Corporate Travel Management: Why Is It Essential For Your Business?

Corporate Travel Management

Aaron Rowland is an entrepreneur who has to travel overseas frequently since his business
expanded abroad. He was used to making Travel Management on his own. But every time he
arranged for his travel experience, something or the other would go wrong. Arranging for his
travel requirements seemed like a bigger responsibility than his work commitments. Then one of
his peers suggested that he tries corporate with travel company management solutions, and that
turned out to be great advice for Aaron.
The travel & tourism industry globally receives a considerable number of business travelers
every year. International travel statistics highlight that 1.3 million people travel for business
every day in the US alone. Corporate travel had seen massive growth since 2017 when $1.3
trillion was spent on business travel. In fact, it’s believed to increase up to $1.7 trillion
by 2022.
Even though traveling for business isn’t the same as traveling for pleasure, you would want to
have the best experiences for yourself and your employees. This is why planning your business
trips is necessary. But planning for these trips can be tiresome. You have to take a centralized
approach while planning to pool resources, save money, and increase efficiency.

Corporate travel management solutions offer an easy way out of all these hassles of travel
planning. If you re eager to know why corporate travel management solutions are a necessity,
read on.

Corporate Travel Management

1. Strategic Account Management Is Mandatory

Controlling costs is vital for any business, so the TMC you partner with must manage such
investments wisely. A good business travel partner will offer expert analysis of corporate travel
investment to offer affordable solutions that best meet your company’s requirements.
A consultant from Travel Management Company (TMC) will gather insights about your business
to make recommendations on how you can improve your business travel program and find more
ways to cut your travel costs. From consultancy on large strategic projects to supplier
management, account managers work hard to reduce costs, offer value, and help you drive

2. Expertise And Industry Insights

A reputed TMC will provide expert advice, alongside suitable corporate travel solutions as per
your business needs. Business travel consultants generally have considerable knowledge of
corporate traveling. Hence, they can come up with more cost-effective options quicker than a
website can.
This means that you won’t have to spend hours researching your next business trip. Just hand
your itinerary over to an expert from a corporate travel management company and let them
arrange for your travel and accommodation. According to James Smith, the Content Head of

The travel management consultants have substantial years of experience in business travel and
relevant corporate travel qualifications. This makes the booking process easy and enjoyable.

3. The Services Are Time-Efficient

A corporate travel management company can assemble a list of preferred service providers,
depending on your company’s budget and travel policy guidelines. This simplifies the booking
process for employees.
A TMC can also take care of the bookings on your behalf, saving you even more time. Taking
the arrangements out of employees hands assure compliance with your company corporate
travel policy.

4. Greater Access To Useful Resources

TMCs can offer you extensive access to all the resources you need to make your business trip go
as per your plan. The agents from TMCs employ the best online tools to identify any factors that
may influence your business trip.
These professionals can also get your flight tickets printed and inform you about potential
delays. They also make sure that a driver is scheduled to pick you up from the airport and other
crucial processes to ensure a smooth trip.
Since such corporate travel agencies have better access to online tools, they can eliminate any
glitches that may appear during or before your scheduled trip. Even if weather fluctuations lead
to flight delays, the consultants will quickly book an alternative flight.

5. Helps Develop Corporate Travel Policies For Businesses

Any business having employees who travel for work must put a corporate travel policy in place
to ensure their staff complies with basic rules and guidelines. These rules involve specific flight
class, hotel class rates, and car rental rates.
A corporate travel agent helps enforce this policy by assisting your employees on all the
compliant options. By outsourcing corporate travel management to a reputed agency, you’ll
ensure that your staff members abide by your company’s travel policy. This will save you the
extra effort that goes into tracking travel compliance.

6. Opportunity For Travel At Discounts

A corporate travel management company allows businesses to enjoy multiple perks, including
discounts on flights and accommodation. These travel management companies often book large
volumes of flights and hotel rooms for individuals and companies around the world. This allows
them to grab better rates or discounts on flights.
So, when you partner with a corporate travel management agency, it’s likely that you will get a
special rate on your business travel. This is a lot convenient than booking everything yourself.
And, that’s not the only perk for associating with a corporate travel management company. Since
these agencies have been in the tourism industry for a long time, they can access flight and hotel
room upgrades, VIP lounges, and first-class ground transportation.

7. Round-The-Clock Availability

Your TMC consultant will be available whenever you or your employees need support before,
during, or after the travels. Be it traveling domestically or internationally; it quite likely that
you’ll need help from the TMC, particularly if you’re not well-versed with the local language.
Imagine you were caught in the middle of an adverse political situation or weather upheaval. In
such circumstances, your corporate travel consultant will be available to you, whether day or
Irrespective of which part of the world you’re traveling to, having a corporate travel management
system means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. The consultants will sort out everything
for you so you can concentrate on the crucial aspects of your business.

8. Access To Airline Loyalty Programs

If your work requires you to travel, you’ve probably heard about frequent flyer programs offered
by airlines. In fact, many of the airlines also offer corporate reward schemes for organizations
that travel on business. While traveling for business, it highly likely you or your employees will
benefit from one of the schemes available.
If you opt for corporate travel management solutions, your consultant will be able to advise you
which schemes your company should take. You ‘ll receive a membership number in which your
travel management company will include your company profile so that it’s automatically added
to all the bookings. This means you’ll collect points without having to do a thing.

9. Ensures Safe Traveling

You may have heard horror stories of leisure holiday disasters. Unfortunately, without proper
and careful planning, the same thing can happen with business trips. Canceled flights or
overbooked hotels can hamper your employee’s travel itinerary.
An organization that requires its employees to travel has a responsibility to ensure they are safe
while traveling. This is when corporate travel manager turns out to be a blessing as they can
make traveling for business as hassle-free as it can get. These professionals will research and
ensure all travel arrangements are safe for the employees. They will even organize alternative
travel arrangements should a crisis appear.
Corporate travel management solutions can take all your troubles away when you traveling
overseas for every business assignment. With these systems in place, you’ll have one less thing
to worry about and make the most of your trips every time.

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