSanta offers superb order execution and stop-loss orders to help traders succeed. It supports a variety of pairings.

By adding two-factor authentication and API-critical encryption protections, TradeSanta emphasizes user data and money security. Because it is a respected business in the bitcoin trading market, TradeSanta is dedicated to being on the leading edge of market changes.

Because the platform’s features and tools are constantly updated, users may access trustworthy and cutting-edge trading bot solutions on Binance. With TradeSanta, traders can quickly and with peace of mind automate their trading strategies, identify new opportunities, and navigate the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.


  • A simple way to create a bot
  • Low-cost plans
  • An extraordinary level of assistance


  • For novice traders only
  • A “Maximum” plan’s free trial is only valid for three days.


Binance Trading


Gunbot, a popular Binance trading bot, is known for its versatility and customizable trading tactics. It supports different technical analysis indicators and includes trailing stops and stop-loss orders. Because of its user-friendly design and dynamic community, Gunbot is an excellent choice for traders of all skill levels.

Gunbot is a reputable website offering trustworthy Binance trading bots designed to meet cryptocurrency traders’ requirements. Gunbot, with its trustworthy and user-friendly interface, enables consumers to automate their Binance exchange trading procedures. By leveraging cutting-edge trading algorithms and real-time market data, Gunbot allows traders to make trades automatically, maximizing their potential gains.

The program offers a variety of adjustable settings, allowing users to add indicators to their trading bots, techniques, and risk management tools based on their interests and objectives. Gunbot also emphasizes security, using techniques such as API key encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety of user money and private data.


  • Purchased once (with optional add-ons)
  • Extensive control for technical users
  • A reputable website with a sizable user base


  • Incline learning curve
  • Rude smartphone application monitors activity


Binance Trading


Several important exchanges, including Binance, are supported by the well-known trading bot 3Commas. It has an easy-to-use user interface and a wide range of trading functions, such as copy trading, portfolio management, and intelligent trading. 3Commas users may design their trading strategy and carry out trades based on various indicators and signals.

3Commas, a well-known and trustworthy platform, offers Binance trading bots to assist customers in enhancing their cryptocurrency trading abilities. Because of its simple design and strong features, 3Commas has earned a reputation as a trusted solution for traders of all skill levels. These trading bots are made to conduct trades automatically on Binance based on user-defined criteria.

By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and real-time market data, the 3Commas platform assists customers in maximizing potential revenues. Furthermore, the platform offers customers a variety of tools, including monitoring methods, portfolio management features, stop-loss and take-profit orders. By stressing security and user control, 3Commas assures that traders can confidently automate their trading techniques on Binance and feel safe knowing that their money and personal information are protected. 3Commas, a reputable Binance partner, strives to grow and innovate to provide users with the most trustworthy and efficient trading bot solutions.


  • Simple setup
  • The simple user interface for navigation
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • You may first take some time to get used to the intricate interface.
  • Due to user preferences, it is challenging to quantify profitability.
  • Average profitability is difficult to measure because most bots are user-built.



Users may use CryptoHopper, a cloud-based trading bot, to automate their Binance trading. There are a variety of pre-built trading strategies and technical indicators accessible. A unique element of CryptoHopper is the “Marketplace,” which enables users to buy and sell trading systems, signals, and templates created by other traders.

On CryptoHopper, a well-known and dependable platform that serves the diverse needs of cryptocurrency traders, Binance trading bots are accessible. CryptoHopper’s well-known user-friendliness and wide functionality makes it simple for users to automate their trading strategies on the Binance exchange. The platform offers a variety of adjustable features that allow users to customize their trading bots according to their preferences, indicators, and risk management criteria.

CryptoHopper stresses security and implements stringent security measures, such as secure API key integration and two-factor authentication, to protect user money and private data. CryptoHopper, a renowned business partner in the cryptocurrency trading sector, is constantly developing its platform to suit changing market demands. As a result, consumers on Binance always have access to cutting-edge features and reputable trading bot solutions.


  • It provides Bollinger Bands, Stoch, and many other indicators.
  • Using security procedures, you may safeguard your account with the Cryptohopper Binance trading bot.
  • It provides a 24/7 trading bot that hosts its services on the cloud.


  • Provides incredibly little technical support



It is an established, user-friendly, and secure cryptocurrency exchange. KuCoin, on the other hand, only supports a few integrated trading bots, such as a DCA bot and Grid bots for both the spot and futures markets. Because Kucoin is an exchange, these bots will carry out trades far more efficiently than any third-party bots joining your cryptocurrency exchange via API credentials.

This offers the greatest returns compared to the other trading bots mentioned in this essay. Pionex gives a greater user experience and bot coverage. You may also use the KuCoin trading bot for free trading.

