Awakening Your Intuition Through Tarot Reading

Awakening Your Intuition Through Tarot Reading

Intuition is one of the highest gifts you can have. It helps us make better decisions or see things in ways others cannot. Intuition can help you understand your path in life, know the truth and recognize healing when needed most. The ancient art of Tarot card reading can be used to awaken your intuition alongside other benefits like helping you with your personal growth and spiritual development. Here are standard tarot card reading practices to awaken your intuition.

Learn the Traditional Meanings of Each Tarot Card

Understanding the traditional meanings of each card in a reading can enrich your intuitive powers. By understanding the cards in different aspects, you can enhance their power and give yourself more insight. Whether you are a seasoned reader or a beginner looking to become more involved in your own life, tarot card reading can be the perfect introduction to this ancient tradition. Card decks come in so many different styles and themes, but by determining the meanings of each card, you can feel prepared for an intuitive reading. Your relation to each card and your intuition improves every time you do a reading.

Have A Specific Intention in Mind Before Reading the Tarot Cards

To pick up on these hidden messages of the subconscious mind, it is crucial that you have a specific intention in mind before reading the tarot cards. You can get a clear sense of what you want to know through mediation. Tarot cards are susceptible to their user and the energy within the person, and therefore, if you don’t know why you are doing the reading, the result may be negative. Ask yourself what you want to find out, whether it is news about a new love interest or maybe to receive guidance on how to work at home with a new program. It is essential to set clear goals before starting the reading. Otherwise, the cards might read something simply because they are unaware of what you are doing.

Intuitively Select the Cards That You Are Attracted To

In Tarot decks, the cards have a deep spiritual meaning and relate to you on a deep level. Selecting the right cards for your reading is an important step. For a beginner, you can select the cards randomly or in any style you feel comfortable with. As you progress, you can learn different types of tarot spreads and their meanings. For example, the Fire of Creation is for guidance on creative projects. Romance spread for your love life, Inner Healing spread for healthy living, and Year Ahead spread for predicting the future.

Look at the Story of The Card’s Imagery

There is always a story behind each card. When you become familiar with the cards, their meanings will become more meaningful and personal to you. The more you study them, the more they reveal their secrets. In tarot card reading, the images on the cards can either reveal something new or increase your familiar ideas. By understanding the imagery and story of each card, you’ll better understand yourself as an individual and learn how to feel and act like someone in the know. For instance, the Four of Wands in the pip deck indicates a marriage proposal. Picking it may mean that you will accept your partner’s proposal and start making wedding plans.

Your Feelings as a Source of Insight

Feelings are the most critical factor in tarot card reading. Your feelings will tell you how accurately you are reading the cards, how well your intuition is functioning, and whether or not it’s having any effect on your life. For example, tingly hands signify that fortune is coming your way while nausea signifies something you are not ready to deal with. Sometimes the reading doesn’t work because you were projecting negative feelings onto the situation rather than accepting them as facts and just being in the present moment.


Awakening your intuition isn’t going to happen on your first reading. It would be best if you put in some effort and practice regularly until you perfect it. Tarot reading requires learning and focused meditation. Then after a while, when your intuition is completely alert, you will automatically do it when given any opportunity. You will eventually become an intuitive reader and awaken your intuition.



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