5 Things A Bride & Groom Must Do To Ensure A Great Prenup Photoshoot

5 Things A Bride & Groom Must Do To Ensure A Great Prenup Photoshoot

5 Things A Bride & Groom Must Do To Ensure A Great Prenup Photoshoot

Pre-wedding or prenup photos have become a crucial part of every nuptials for many years now. Pictures taken during this shoot are used not just for visual presentation during the reception, some are also printed into invitation cards, wedding websites, and even to some, teasers.

Often these pictures show the happy moments of the couple on the way to their marriage to provide guests a brief portrayal of the couple’s relationship as well as how even their own individual personalities blend well together. The wedding is among those huge milestones for every couple. Thus, they want to document this important time of their lives, to look back to for years to come.

It may look easy, but pulling off a great prenup photoshoot actually takes some work and choosing the right people, just like how you take the time to pick which one of the wedding planning companies in Toronto should you hire. Speaking of wedding planning, your chosen wedding planner can also help you with picking the photographer fit for the job. This doesn’t mean though that once you’ve chosen your photographer you’ll leave everything to them. If you really want your pictures to come out exactly as how you’ve envisioned, you should do the work as well and work with the photographer.

Here are the things you would have to decide on:

1. The Concept

You probably already have a concept envisioned in your mind but if you’re someone who’s yet undecided, especially with so much interest and so many things you want to be included, you may want to check out these common themes:

– fairytale

– travel & adventure

– movies/TV shows

– rustic countryside

– casual

– sporty

– colorful

– sexy

– romantic

2. A Mood Board

This includes images that inspire you and which you want to copy to help make your couple romantic photography shoot a success. Most of these images can be found on Pinterest and Instagram. Once you’ve completed your board, you may want to show it to your photographer and stylist to provide them a clear picture of how you would want the photoshoot to turn out. They may have some valuable suggestions.

3. The Venue

This depends on the theme you’ve chosen. If you want to go for a romantic, then the venue could be a flower farm. If you want sporty, you could choose a football field or a racetrack. Bear in mind that there most likely are some fees you have to pay and even local permits that you would have to obtain.

4. Your Outfits

Again, this is why deciding on the theme first is important. You will have to dress up based on your chosen theme. You can decide on at least three sets of the looks you want to go for, and while the outcome looks like changing to different clothes is easy, the actual is not. So prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your patience might get tested. You will also have to learn how to pose in those outfits.

5. Schedule

Of course, just like the other activities leading up to your wedding day, photoshoots have to be scheduled. You may have to free up one day for your photoshoot as this activity may take an entire day and to some, even more, especially if there is more than one location. You may want to choose a weekday for your photoshoot as the weekend is often filled with crowd, especially if it’s a tourist spot or a popular location.

Base your decisions on what best fits both you and your fiance’s personalities, and don’t also forget to choose based on what is close to both of your hearts, like a memory on how you two met.

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