Exchanges are now joining the trading bot market and developing Grid bots and DCA bots to provide better trade tools to their customers and increase trade volume so they can charge greater fees. Huobi and, for example, both include built-in trading bots.


Binance Trading


It is a free and open-source trading bot that supports Binance trading. Although Gekko requires some technical knowledge to set up and configure, it offers a variety of customizable trading strategies and backtesting possibilities. Its active community and comprehensive instructions make it an appealing alternative for traders who choose a do-it-yourself approach.

Gekko, a respected cryptocurrency trading service provider, is dedicated to remaining current with technical changes. Because of the platform’s constant additions to its features and tools, Binance users have access to trustworthy and cutting-edge trading bot solutions. Thanks to Gekko, traders can confidently explore new possibilities, automate their trading tactics, and traverse the continuously expanding cryptocurrency market with peace of mind.


  • Gekko is an open-source platform that enables users to customize their trading methods by accessing and modifying the source code as necessary.
  • Before implementing their trading methods in real-time, users can test them using past market data thanks to Gekko’s capability for backtesting.


  • Gekko’s command-line-based user interface might not be as friendly as specific commercial trading bot platforms with graphical user interfaces.


On Binance, a trading bot named offers leveraged trading. Users may access advanced services such as automated trading, margin trading, and short selling. is a popular alternative for traders looking to increase their trading potential because of its user-friendly interface and risk management tools.

It promotes security and employs stringent precautions, including API key encryption and two-factor authentication, to secure user funds and private data., a prominent supplier in the cryptocurrency trading business, changes its platform regularly to account for market dynamics and provides consumers with access to cutting-edge trading bot solutions on Binance.

Traders may use to safely automate their trading strategies, identify new opportunities, and traverse the unpredictable world of cryptocurrencies fast and worry-free.


Binance Trading


Pionex is an exchange that has built-in trading bots made specifically for Binance. Grid trading and dollar-cost averaging are only two automated tools and tactics at users’ disposal. Pionex will appeal to novice and expert traders because of its user-friendly interface and low-cost structure.

Binance trading bots are available through Pionex, a reliable platform that serves the requirements of cryptocurrency traders. Pionex successfully automates trading strategies on the Binance exchange because of its user-friendly interface and diverse features. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and real-time market data, Pionex enables consumers to execute trades automatically, taking advantage of market volatility and maximizing their potential profits.

Users may develop trading bots suited to their preferences, risk-management criteria, and indicators using the platform’s considerable customization features. Pionex promotes security and employs suitable precautions, such as API key encryption and two-factor authentication, to secure user payments and private data.


  • Trading with integrated trading bots
  • Low transaction costs and no ongoing charges


  • The paid and free plans have fewer features than rivals.
  • Fiat withdrawal is not allowed.



Purchasing cryptocurrency bots with Murex is as simple as purchasing mutual funds. They offer the best price structure we’ve encountered, a large range of bitcoin bots according to your degree of risk tolerance, and they’re quite open with their information. Murex, supported by Y-combinator, performs better than everyone else on the list.

Murex trades around 7000 persons and $400 million in USD. They have a dynamic and active community and are supported by well-known venture capitalists and angel investors. Some of the very few on this list can also handle US consumers and are linked to eight major exchanges.

Mudrex offers a professionally curated marketplace of automated bots made by skilled cryptocurrency traders rather than developing its bot. The greatest advantage of the platform is that all information regarding a Bitcoin bot’s performance is open to the public and simple to understand for consumers.


Binance Trading


Bitsgap is an all-in-one trading platform that integrates with Binance. It offers automated trading bots with functions like grid trading, trailing stops, and portfolio rebalancing. Furthermore, Bitsgap offers customers a consistent interface for managing many exchanges, which benefits investors with diverse portfolios.

With Bitsgap’s Binance trading bots, users may use various trading options, including market making, arbitrage, and portfolio rebalancing. The bots use intelligent algorithms to study market trends, follow price fluctuations, and make trades based on predefined parameters. Using Bitsgap’s Binance trading bots, traders may reduce human errors, remove manual work, and increase their profitability in the volatile and fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.


  • With Bitsgap, users may find and take advantage of arbitrage possibilities across several exchanges, earning money from pricing discrepancies.


  • Even though Bitsgap offers a free plan with few features, some more sophisticated features and tools can call for a membership, and users might have to pay trading fees on the connected exchanges.
  • Like any other cryptocurrency trading platform, Bitsgap’s operations may be affected by legislative changes and may have difficulties in some countries.


