Top 5 Best GoPro Alternatives In 2020


It is not surprising in the least how people have gone crazy over the GoPro, especially for the active ones who would like to relive their adventures over and once again.

Sure, tons of individuals complain about its battery life, which are some things that matter tons if you’re on an adventure distant from home and don’t have the posh to plug it specific charging anytime soon. But having an additional battery pack around makes that, okay, and therefore the number of things that a GoPro does makes it fully understandable how briskly its batteries run out.

When it involves its price, however, this is often one thing that you best just can’t argue with. It’s either you’ll afford it. Otherwise, you can’t. This is often why there’s such a lot comparison between the GoPro and other brands. Is that the GoPro worth it? While you think that about it, here are other options that you best might want to consider:

1. Sony HDR-AS100V

best-gopro-alternatives/The Sony HDR-AS100V is one of the powerful action cams that has been contrasted to the GoPro one too repeatedly. It is the best one that Sony’s got with its high bitrate recording and therefore the indisputable fact that it’s full of numerous added features.

It has GPS, and a tally light on the top allows you to know once recording has started. And although it requires you to place during a microSDXC card to need the advantage of the high bitrate recording and it is live view remote can’t be used for playback, the standard of the pictures and videos that it produces makes it all quite worthwhile.

Buy $199

2. Contour Roam 2

best-gopro-alternatives/If you would like a no-frills action camera, then that’s exactly what the Contour Roam 2 is. It’s waterproof by default, and therefore the 4GB microSDHC card and tripod mount are a part of the packages. The Instant On Record switch also allows you to shoots anytime you’re ready an excellent feature for people on the first extreme adventures.

Shooting at 60 frames per second, the videos quality is smooth enough for anyone. The rechargeable batteries can’t get replaced either, so it’s better used somewhere where you’ve got access to a charging station.

Buy $139

3. Garmin Virb Elite


The Garmin Virb Elite is certainly one of the first interesting-looking cameras on this list, which makes it the right toy for those that want to face out. It is rugged design makes it perfect for the outside, and its 720p and 1080p performance are exceptional.

What might be a drawback to the Garmin Virb Elite is that the need for a dive case if you propose on shooting underwater, something that isn’t a part of the package and would need to be purchased separately. If you’d rather continue a dry adventure, however, then he is often quite a worthy opponent to the GoPro.

Buy $194

4. iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi


Here’s different action cam that takes best to the subsequent level, especially in terms of how you employ it. The iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi is waterproof on its own and doesn’t need a further dive case and Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless remote add that cherry on top of it.

This 1080p cam also produces great fast-moving videos that are smooth and seamless, and also allows you to capture burst shot and time-lapse images if you’d instead veer faraway from conventional images. The batteries are built-in though so this is often another action cam that needs you to possess access to a charging station, especially if you recognize you’re getting to do an entire lot of recording that would drain its battery life in no time.

Buy $299

5. JVC ADIXXION GC-XA2 Action Camera


The second of this line from JVC, they need to be worked with what that they had one the primary one and improved every single thing they saw. This is often why the JVC ADIXXION GC-XA2 Action Camera has clothed to be quite an action camera.

It is incredibly lightweight, which may be a must for something you propose on bringing to your wildest adventures. It’s also dust shock-freeze and water-proof making it that perfect companion regardless of what crazy thing you propose on doing today.

And yes, within the midst of these excellent features, the videos that it produces are as impressive, but as cameras of this range go all that action that it goes through could take its toll and drain it is battery life quite quickly. Despite that fact it is still an awesome action camera for you to bring anywhere as its functions and features are quite worthwhile and will cause you to ditch the few things that it lacks.

Buy $314

Have you made a choice yet? Analyze these cameras with the GoPro of your choice and are available up with a far better decision. They might not be as popular because the GoPro, but the features they need are even as excellent.

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