4 Top Enterprise Mobile App Trends You Need to Pay Attention Now

4 Top Enterprise Mobile App Trends You Need to Pay Attention Now

4 Top Enterprise Mobile App Trends You Need to Pay Attention Now

The mobile app development industry is amongst the ones that are evolving at a
lightning-fast speed. It can be understood that these evolutions are possible due to
the brilliant technologies that come up now and then. You can witness new and
interesting trends and techniques almost every year. From a fantastic virtual gaming
experience to using the most convenient food delivery apps, advanced technologies
are leaving no stone unturned to make our lives better. Today, we can see the latest,
virtual technologies in almost every field, the enterprise app development industry
being one of the prominent ones.

In today’s times, having a basic mobile app for your business will not take you very
far. It might happen that the app you got built five years ago may not be relevant and
user-friendly in the coming years. It is all because of the difference in the
technologies. Thus, you need to keep working on your app and its relevance with
each passing year. It will help you serve your customers better. So, here are the top
4 enterprise mobile app trends that you need to look at.

● Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are one of the most flourishing mobile
app development trends for some time now. Apps like Google Assistant have been
doing well in these genres. By using these techniques, apps can deliver the best
services to users. It offers a convenient way of interacting with the app and availing
of its services. For example, Apple had announced the use of Core ML 3 which is the
latest version of its machine learning model framework that aims to help iOS
developers combine Artificial Intelligence smarts into their apps. So, if you are
starting to interact with an enterprise mobile app development company, make
sure that you ask them to use the latest AI and ML trends.

● Wearable App Integration

This technology has also come to the mainstream enterprise app building
techniques. A report by Statista reveals that the number of connected wearable
devices reached 453 million in 2017. It is further expected to touch a whopping 929
million marks by 2021. The way we are indulging in advanced technologies, we can
soon expect to have wearable apps become an integral part of our lives. The surge
in the use of wearable app technologies supports the fact that it can be a smart
choice in the coming times. Ultimately, wearable apps will explore more and more
fields and devices in the years ahead. Hence, you can consider this relevant trend
for 2021.

● Chatbots

You might have come across popping messages whenever you visit a website.
These are called chatbots that help the website assist you better. You can post your
queries or seek help from the chatbots that reply on behalf of the app, website, or
company. It is a great tool for enhancing customer engagement. The way the use of
chatbots has escalated in the last few years, you can expect to see its relevance in
the coming years too. Not many apps use chatbot services to enhance the customer
experience that is present on Google Play Store and App Store. By having the option
to serve your customers with upgraded immediacy, chatbots can be a great option
for enterprise app development.

● Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

You might have come across the famous game Pokemon Go that made everyone
enthusiastic about catching the virtual pokemon. Although the game is not very
popular right now, the latest technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
are not to end up any sooner. These technologies enhance the interactivity with the
apps, especially the gaming apps that tend to offer a high-quality gaming experience.
Tech giants like Google and Apple have already started exploring the use of AR and
VR technologies. For instance, Google will shortly introduce a new AR feature for
Google Maps, which would provide people with directions from their smartphones in
real-time. Hence, AR and VR will be amongst the significant enterprise mobile app
development trends in 2021.

Wrapping it up

Almost millions of mobile apps are already present on the unanimous Google Play
Store, App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store across the world. With all
kinds of mobile apps already present in the battleground, it becomes more important
for you to develop a business app that is smart, user-friendly, technologically
advanced, and uses the latest trends and techniques of mobile app development.
These trends will not only make your app support your business. it will also enhance
customer relationship management methods and boost the popularity of your app. While
you may not make use of all of these techniques at once, you can gradually and
smartly explore all of them in the coming years. All you need to focus on is making
your app stay relevant as per the latest technologies along with keeping it less
complex for the users to access easily.

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