When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Choosing to represent yourself during a divorce case may seem cost-effective. However, things can turn challenging and chaotic—especially if you dint have a legal mind. Plus, going it alone can be draining, time-consuming, and counterproductive. That’s why you should seriously consider hiring a divorce attorney. Here are instances when hiring a divorce attorney is the best bet.

Your Partner Has a Lawyer

In court, each party should have one lawyer. This means that your spouse’s lawyer is not obliged to give you any legal advice. Thus, you need to get your own lawyer. Plus, not having a lawyer will disadvantage your case. For instance, missing timelines is a real threat if you aren’t conversant with court matters. A divorce lawyer will protect your rights and interests. He/she will help you avoid costly mistakes.

You Have an Upcoming Court Hearing

Have you ever gone to a courtroom? If yes, then you understand how complicated the place can be. With a lot of procedures in place, orders to be followed, and prayers to be sought, getting confused is inevitable. For instance, you cannot speak the way you want. You must stick to the rules when the other person is speaking. Plus, things like admissible testimonies and evidence can be confusing. Still more, undoing a judge’s decisions can be hard. The only person who understands how to go about this issue is a lawyer. He/she has the skills to convenience the lawyer to answer your prayers. Hire the best divorce lawyer in Fort Bend County and have the peace of mind you need.

You Have a Divorce Petition from Your Spouse

If you are served some legal paperwork from your spouse, don’t rush. Consult your lawyer. Remember, these legal papers come with strict timelines. You need to respond within the stipulated timeframes. If you don’t have enough time to give your response, things can be challenging. However, a lawyer has the legal expertise to respond to this legal paperwork coherently.

There Is a Scheduled Mediation

If your spouse proposes a mediation, you cannot say no. In fact, courts recommend mediation when it comes to solving divorce cases. Still more, mediation gives you a less expensive way of resolving the dispute. Don’t go to mediation alone. Go with your lawyer. He/she understands how to respond to specific pain points in your divorce—especially those touching on finances, taxes, and child custody. It’s also important to note that a mediation agreement cannot be undone. Once you enter into an agreement with your spouse, undoing it is not possible. A lawyer will help you go through the necessary legal issues in that agreement and fight for your rights and interests.

The Bottom-Line

Do you want to fast-track your case? Do you want a fast process that ends in a few weeks or months? Do you have the time to go to court every day? Well, representing yourself can be an option. However, it can injure your divorce case. Plus, if you don’t have a legal background, things can be challenging. However, a lawyer will help you track the case and save you time. The above are the main reasons why you need a divorce lawyer today.


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