5 Ways Voice Marketing Benefits Your Business

5 Ways Voice Marketing Benefits Your Business

The web has changed the way that businesses conduct their marketing campaigns. Thanks to the flood of new tech, your potential share of the market have gotten smaller. This means that you will have to fight harder than ever to get your voice heard. Voice marketing is one of the best ways to reach this goal. Here are 5 reasons you need to use this tool.

1. Voice Marketing Helps You Reach More People

Perhaps the most important reason to use voice broadcast software is to broaden your audience. You can send out a single voice message to all of the people on your list. If the message you send is strong enough in its appeal, those people will then share the message with their friends as well as family members. Those people will then share it with even more people.

If you play your cards right, a single voice message can reel in thousands of new leads. These leads can then multiply into tens of thousands. This will naturally result in a much higher level of visits to your site. These visits can then turn into a whole new level of sales that you have never before enjoyed. The magic is in multiplication.

2. You Can Gather Spoken Word Testimonials to Use

Another key benefit that comes with voice messaging is the ability to gather tons of new testimonials from satisfied customers. This will give you the ability to send out these testimonials by the thousands. People respond even more favorably to a good testimonial than to even the best in-house advertising. This is because they can trust their peers.

You can collect positive reviews and testimonials from customers to share on your site, social media pages, and all of your voice messaging campaigns. Hearing the voice of a truly satisfied customer is like manna to the ears of your audience. It can give them that little extra bit of validation that they need to make the choice to buy from you.

3. Voice Messaging Helps You Understand Your Customer

Voice marketing depends in large part on gathering data that can be used to better understand the needs of your customers. One of the best ways to get more info about what they want is to let them say so in their own words. You can send them a voice message that allows them to record their own feedback. This will give you insight into what they want from you.

4. Voice Marketing Improves Your Interactive Skills

There are many ways to sell a product. At the end of the day, a person is going to buy goods from the vendor that they feel most comfortable with. This is usually the one that they feel has the best reputation for product quality and customer service. Part of the reason they may have this impression is that they have interacted with this seller.

This is where your conversational skills need to come to the fore. You can use voice messaging and related tactics to build a true discourse with your customers. This will give you an extra level of credibility because it shows that you listen and respond to their needs and concerns. This type of marketing is the key to building a unique brand.

5. Voice Messaging Lets You Reward Your Customers

One of the most unique ways that voice messaging lets you reward your customers is the chance that it gives you to host special “voice first” contests. These are contests in which you can reward your customers by coming up with special soundbites. These are bits that you can use in your messaging and social media. You can then send prizes as a thank you.

Use Voice Marketing to Grow Your Audience

You can make use of the power of the human voice to grow your business to a whole new level of power and influence. Once people start to connect with your unique voice and the voices of their peers, you’ll be on your way. It comes down to being able to use this tool in the right place at the right time. Do so in the right way and you’ll grow huge.


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