Common Pests Found in Detroit

Common Pests Found in Detroit

Common Pests Found in Detroit

There are a lot of pests that can be a problem in Michigan. But when you’re looking for Detroit pest control, you don’t need to know about every bug or animal in the state – you just need to know about the ones that are most likely to cause problems in your home.

Familiarizing yourself with the common pests in your area will help defend your home against those pests. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your home safe from common pests, so let’s take a look at what you’re up against.

5 Common Pests in Detroit

1 – Ants

Ants are one of the most common pests in the world. The tiny creatures are almost everywhere. And chances are if you see a few around your home, there are a lot more hidden where you can’t see them.

Most ants aren’t a serious concern. Of course, if a whole colony is living inside the walls of your home, it’s best to call Detroit pest control to get rid of the colony. But ants are typically considered more of a nuisance pest than a dangerous pest because they don’t carry disease and are more focused on their work than on the humans around them.

That being said, some ants can be more of a problem than others. Fire ants, for example, are bigger and have much more painful bites than other ants do. But in Michigan, you’re much more likely to find carpenter ants in your home.

Carpenter ants were named because of where they build their colonies – inside wooden structures. In some cases that could mean a tree, and in other cases that could mean your house. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood to make space for their colony, leaving the wood riddled with holes. Eventually, the wood loses its integrity and gives out. Carpenter ants need to be taken seriously and exterminated quickly to keep your home safe.

2 – Spiders

Spiders are another extremely common pest in homes, though not everyone wants spiders exterminated. Spiders eat other insects that can infest your home, so in a way, spiders are the most natural version of pest control there is. However, they can’t eat enough to completely manage the population of other pests, so they shouldn’t be relied on too heavily.

You’re most likely to find spiders in your home if there’s plenty of food (AKA insects) living in your home as well. So if you start to see spiders more and more in your home, there’s a good chance the spiders are following other pests inside.

The best way to prevent or get rid of spiders in your home is to eliminate their food source. Clean your home deeply and get rid of all the bugs you can find that might attract a spider. Once the food source is gone, the spiders will leave as well.

For infestations of spiders, you should probably call Detroit pest control. Spiders are harder to kill than some pests because the way they walk keeps them from coming into contact with pesticides as much as other pests do. Hiring someone to get rid of them is the best way to make your home as spider-free as possible.

3 – Rodents

Mice and rats are often problems in cities. Rodents are always on the lookout for warm places to live and plenty of food to eat. If your home offers them either or both of those things, there’s a good chance that rodents will show up at some point.

If rodents show up in your home, you should be able to notice pretty quickly. You’ll start hearing scratching or skittering in the ceiling and walls, and you might notice droppings or chewed items around your home. At this point, don’t mess around. Put out traps and call Detroit pest control right away. The traps should help the problem a bit, but pest control will be able to completely get rid of the problem.

Rodents need to be removed from your home quickly because they can be dangerous to have in your home. They have known disease carriers and can make you and others in your home very sick. You can also get sick if you try to clean up after the rodents incorrectly because breathing in particles from their droppings can make you seriously ill or even cause death.

4 – Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another pest that’s common to cities. For some reason, these insects really thrive around humans because humans provide them with plenty of food and water. But even though cockroaches do well around humans, humans don’t do well around cockroaches.

Like rodents, cockroaches often carry diseases and spread those diseases to humans. That alone is problematic enough, but cockroaches can actually cause other health issues as well, such as triggering asthma or respiratory problems. If cockroaches end up in your home, get rid of them right away.

Cockroaches don’t live in a colony like ants or rodents, so seeing one doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of cockroaches living in your home. You can just kill the random cockroach and move on. But, even though they don’t build colonies, cockroaches can still build large populations that will infest your home, so you shouldn’t assume that it was just a random cockroach. Instead, check common cockroach hiding places.

5 – Bed Bugs

No matter how nice and clean your home is, you could still end up with this aggravating pest – bed bugs. Over the last few decades, bed bugs have spread drastically in the United States and Detroit is no exception. It’s becoming more and more likely that you will have a bed bug infestation in your home at some point, so it’s important to make efforts to prevent them in your home.

Bed bugs don’t spread the disease to humans, but they do bite humans and suck their blood while they sleep. This is extremely unsettling to most people. But you can try to prevent a bed bug infestation by checking your luggage and clothing for bed bugs after going in public or traveling, keeping your home and bed clean, and regularly checking your furniture and bedding for signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are resistant to pesticides, however, there are bed bug treatments (like heat treatments) that can be performed by Detroit pest control services. Just give them a call, and they’ll help you with your bed bug problem.


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