Beauty Expert Tips: How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home?

Beauty Expert Tips: How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home?

Beauty Expert Tips: How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home?

Give yourself a manicure and you will feel like a diva. Making your nails feel
good is something a fashionista must do regularly. Understand that a fresh
and beautifully done manicure helps you look organized. Most often, women
spend their fortunes to undergo expensive manicures and pedicures.

However, with the right tools and tips, you can give yourself a manicure at
home. Behave like a pro and follow these steps.

Steps To Give Yourself a Manicure

Follow these steps and learn how to do the perfect manicure without
spending your fortune.

Gather the Required Essentials

When you visit a beauty brand to buy everything necessary for a stunning DIY
manicure, it gets expensive. However, this time when you plan to update your
manicure kit, use the best discount codes from your favourite cosmetic brand.

Save on tools and accessories that will last long. Prepare a list and buy these
essentials to begin.

Beauty Expert Tips: How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home?

▪ Cotton balls
▪ Nail paint remover
▪ Cuticle pusher
▪ Nail trimmer
▪ Nail buffer
▪ Nail filer
▪ Nail cream
▪ Basecoat
▪ Nail polish
▪ Topcoat

Clean Your Nails

If you are already wearing nail polish, remove it first. Use cotton balls and nail
enamel to remove it smoothly. Get rid of acrylics and gels too, if you do not
want to keep them. Soon after removing your nail colour, wash and dry them
entirely and proceed.

▪ Make sure to use an acetone-free nail enamel.
▪ For longer nails, wash them with warm water and soap.

File and Trim Your Nails

With the help of nail clippers, trim your nails to the desired length. Keep in
mind, longer nails are attractive but difficult to maintain. For shorter nails,
keep away from trimming them completely. Make sure the white of your nails
is above the tips of your fingers. File your nails evenly and maintain their
shape like a pro.

▪ File each nail in one direction only. Avoid back-and-forth filing for your
nail fibers grow weak.
▪ If you want oval tips, round your nails at the tips and gently taper them
in an oval shape. However, for square tips, leave rounded edges while
you level off the tips.

Buff Your Nails

A nail buffer helps to smooth your nails and provides an even surface for nail
paints. Gently run your nail buff across your nail surface to balance the ridges.
Understand, this tool has three surfaces – one with the coarsest sandpaper, two
with a medium grade, and three with the finest grade.

Start with surface one and finish with the finest surface. Make sure not to buff
your nail very hard, as it may adversely affect your nails.

Pack Your Cuticles Back

Now, soak your nails in warm water for five minutes. You may use a bowl for
this step and add a few drops of soap too. It will soften your nails and allow
you to push back the cuticles smoothly. Be gentle with your cuticle pusher, for
they are sensitive.

▪ Cuticles protect your nails from infections so, make sure not to push too
▪ Stay away from a cuticle trimmer. Trimming them can cause bleeding
and get your fingers prone to infections.

Apply Hand Cream on Your Nails

Finally, give your nails a gentle massage by applying hand cream or oil. Rub
this moisturizing cream on your nails, fingers, and hands. By using a cotton
ball, remove the extra cream from your fingers.

Are You Ready To Give Yourself A Manicure?

Now, get ready to manicure your nails like a pro and start painting them.
Apply the base coat and play with your favourite shade of nail paints. Have


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