10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Remote Employees

10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Remote Employees

Remote working is the recent norm in many businesses. Managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are looking for ideas on how to celebrate with their virtual team of employees. The online events in the article will guide managers to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of their virtual teams. The ideas consist of digital shootouts, online parties, virtual games, and meals integral in acknowledging your team’s achievements, relaxed and fantastic. You can refer to the events as “online celebrations” or “remote celebrations.” Scroll through the article to learn about the ten virtual team celebration ideas for a remote team.

The Best Remote Team Celebration Ideas

1. Virtual Cocktails

It’s unpleasant ending your celebration without a toast. Why not include a virtual cocktail shake-up night when celebrating your virtual team as a team leader. You will enjoy cracking jokes as you concoct fancy drinks.

A video call will be used to give its members rendezvous and packages. It would be best to hire a cocktail master to help you make the cocktails of your desire.

2. Create A Team Timeline

An exciting virtual party should not last for long. A few hours are enough. However, a team record is time-consuming. An online team timeline is another recommended way to celebrate your virtual team. The timeline helps you know previous accomplishments each time you add a new entry to it. Creating a team timeline helps you remember your remote team’s long-term success and achievements. You can share the history and record of your team member using the Adobe Spark program and later design a timeline.

3. Virtual Luck Draw for Reward Gifts

Everyone desires surprise gifts from friends, families, workmates, and loved ones. As a team leader who wants to celebrate your virtual team of employees, why don’t you come up with a lucky draw for them on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Facetime? You can also virtually gift your remote employees with various care packages. They include craft kits, customized mugs, snuggies, digital subscriptions for Spotify, Hulu, or Netflix, and holiday treats, to name a few. Gifting your virtual team makes them feel valued and adds confidence to the team.

4. A Virtual Movie Night

If you choose a night out as a suitable virtual team celebration idea for your team, then hosting a virtual movie night would be best. Grab a beverage glass for every team member and sip as you watch the movies on either Rave, Netflix, or Kast.

5. Social Media Shout Outs

Another way to celebrate your virtual team’s success is through online campaigns or creating social media accounts. Social media shoutouts are a great way to acknowledge the effort of your team of virtual employees on a global and organizational level. Also, a team member from the virtual team can decide to create an appreciation message to the other team members being celebrated. This enables the entire team to develop a sense of teamwork and family ties.

6. Board Games Nights

Why don’t you try a board game night as a team leader? Engage your virtual team and decide on the online board game of their choice. From Do You Know Me Codenames and Clue, there are various options to choose from.

7. Creating Memos and Notepads

You can also celebrate the achievements of your virtual team by designing personalized notepads & memos. Get a guru to design the notepads for you stylishly and practically. Notepads & memos can be used as party favors, to-do lists, or reminders, depending on how they’re designed. You can even send these out as part of a company swag gift box on employee appreciation day.

8. Organizing An Online Trip

If you have a virtual team that loves adventure, why not try an online trip? This allows the team to explore and get to know new places. Before getting out of your home virtually, you need to gather the entire team online. Take an online tour around a national park or any holiday destination.

9. Totem Team Building

Totem team building is a virtual team celebration that will leave the entire virtual team feeling appreciated and valued. The activity helps recognize each member’s best qualities and boost their self-esteem.

10. Celebrate Unexpected Days

Besides known holidays, you can celebrate you can meet up virtually and celebrate with your virtual team less common days like World Kindness Day, Programmer’s Day, World Emojis Day, and World Mental Health Day, to name a few. Some team leaders prefer turning the days into virtual costume events.


In conclusion, these virtual team celebration ideas will help boost self-esteem unity among workers and also make the team feel like a family working together. Celebrating your team of workers is important in boosting inclusivity amongst your virtual employees.


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