Contemporary Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs

Contemporary Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs

Contemporary Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs

If you are looking for contemporary rugs that add beauty to your home while incorporating function, you will find the market teeming with various types of rugs in all colors, patterns, and sizes. You might be overwhelmed by the large selection of rugs, but you don’t need to worry as this article is intended to enlighten you on the things you need to learn about rugs.
As with almost everything, time plays an important factor in the evolution of area rugs. It can be clearly seen that throughout the years, the rugs have undergone changes. While there are timeless pieces, there are also those that stay afloat with the fast-paced world. Therefore, two of the most popular rugs are called traditional and transitional or contemporary rugs.

Traditional rugs VS Contemporary rugs a

Traditional rugs and contemporary rugs have captured the hearts of housewives and even hoteliers. There is little room for wonders here, as both rugs have different positive characteristics that will make any room more charming.
Take note of the following differences between the traditional rug and the contemporary rug:

Traditional rugs feature designs from the Victorian era or Eastern culture. They usually show floral designs or beautiful countryside landscapes. Transitional or contemporary rugs have so many designs that they can go. Patterns can range from funky, modern, psychedelic, edgy, and more. It is also noted that the designs of the transitional or contemporary rugs are angular, different geometric lines and abstract patterns.
In addition, transitional area rugs have elegant, rigid, and spacious designs. Such designs can be animal prints, stripes, circular patterns, and even replicas of some artists’ paintings.
Traditional rugs come in the usual rich shades of black, red, maroon, brown, green, white, and navy. There is little or no mixing and a multi-color mix. Transition rugs, on the other hand, can have a wider color palette and can experiment with many colors. They can also come in a color combination and can range from light to dark tones.
Traditional rugs can become timeless pieces. Its design can be timeless, and surely, many people will love how classic these rugs can be. As for contemporaries, its design could not last long as another famous design could emerge. This means it tends to be a hot but short-lived item. People will eventually develop contempt and disregard for him in the long run.
Contemporary rugs can become discount rugs as time goes on. As another well-designed rug will emerge on the market, previous popular item rugs will slowly lose their shine, and store owners will think about putting them on the deal just so they can be sold. In this way, they become lowered rugs that buyers are sure to like. This would mean huge savings on your part, indeed. Traditional rugs, on the other hand, aren’t really prone to becoming discount rugs, as they tend to increase in value over time.

More about Contemporary rugs

Contemporary rug stores are a kind of adaptation from almost any era. They are probably the most versatile stores you can use if you are decorating on a budget. All you need to do is make the carpet work for you, and not just as a floor covering.
Many of us have rooms in our homes that we would love to renovate. With the cost of labor and materials in today’s economy, much of this is out of our budget. Good quality contemporary rugs are certainly affordable, and there is a lot you can do with them to spruce up that drab room at least until you can get your renovations done.

Let’s take a recreation room that may be in the basement

The smooth walls are there, but that’s it. It would be the best place to have a family room or even a playroom for the kids. Use contemporary rugs to make it a fun place to be. For starters, choose four to six contemporary area rugs that appeal to you. The size you choose depends on how much wall space you want to occupy because that’s where they will go.
Now decide what your favorite color is, and, for this, you will want rugs that have a fairly high pile. The ‘modern age’ collection would be perfect for this project.


Now what you want to do is choose the color of these rugs for the color of your wall. Being like this is a basement room, you want to go with something light but bright. Remember that the focal point of the wall will be the rugs, not the color of the wall.

You need to hang the rugs on the walls in any way you want

You could have them all lined up on one wall, or two on each wall, or spread out at different heights.
Now once you’ve hung your rugs exactly where you want them, get some wood trim, paint it, and frame around them. For the flooring, all you need are some inexpensive solid color tiles and some solid color high contemporary rugs to add warmth to the room. There you go! A totally redesigned fantastic looking room with contemporary rugs and a great cost.
It’s bright and fun and has multiple uses. This is an example of the ways you can make contemporary rugs work for you, especially when you’re on a budget. The added bonus is that the room is easy to clean, just a quick vacuum cleaner, and your job is done. No matter the size of the room, you can make this project work for you, simply decrease or increase the number of rugs you use.

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