6 Crazy Hacks for Scoring the Best Walmart Deals

6 Crazy Hacks for Scoring the Best Walmart Deals

6 Crazy Hacks for Scoring the Best Walmart Deals

When you’re in need of a one-stop-shop, it doesn’t get much better than Walmart. From clothes to groceries to sports equipment, Walmart has it all – and many items come with a lower price tag than
you’ll find anywhere else!

That said, as much money you can save on a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip, if you go without a
plan, you’re going to miss out on some of the best Walmart deals. To maximize your savings, you need to shop equipped with a few hacks and tips for shopping at Walmart.

To learn everything you need to know to start saving even more at Walmart, just keep reading.

1. Price Match Online

One of the best Walmart shopping tips we can give you is to take advantage of their price match
guarantee. Walmart’s goal is to give you the best deals possible, so if you find an item for less at
another store, they’ll often sell it to you for that price.

Now, it can’t be a similar item, it has to be an exact match – same color, size, etc. Keep in mind,
however, that Walmart discontinued their in-store price match service. To get your items for the lower price you found elsewhere, you have to do your shopping online.

The good news is, this guarantee works for just about any type of item that can be purchased from
their competitors, including Amazon. Even so, you should still contact customer care to verify that
your item is eligible for price match before placing your order, as there are some exceptions.

2. Use the Walmart App

There’s an app for everything these days, and Walmart jumped on the bandwagon long ago. You
might be thinking, what could you possibly do with a Walmart app? Well, you can use it to find
amazing Walmart deals!

It’s free to download onto any device and allows you to shop both your local Walmart store and other branches across the country right from your phone.

When you download the app, don’t forget to turn the app notifications on. You’ll get regular alerts on sales, rollbacks, and other deals going on in your preferred Walmart location.

The best way to use your app? Open it with your shopping list in hand before each shopping trip. It
will tell you where to find each item you’re looking for.

3. Look for Items Close to Their “Sell by” Date

As items get close to their “sell by” date, their prices are cut drastically. This is true for all grocery
items throughout the store, including the bakery! In fact, the bakery section of your Walmart should
have a day-old shelf where they’re selling yesterday’s goods for a fraction of their original price.

Don’t worry, these items aren’t old or stale. The employees simply move them out of the way to make room for the freshest items of the day.

As for meats and other refrigerated items, check the ”sell by” date on each package. Some items won’t be marked down, even if that date has come. When this happens, don’t be afraid to take the item to a Walmart employee. They should be able to mark the price down for you.

To take full advantage of these deals, you need to do your shopping in the morning. Items are shifted around multiple times throughout the day, and more often than not, the price-cut items are sold out by the afternoon.

4. Request a Price Adjustment

After you’ve made your purchases, hang on to your receipts until the return date has passed. Why?
Because Walmart will honor price drops within this time window.

So, let’s say you purchased a bookshelf for $50 on Monday that went on sale for $30 on Friday. You
can take your sales receipt to the store and request that you’re reimbursed for the $20 difference.

This requires a bit of vigilance, but the savings will be worth the extra effort! The only items exempt
from this deal are those bought at clearance prices, during special events such as Black Friday, and
items purchased from a third-party seller.

5. Use Printed and Online Coupons

Another way to save money at Walmart that requires some work but is worth the time investment is
couponing. Walmart coupons can be found both in-store and online, not to mention the manufacturer coupons that are also accepted.

You can find great deals and even pick up Walmart freebies with coupons now and then. Before your shopping trip, check your favorite coupon sites and Walmart.com for deals. If you’re doing your shopping online, installing a couponing extension on your browser can save you a ton of time and effort.

For those who prefer to shop in-store, hang on to the coupons given to you at checkout. You never
know when they’re going to come in handy.

6. Buy Dented Items

No matter whether you’re shopping for groceries or furniture, look for dented and lightly damaged
items. The quality is the same, but you’ll be able to get them for a much lower price.

Instead of grabbing whichever item is closest, do some digging in the shelves before placing your
item in your cart. If you find a dented item that isn’t marked down, bring it to a Walmart employee, who will lower the price for you.

Find the Best Walmart Deals and Save Money With These Tips

Walmart is known for its low prices, but by finding and using some of the best Walmart deals, you can save even more on your next shopping trip. With that extra money, you can save for a vacation, put it away for a rainy day, or do more shopping at Walmart!

The key to maximizing your savings is to always have a plan beforehand. Make your shopping list
first, then check coupons, do price matching, and look for dented and near-expiration items in the

In need of even more money-saving hacks and advice? Take a look at our blog!


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