Boost Your Savings Invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits

Boost Your Savings Invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits

There are several investment plans in the market, but nothing compares to fixed deposits in terms of the right balance between good returns, liquidity, and safety. When you are looking to boost your
savings and earn more from your FDs, Bajaj Finance FD definitely rises above the pack.

Bajaj Finance FD rates are among the best across all FD issuers, especially in the wake of
volatility in the economy and on stock markets. You can earn up to a 6.85% interest rate with
guaranteed returns. The table below shows the interest rate available with Bajaj Finance FD for
various tenors.
● If you invest in Bajaj Finance FD for 5 years, you can grow your savings by more than 40%.
Let us assume you have invested Rs. 2,00,000 in Bajaj Finance FD for 5 years. The table
below shows the returns you can earn, depending upon your customer category.
● Bajaj Finance FD enjoys the highest stability ratings from ICRA and CRISIL, which ensures
complete safety of your investment.
● You can also easily withdraw money prematurely from Bajaj Finance FD by paying a nominal
interest rate. Alternatively, you can take a loan up to 75% of FD value to avoid loss of interest on

Bajaj Finance also offers several features and benefits that can boost your FD savings further:

Make Online Investment

If you invest online through the Bajaj Finance FD form, you become eligible to earn an additional interest of 0.10% over and above the base rate. Isn’t this a rewarding perk you would like to enjoy? The entire online application process is paperless and hassle-free. It takes only a few minutes of your time and a few clicks of a button to invest from the comfort of your home.

Opt for Cumulative FD

Unless you are a senior citizen, housewife, or anyone looking for periodic returns for regular income
through non-cumulative FD, it is advisable to invest in a cumulative FD with Bajaj Finance. In a
cumulative FD, the interest accrued every year is re-invested on the principal amount till maturity.
This helps you to build a lump sum corpus and accumulate wealth in the long term.

Invest in Multiple FDs

The best benefit of investing in multiple FDs is that you can meet both short-term and long-term
goals as well as emergency needs. You can even ladder your FDs by investing them across varying FD rates and tenor. When you need money, you need to break only one FD instead of withdrawing
multiple FDs. By doing so, you can continue to earn interest on remaining FDs as well as grow your

Auto-Renew Your FD

At the time of the FD application, you can choose the auto-renewal feature. When the FD matures, it will be automatically re-invested for the same tenor and interest rate applicable then. This is a good investment strategy if you don’t want to put FD maturity proceeds to any other use.

Re-Invest FD Interest

In case you have opted for a non-cumulative Bajaj Finance FD with monthly, quarterly, six-monthly
or yearly interest payout on a huge lump sum amount, the interest returns are likely to be
significant. If you are not using it to fund your regular expenses, then you can re-invest it in a
cumulative Bajaj Finance FD instead of letting it sit idle in a savings account. This way, you will earn
interest on your interest!

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