With Stronger Phones and 5G, Are Mobile Games Finally Able To Rival The PC Market?

With Stronger Phones and 5G, Are Mobile Games Finally Able To Rival The PC Market?

The launch of 5G has been underwhelming to say the least, but it’s safe to say that it could be about to rival PC gaming. The mobile gaming space is said to rocket and this is where tech is going to really take hold.  In the UK alone, the gaming industry is said to be worth up to £7 billion and it’s transforming at an incredible rate as well. It would seem that mobile gaming isn’t about Candy Crush or even Snake anymore either. In fact, we are now seeing mobile versions of huge games. Some of them include Call of Duty, FIFA and more. Thankfully, gamers do not need to put up with low-rent homages anymore and smartphones are putting portable gaming much closer to console gaming by the minute.

The mobile game space is big business to say the least. Fortnite developer, Epic Games have made millions in revenue in just the space of two years. A lot of this comes down to the iOS version. Nintendo who are known for having their own range of brands have also made billions from mobile gaming alone. Mobile gaming is growing and you also have the rise of casino games too. If you look at NetBet slots, you will see that the game has really taken off in recent years and a lot of this comes down to the mobile boom that is swiftly taking over the market.

Response Times

Gamers rely on network responses so that they can deliver a professional experience. While you may not care about waiting half a second extra for your game to download, it’s safe to say that the choice to go with 5G makes all the difference to games where a ‘smooth experience is essential. It could make the difference between winning a huge fortune on a  Call of Duty tournament and coming out with absolutely nothing. It’s not just mobile giants that are benefitting either. In fact, even PC giants are now working to try and put out mobile devices that are handheld gaming machines. These smartphones do not follow the mainstream idea of tech. In fact, they choose to go down the PC gaming route. They have garish lights and water-cooling tech.

5G makes it Possible to Play Top Games

5G is making it possible for gamers to play their favourite gaming titles while they are on the go. It also gives them the chance to play cloud gaming for the very first time. In simple terms, your smartphone will become a portable console if you have the right tech. You won’t experience any delay and you also won’t have any lag either. It’s safe to say that 5G could finally be making a huge impact on the mobile industry and it won’t be long until the benefits are seen way across the board either. Who knows what the future holds for 5G but either way, it’s safe to say that it is looking very bright.

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