A Grand Night’s Sleep: Glamping At The Grand Canyon Is Your Next Adventure

A Grand Night’s Sleep: Glamping At The Grand Canyon Is Your Next Adventure

A Grand Night’s Sleep: Glamping At The Grand Canyon Is Your Next Adventure

If you want to be wowed by nature, the Grand Canyon is the place for you. One of the seven natural wonders of the world – and the only one in the United States, visitors flock to the Grand Canyon for a reason. Standing on its rim, it’s hard to believe the scale of it.
People come to the Grand Canyon to discover nature’s magic, and what better way is there to connect with nature in all her glory than by sleeping under canvas. Glamping at the Grand Canyon means getting closer to nature – without sacrificing on comfort. This is your next adventure.

The National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park is a huge expanse centred on the Colorado River, which
runs for 277 miles through the territory of the park. The Grand Canyon, the main attraction,
is a mile deep and a staggering 18 miles across at its widest point, making it a vast chasm
into the earth.

“The stunning layered geology of the American desert is laid bare in the Grand Canyon and its red banded rock offers a glimpse into geological time,” says Marita Maynor, business writer at Best British Essays and UK Writings. “Getting up close and personal is a must for every American citizen, and every visitor to the Land of the Free.”

Under Canvas

The Grand Canyon’s luxury camping will get you under canvas without compromising on
comfort. Depending on your needs you have multiple setups to choose from, including
couples retreats and fun for the whole family.
If you like your privacy then you can opt for king beds and en suite restrooms, but travellers on a budget can go safari style and enjoy premium comfort and hotel quality shared bathhouses just a few steps away.

Al Fresco Dining

The Grand Canyon’s glamping experience would be incomplete without some fine dining
under the stars. An on-site restaurant is there to cater to every taste whether you’re a firm
vegetarian or a believer that camping means grilling. “The veggie dishes are packed full of
flavour whilst traditionally meaty favourites such as chicken and pulled pork are on offer

too,” says Sarah Golden, marketing blogger at Revieweal and OX Essays. “The campfire feel is on full display and live music adds to the atmosphere.”
Going out adventuring can be hungry work, so you’ll need a big feed each night – you earned it! And the camp cooks are more than happy to pack your lunch before you go too, meaning you can take fine food out on the trail with you.

Logging Off

The glamping sites at the Grand Canyon have been curated to bring you closer to a wild
experience, so they are deliberately WiFi free. Putting your phone down and checking in
with nature is essential every once in a while, and you’ll feel relaxation descend over you as soon as you step on site.

If you do need to make a call, don’t worry. The camp has cell service as a backup and the
front desk in the ‘lobby tent’ are happy to help you make arrangements. You can step away
from the web as far as you see fit.

Adventure On Your Front Porch

Waking up in the incredible Grand Canyon National Park never gets old, and you’re only
minutes away from adventures of all kinds. The monumental south rim of the Grand Canyon is a short drive away and package day trips can be arranged on request.
Pony trekking, day hikes and mountain biking are all on the agenda with a thousand ways to get your blood pumping. If you prefer to experience nature without getting out of breath,
then phenomenal driving tours take in all the sights of the national park. The Kaibab
National Forest is an especial highlight.

Sweet Dreams

Glamping at the Grand Canyon offers an escape that you will cherish for a lifetime. There’s
no better way to connect with nature than by sleeping under canvas and the opportunity to
disconnect from your phone and the hectic life you leave behind provides space to breath.
And you get all this without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Welcome to your next

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