Write for Us Business Blog – Submit a Guest Post on Online Business

Write for Us Business Blog - Submit a Guest Post on Online Business

Write For Us: Submit a Guest Post

I appreciate your interest in writing a guest post for Highviolet.com.

We are delighted to have you here. Writing with us is the best approach to demonstrate your skills and identify yourself as a subject matter expert. You also obtain exposure through our social media outlets and our goodwill:-).

Please take the time to review this whole page as it describes the criteria, the submission procedure, and the types of content we accept in detail.

What We Are Looking For

Guest post contributions that are successful should be thorough, data-driven, entertaining, and educational. To improve your chances of living published on our blog, make sure your contribution;

  • First and foremost, your article should be free of grammatical and linguistic faults.
  • Is it a timely, well-researched post (ideally 800-1000 words)?
  • It is unique and unreleased.
  • We will not republish content anything that has already been published elsewhere else.
  • Only assertions supported by links to reliable research or case studies are included. Avoid mentioning our rivals or adding unrelated promotional links to websites.
  • Include examples and related imagery to support your argument.
  • Avoid utilizing stock photographs that contribute nothing to the content.
  • Subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs make the article more readable.
  • You can only have two self-serving connections.
  • In the author bio, include two links: one to your website and one to any social media platform.
  • You are allowed to include links to additional high-quality resources to enhance the article’s value.

However, please abstain from over-linking. In general, it’s better to limit the number of links to under2. In your story, do not advertise any service or product. We have the right to remove any commercial links from your article.

You can, however, link to relevant and valuable articles. In your bio, you can provide a link to your service pages. Submissions must fulfill the Highviolet.com content team’s quality criteria to be published. Editors have the right to reject submissions and make minor changes to your article at their discretion.

Topics We Address

The majority of our audience comprises people and teams from various organizational areas that are searching for advice, best practices, and guidelines on how to start a business, establish brands, and interact visually.

We only accept explicit, appealing content that falls into the following areas. We strive to select a credible library of knowledge and insights to which people may refer to learn and become better businesses and marketers.

  • How to start a Business
  • Grow Your Business 
  • Start your own Business
  • Online Business 
  • Business Services
  • Online Banking
  • Business Loan
  • Business Plans
  • Content Marketing for SEO
  • Small Business
  • What is business intelligence
  • Business Management
  •  Finances
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business News
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media 
  • Technology Business 
  • Business Concepts 
  • Online Education
  • Startup Fundamentals
  • Home and Garden
  • CryptoCurrency
  • Insurance
  • Trading in Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance
  • Gas/Electricity
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Donate
  • Conference
  • Degree
  • Credit

* Please refer to previous postings on our blog to better understand and identify other themes, content layouts, language, and tone that we like.

The Advantages of Writing for Us

Exposure to a large number of people

The blog has over 50,000 views each month and is continuously growing. All high-quality articles are also published in our monthly newsletter, getting your work in front of a larger audience reading and resharing your content.

Exposure to Social Media

We are active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All of your articles will be shared on these networks for increased exposure.


Please keep in mind that we will not pay you for your articles. If you’re a competent writer and believe you can write fantastic articles for us, please send us some writing examples.

What Happens If Your Story Is Published?

If we choose your story, it is forwarded to our editors for review. If it has to be changed, we email it back with our suggestions. We reserve the right to change the article’s title or content. After the story has been published on HIGHVIOLET, the author has no right to republish it elsewhere.

If you need your post to be published quickly, you may utilize our “Sponsored Post” option. If your article satisfies our requirements, it will be published within 1-2 business days. The page is a little lengthy, and the standards are stringent, but we believe it is vital to limit spam submissions. I’m looking forward to reading additional fantastic articles from you! 

You can find us by: 

Email: [email protected] Or Contact Us

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