8 Amazing Tips To Save Big on Online Shopping Sites

8 Amazing Tips To Save Big on Online Shopping Sites

8 Amazing Tips To Save Big on Online Shopping Sites

Everyone loves shopping but with the advancements in the Internet technology shopping
has changed a lot. Nowadays shopping has turned into online shopping as you can buy
almost anything online and get it delivered at your home. Online shopping is highly
convenient and you can avail numerous discounts too.

When you are a new user, e-commerce websites offer huge discounts but as you make
more purchases, discounts and offers reduce. So, you need to use innovative and smart
tricks to avail big discount and save some money on shopping websites. You can use
Menakart coupon codes to get a fantastic deal on the website. Some of the most effective
and outstanding tips to save money while online shopping are mentioned below.

Leave products after adding to the cart

Usually, when you find a product online that you like a lot but its price is out of your budget,
you are left with no option other than leaving it. If you want to get some amazing discount
on that product, you can add it to your shopping cart and leave. It is one of the best ways to get discounts while online shopping. When you log out from the website after adding any product to the cart, it is termed as ‘Abandoned cart’.

It is a massive issue for top e-commerce website and to resolve it, they offer an offer or
discount on that product and notify the user via mail or message. It allows you to get some
discount on your favourite product online. You must keep in mind that you cannot use this
trick for more than twice as it will bring you under the notice of the website.

Use credit card for shopping

Credit cards are getting immensely popular as they have increased the purchasing power of people and have made it easier for them buy anything online without worrying about their bank balance. Moreover, online shopping websites are encouraging people to use credit cards by providing exclusive offers on credit card purchases. For instance, some online shopping platforms offers 10-20% additional discount if you use credit card of a particular bank.

The discounts and offer vary according to different banks. It is a great way to avail some
instant discount but the only drawback is that, credit card offers are available only when you make a transaction above a certain limit. The limit is usually high, so you need to spend a massive amount of money to avail the offer.

Set price drop notifications

Numerous online shopping websites are offering some features such as price drop alerts. It is a feature that users can use to get a notification whenever the price drops on a particular product on the website. In simple words, if you want to buy a particular product but its price is out of your range, you can set a price alert for it.

Whenever the price of that product will drop or there will be any deal available, you will get
the notification and you will be able to save a lot of money. Most of the websites have this feature, but any e-commerce platform doesn’t offer it, you can also use third party apps and browser extension for it.

Shop for higher value

The purchase value plays an important role if you want to save some money while online
shopping. E-commerce websites offer lucrative offers if you shop above a certain value. For instance, some website like Souq offers 30% discount extra if you your total amount is
above 10000 and also they provide amazing coupons like Souq Coupon Code to get instant discounts. If you are buying more, only to avail discount then it is a wrong strategy.
The right way to use this offer is by creating a shopping pool. You can ask your friends,
colleague or relative if they want to buy anything from the website. You add their items too
to the cart and include all of them in a single order. It will increase the total amount of your
order without going out of the budget. It allows you to avail discount on high value shopping without spending excess money.

Act as a new customer

E-commerce websites try their best to attract new users and enhances their customer base. They offer eye-popping discounts and offers to attract them which you can avail to same some money while online shopping. These websites use the cookies stored on your laptop to check if you are a new user or an exciting one. There is a loophole in this system that you can use to make big savings.

If you use the incognito mode of your browser or erase the browsing history, the websites
will not be able to recognise that you are an existing user. It will treat you as a new user and you will get some outstanding discounts easily on your favourite products.


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