COVID Test Verification to Resume Tourist Activities in Public Spaces

COVID Test Verification to ResumeTourist Activities in Public Spaces

COVID Test Verification to ResumeTourist Activities in Public Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a drastic change to the way people interact with each other. The new variants of the virus continue to raise concerns To stop the virus from spreading, authorities are busy implementing new restrictions for safe socialization. Visitors and tourists arriving at airports, malls, cinemas, and other public spaces should now display a recent COVID-19 test report to reduce their chances of carrying the virus.

Where verification of COVID-related documents has become necessary, fraudsters are using the new restrictions in their favor. Bad actors are found selling fabricated reports and certificates which allows tourists to bypass COVID checks at security checkpoints.

To address the problem, a robust and automated solution for COVID test verification is the need of the hour that can take down ill-gotten test reports and make the verification process streamlined.

Change in Restrictions

After the coronavirus strain in the UK – B.1.1.7, started making headlines, travel authorities and public safety experts came to an agreement to introduce a set of restrictions. The changes suggest that tourists going for international or domestic travel must show proof that they are COVID-free. This is also a mandatory requirement when taking part in large-scale events at arenas, going to the cinema or a mall, or attending a public conference. The new ruling states a PCR test no longer than 72 hours should be displayed to attend public facilities and events.

COVID Test Verification – Current Landscape

To abide by the new rules and to deal with the global crisis, personnel at airports and public spaces have set up manual verification checkpoints for COVID clearance. This method for authenticating test reports is prone to a certain degree of error and human negligence due to which passengers are able to fake COVID-related documents.

According to the law enforcement authority of the EU, Europol, high-end technology allows fraudsters to create a fake negative COVID test report which is nearly identical to a legitimate one. Current means of Covid verification fall short of a robust mechanism to take down tourists from using falsified documents and certificates.

Digital COVID Verification for Public Spaces

Since the emergence of COVID-19 variants, new travel restrictions have come into effect. Now, verifying a negative COVID test has also become mandatory for public spaces like malls, cinemas, conferences, and events with a large-scale audience. An automated solution with the ability to take down fraudulent test results is the need of the hour. A digital solution can not only assist authorities to follow the new changes but also create better opportunities for quick tourist onboarding.

Airport Terminals

International travel tops the lists since passengers coming from a different region have a higher possibility of carrying the virus. Airport personnel has been directed to take appropriate measures to conduct Covid test verification of tourists arriving or departing the airport. A digital solution incorporated in airport security systems will allow instant and foolproof verification of test results and save the hassle of manually checking the reports.


The go-to place for people to shop, and get entertained – malls. With the lockdown restrictions in place, people were forced to stay at their homes to practice social distance to stop the spread of the virus. Now, digital solutions to verify COVID tests have made it possible for malls to resume their activities, under public safety measures. The health and well-being of visitors can now be ensured in real-time by verifying legitimate COVID reports.

Public Conferences

Tourists travelling to other countries are allowed to attend conferences for official purposes. This creates the need to verify visitors from abroad whether they are COVID- free or not. An automated kiosk installed at the clearance point of a conference can make the Covid test verification effortless. This method will allow quick authentication without any physical contact, ultimately making the process easy for organizers.

To Sum it Up…

The rise in coronavirus brought a drastic change in how people travel and interact in public places. Manual verification of COVID reports is a hassle since it’s time-taking and involves a fair chance of error. An automated solution like Digital COVID Pass allows public spaces to continue their activities while practicing public health measures.


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