Binance Trading


Shrimpy, a well-known automated trading and portfolio management program, has been integrated by Binance. It allows users to rebalance their portfolios based on predefined criteria and to automate their trading strategies. Because of its complex trading features, including social trading and portfolio backtesting, Shrimpy is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency traders.

Binance trading bots made specifically to fulfill the requirements of cryptocurrency traders are offered by a trustworthy trading platform called Shrimpy. With a simple and practical user interface and many features, Shrimpy enables customers to automate their trading strategies on the Binance exchange. Users may construct trading bots suited to their preferences, risk management criteria, and indicators using the platform’s considerable customization features. Shrimpy emphasizes user data and money security by putting strong precautions such as two-factor authentication and API key encryption in place.


  • Centered on social copy trading
  • Affordable prices


  • Restricted customer service (through tickets)
  • No mobile application


Binance Trading

Zenbot is a trading bot that supports Binance trading. It lets users to design and customize their trading strategies using various technical analysis indicators. Because of its modular design and active developer community, Zenbot is a versatile solution for traders seeking greater control over their trading algorithms.

Zenbot, with its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities, offers an excellent solution for automating trading processes on the Binance exchange. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and real-time market data, Zenbot enables consumers to execute trades automatically, maximizing their potential profits and benefitting from market volatility. Users may develop trading bots suited to their preferences, risk-management criteria, and indicators using the platform’s considerable customization features.


  • Since Zenbot is open-source, users can alter and personalize the source code by their preferences and techniques.
  • The ability to automate trading techniques with Zenbot, which executes trades around-the-clock depending on preset criteria, may benefit investors who want to seize any available market opportunities.


  • Zenbot is intended for more technically savvy individuals with a working knowledge of cryptocurrency trading methods and programming skills. It might not be appropriate for absolute novices.
  • Zenbot’s user interface might not be as friendly as some commercial trading bots and might force customers to use the command-line interface.

How to Create an API on Binance to Connect Any of the Bots Listed

Create a Binance account and verify it as soon as possible. To increase account security, you may also create 2FA verification. This might be through phone, email, or an authorization app code.
Log in and create an API by going to Settings and selecting API management. Create API may be accessed by clicking or tapping on it.
Binance requires a 2FA key to verify your identity. If you haven’t already, enable 2FA permission. To verify, enter the code from your email, phone, or app.
Except for Enable Withdrawals, set everything to Full Access. As a result, the bots may do everything except remove money from your Binance account.
Do not limit any IP address, even reputable ones, since Binance utilises various IP addresses for trading bots.
Go to the bot website described below, and each of them enables you to link Binance to it. Go to the Settings, choose Exchange tabs or icons, and then proceed to put in the generated API keys. The balance on the linked exchange will be updated, and you may now create or use a pre-made bot strategy, specify the amount to trade, and proceed to trade.
Binance requires IP whitelisting within 30 days of generating the keys. Some exchanges may provide you with IPs that you must whitelist in the Binance exchange settings using the IP Whitelisting tool.
To practise leverage, first make a manual trade of leveraged tokens on Binance by filling out a risk questionnaire. Following that, you may trade leveraged tokens on bots just like any other token.

TERMS APPLY: Before investing, please carefully read all of the data and conditions of the Crypto platforms listed below. Cryptoassets are notoriously volatile. Your money is at stake. Don’t invest unless you’re willing to lose all of your money. You should not expect to be protected if anything goes wrong with this investment.


Because most trading bots described may connect to Binance and other exchanges, they are all referred to as Binance trade bots. The trading tactics accessible to bot market participants are the most diverse, but with Coinrule, you start with over 150 templates. Create an API and secret keys before connecting a Binance trading bot. Even experienced traders may benefit from employing the bots on this list to customize their trading strategies.

We recommend that a novice trader check at Binance trading bots with pre-programmed approaches that are ready to trade and profitable. These are accessible on various bots, including Trality, Pionex, and Gunbot.

Consider bots such as Shrimpy, Cryptohopper, TradeSanta, and Kryll, to mention a few, which provide social trading and trading tactics copied from expert traders for free or at a minimal cost.


What is the best crypto-to-bot trade?

Generally, your cryptocurrency trading bot should support the most liquid cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Liquidity in bot trading means no discounts or premiums are connected with a certain asset when buying or selling, making it more straightforward for your bot to carry out buys and sells as needed.

Is trading with crypto bots legal?

Yes, bot trading is legal and accepted in all capital markets. Trading in cryptocurrencies is always illegal. You may run into issues if you developed a “pump and dump” or “spoof” bot to fool other users or platforms. The best method is to employ crypto automation bots for what they were built for to carry out trades for you in certain data-driven scenarios.


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