10 Best File Shredder Software For Mac

10 Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Are you looking Best File Shredder Software For Mac?

Because of the global increase in malware and phishing attacks, data security has become a top priority in technology. As a result, having an effective file shredder software for Mac installed on your machine is critical.

You may be wondering how a Mac file shredder works. And why do you require a file shredder utility to protect your data? Although it may appear strange, deleting data from your Mac does not permanently destroy it until the space filled by the same file is overwritten by something more.

This is where file or data shredder software comes in handy. It overwrites previously deleted files, ensuring that they are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered or undeleted even with data recovery software.

With so many Mac file shredders available online, choosing the best one for your machine is a time-consuming process. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist!

To save you time and energy, we’ve assembled a well-researched list of the best file shredder Software for Mac in 2021.

What is the Best File Shredder Software for Mac in 2021?

Thanks to the addition of data shredder Mac, permanently deleting files from your hard disc has never been easier. Without more distant ado, here is a complete list of the best permanent erasers for Mac to try in 2021.

CleanMyMac X – File Shredder Software For Mac

Best File Shredder Software For Mac

CleanMyMac X is the following tool Best File Shredder Software For Mac on our list of the best file shredder software for Mac. CleanMyMac X, created by MacPaw, is a well-known Mac cleaning app that includes valuable options for file shredding.

It enables you to delete both personal and confidential data from your Mac while leaving no trace for recovery. The app also functions as a Mac app uninstaller, a general cleaner, a cache and junk remover, and a disc storage space manager.

BitRaser Mac File Eraser-

Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Stellar’s BitRaser File Eraser (Mac) is undeniably one of the best free file shredders for Mac available today.

Users can securely erase data from macOS and selected hard drives using the application’s 17 international data erasure standards.

The best feature of BitRaser File Eraser Best File Shredder Software For Mac is that it deletes sensitive information such as internet activities, cookies, system traces, and unused space without leaving any room for data recovery.

It is an ideal app for permanently erasing files on Mac due to its clutter-free interface and advanced file erasing tools.

 MacClean File Eraser (Download for MAC)

Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Clean is a well-known professional file shredder utility for Mac that includes many powerful disc cleaning tools.

It lets you permanently delete old and large files from your Mac drives and external storage devices, rendering them unrecoverable.

It also aims to protect your online identity from snooping entities by removing malicious cookies, junk, and privacy exposing items, search history, app usage data, and other items.


Best File Shredder Software For Mac

File Shredder Software for Mac from VoidTech FileShredder Best File Shredder Software For Mac is another excellent Mac file shredder best file shredder for android to consider.

VoidTech’s data shredder Mac is a simple solution for erasing all information from systems and selected drives, leaving no room for recovery.

Users can quickly permanently delete files/folders or securely erase Mac drives and systems with the help of this Mac file shredder app. To securely delete the data, you can use the Shred or Secure Shred options.

The ‘Secure Shred’ option is preferable because it overwrites the file on the hard disc, making it impossible to recover the deleted data.

Mac Optimizer Pro

Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Mac Optimizer Pro is another excellent super file shredder Mac file shreeder software to consider if you want to delete sensitive information from the system securely.

This handy program protects your privacy and confidential information by providing a dependable way to delete files on Mac permanently.

The fact that Mac Optimizer Pro mac file shredder includes a military-grade file shredder utility ensures that even the most sophisticated data recovery tools will never be able to recover deleted files.

Disk Drill – File Shredder Software For Mac

Disk Drill is the next entry on your list of the best file shredder software for Mac. This is a free piece of software with a slew of features to help you keep your Mac clean and secure.

The list of unique features includes random overwrite, 7-pass secure erasure, 3-pass secure erasure, and overwrite with zeros.

You can quickly get rid of everything without leaving any tracks. The best element is that you can recover data if you accidentally delete it.

The data recovery tools in the software can recover over 400 file formats from various types of storage. However, you must subscribe to the pro plan to access all of these premium features, which costs $89.

Before purchasing the software, you can use it for free if you have any doubts, as it comes with a free trial to clear all of your doubts. You must have Mac OSX 10.11.6 or a later version to use this software.

ShredIt X for Mac is a software that shreds documents.

ShredIt X is the next best file shredder for Mac that deserves a closer look. Using this -designed hard drive eraser for Mac, permanently deleting confidential files or folders will be a piece of cake.

It is currently recognized as the best permanent eraser for Mac devices due to its excellent file erasing capabilities.

ShredIt X’s prominent safety features include safe place, confirm before shred, and free space erases, making it an excellent choice for any Mac user.

DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac (version 9)

DoYourData aims to be the best file shredder software for Mac by providing many flexible solutions to help you completely delete data from your Mac, hard drive, USB flash drive, and other external storage devices.

So, if you need to shred your confidential data into millions of pieces, DoYourData Super Eraser comes highly recommended.

Sunyouth: File Shredder Software For Mac

Here’s another top-rated Mac file eraser software to try in 2021. Sunyouth’s file shredding tool includes many helpful data removal solutions, including the ability to wipe the hard drive’s free storage space by permanently erasing previously deleted files/folders.

This is very easy to install and has a single user interface.


Incinerator - Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Incinerator may be the last software on our list of the best Mac file shredder programs, but it’s still the best option, especially if you want to keep sensitive documents out of the hands of prying eyes.

You can use this excellent program to permanently erase previously deleted files/folders from Mac drives by wiping the unused or unallocated space.

File Shredders Mac Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a file shredder?

File Shredder is software that permanently deletes or destroys unwanted files from a hard drive so that the files cannot be recovered.

Such software employs data sanitization techniques to overwrite files on a hard drive or any other external drive to delete them permanently.

Q2. What is the function of a file shredder?

A file shredder, also recognized as a permanent file eraser, is a software program that overwrites unallocated or extra storage space on a computer system with random conditions specified by the data sanitization algorithm of choice, rendering data recovery via third-party apps nearly impossible.

Q3. Is it safe to use a file shredder?

Using a paid file shredder program is entirely safe because it provides certification and verification of the wiped data.

Free file shredding software programs, on the other hand, pose less risk.

Q4. What is the best Mac file shredder?

BitRaser File Eraser also CleanMyMac X are the modern and capable file shredder tools available for Mac systems today.

Best File Shredders Mac Permanently Erase Files

Even in 2021, most people are unaware that deleting or removing data from your hard drive, USB flash drive, and another outside storage device does not completely delete it from your Mac.

Instead, it is stored on your computer until new data overwrite. That is why having a good file shredder utility is essential because it not just supports you clean up your Mac and reclaim lost disc space but also allows you to erase all sensitive and confidential information from your Mac permanently.

All of the tools listed above are among the best file shredder software for Mac in 2021. Download your favored one now to ensure that your privacy is never exposed! 

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