Top 10 Best GBA Games You Never Played (Gameboy) 2020

best gba games

Going through every game in GBA’s library and discovering some useful about playing titles is physically impossible. Considering it the maximum amount of an unstable and time-consuming job, we’ve lined up an inventory of top best GBA games concerning all day for you.

These games include titles like Car Battler Joe, Wario Land 4, Advance Wars 2, Harvest Moon: Friends on Mineral Town, and many more. Hopefully, they’re going to be a huge collection consistent with your best Game boy Advance games collection. Are you trying to find the top best GBA games to play within your comfort and entertainment in 2020?

This article will assist you to seek out an equivalent in seconds. I even have developed an inventory of best-rated or top-selling game titles for Game Boy Advance. This list concerning the best GBA games will assist you to pick the game, which is true in various categories. So, with none similar discussions, allow us to start the article itself.

Top 10 Best GBA Games in 2020

1. Metroid Fusion
2. Pokémon Emerald
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Mario Kart
5. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
6. Super Mario Bros 3
7. Kirby
8. Final Fantasy 4
9. Advance Wars
10. Sonic Advance

Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion by way of Retro Studios is an action-journey role-playing game that’s one among the standard new games to hit the game Boy Advance. The premise of the game is simple: Samus Aran is trapped onboard a spacecraft heading for space, and she or he intends to get what happened to the electricity that’s powering the ship. What she doesn’t recognize is that she is falling in with several the worst thieves within the galaxy!

But if Samus can survive this, then there is often a hazard for her to get her sister BURNS and stop this thing called “Fusion”! The recreation becomes released in 2002 and referred to as one among the superb best GBA games of all time. This gameplay is not most compelling, exciting but rather challenging also. As we all understand, it’s not smooth to urge past the game’s first area! We felt pressured to stay gambling in order that we could get past the first sector, just to seem at what the game might throw at us next. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you easily can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

Pokémon Emerald


Pokémon Emerald is another one of the standard best GBA games to be had for the players. This game is extremely exclusive from the primary two video games within the series. This game takes a neighbourhood during a completely new part called Kanto. many of us that performed the previous video games are going to be amazed at how particular this recreation is. There are many activities and locations to go to during this game. This game was launched in 2004 by Pokémon. This game has several excellent gameplay I even have ever visible on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you easily can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is one of the satisfactory best GBA games ever released. it’d even have some small flaws that make it slightly but perfect, but usually, it’s just about the utmost fun Zelda game to ever begin on the console. the game got launched in 2004. I sincerely determined the struggle between the Minish and therefore the Zoras, slightly unbalanced. It became a bit as the Minish Cap became made with the Mario Galaxy engine. This recreation is additionally during an ll|one amongst|one in every of, one of the first that made it so you ought to purchase and promote in a dungeon.

Mario Kart


The popular recreation of Mario Kart has been to be had for GBA gamers since the best GBA games became released, but not many are conscious of how superb this game is. All the video games that you best may have played before were an equivalent.

The best real difference becomes the pictures and therefore the content material of the game. You had very similar publications to those you’ve got probably performed before, and you had to drive within the exact same way. However, Mario Kart: Super Circuit takes things to a completely new level. the game was launched in 2001. the simplest thing better than the pictures is that the sound and therefore the kart racing that continue inside the course. the simplest part about this game is that you simply could take your individual everywhere on the track. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you simply can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire


It is another brilliant and one among the simplest GBA games of all time. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were released in 2002 with various top-notch modes and splendid gameplay. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire may be a popular recreation launched for the Game Boy Advance ever. this is often undoubtedly one of the best GBA games which will be performed today.

It becomes referred to as considered one of the great of other Pokémon video games like Red and Blue in its time. the first model of this recreation became launched for the Game Boy Color, however, with the availability of the best GBA games technology, it’s been ported to subsequent generation consoles. the game is predicated totally on a Japanese anime that was aired over a couple of years on TV series. the most character is Ash Ketchum, a really hot-headed boy who tries to urge the rare three dragon balls in order that he can face a troublesome opponent. within the storyline, Ash meets his friend Professor Oak.

Super Mario Bros 3


It is quite old, however, one altogether the simplest GBA games until the time. Super Mario Bros 3 was launched in 1988. it’s an important hand inside the popularity of the Super Maria series. So, it’s a worth-gambling game on your best GBA games console. This recreation uses the game Boy Advance gadget and features a fab storyline that takes gamers to particular dimensions with exclusive characters.

You must clear unique levels to play as Princess Peach, who is attempting to buy her kingdom from Bowser’s plot to rule the entire universe. The three video games are perfect for the gameplay, and that they incorporate many enemies which will be defeated using jumping and shooting. the many aspects of the game are that after you encounter something robust to try to, you’ll get to continue for you to urge the danger to try to to it properly away.



Kirby is another top best GBA game played by masses of players so far. the game became launched in 1992. However, the state-of-the-art model became released in September 2019. If you’re trying to find a genuinely splendid game, you would like to supply Kirby an opportunity.

It is a top-notch game with excellent snapshots, and you’ll not wait to start the journey. The recreation consists of a storyline that’s very similar to that of the Mario series, which makes it an interesting game. one of the standard matters about this game is that there are plenty of tricks and secrets and techniques to seek out. it’s continually amusing to aim new things within the game, and understanding what secrets and techniques are out there could also be even as enjoyable. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you simply can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

Final Fantasy 4


It is often said that Final Fantasy four is that the first-rate game ever to possess been produced inside the technology of video games. due to this, it’s in our listing of the simplest GBA games. But I could say that’s not true, though it’s miles one among the superb video games ever made.

It did, however, have several high-quality factors and has some remarkable snapshots and sound effects. But what makes the game the satisfactory of all time? Well, the game itself became super, the storyline becomes alright, and there have been several challenges and upgrades to try to within the game. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you simply can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

Advance Wars


So, I’m an enormous fan of Advance Wars. it’s smooth to see why if you’ve got been gambling the game because you’ll soar into a fantastic storyline and enjoy the characters. and therefore the enjoyable aspect approximately Advance Wars is that it’s a turn-based approach game.

You cannot honestly fail with it. So now, what’s the exceptional storyline to play? I made a decision to try to to a touch study to get out. I desired to form sure I could enjoy the game differently than other citizenry had executed before. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you simply can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

Sonic Advance


Sonic Advanced [Japanese] is another best GBA game. it’s included in our list of GBA games thanks to the very fact of enormous popularity. the game became capable of promoting an entire sort of 1.21 million copies inside the USA. The Sonic Advance series started with an easy storyline, wherein you were the first character.

Sonic had simply clothed to be the hero of an apocalyptic future wherein everything became close to end because the sector becomes destroyed through Eggman. once you do your new undertaking mode in Sonic Advance, you’ll notice that he’s one among the few characters left in-game. this is often because all remaining characters are destroyed, apart from Sonic. After defeating Eggman, the game is modified. This game is included within the list of best GBA games that you simply can play and luxuriate in lockdown days.

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