What You Need To Know About United Van Lines

What You Need To Know About United Van Lines

What You Need To Know About United Van Lines

United Van Lines is a company that is in the business of moving people all over the country. They also provide all the services that you can expect from a reputable moving company.

Partial Move Or Full-Service Move

You have the choice to hire United Van Lines for a full move which includes packing, or you can pack your things and save some money. Either way, it is nice to have both options.

What Can You Expect From United Van Lines?

Here is a breakdown of everything included in a quote and the services that cost extra:

 In-Home Quote – Free and included in the cost
 Unloading and Loading – Included in the quote
 Shipment Tracking – Cost included in the quote
 Full Valuation Coverage – Included in the price
 Unpacking and/or Packing – Extra cost
 Home Cleaning – Extra cost
 Moving Supplies – Extra cost
 Storage – Extra cost
 Tech Set-Up – Extra cost
 Auto Transport – Extra cost


Compared to companies such as Bekins or Two Men and a Truck, you will be paying a couple of hundred dollars more if you decide to hire United Mayflower. However, you won’t be getting comprehensive-value insurance if you decide to use one of the other two companies. It comes down to personal preferences whether the added costs justify your peace-of-mind.

Local Moves

The moving estimator on the United Van Lines website might not work for a local move, but you can easily call the company to ask for a quote. The pricing typically breaks down to around $80 to $100 per hour for labor, including the traveling time it will take to reach your home. All the costs add up to competitive pricing for full-service moves.


If you need to store your household goods in-between a move, or you are waiting for everything to be finalized before moving into your new home, and you plan to stay in a hotel for a few weeks, United Mayflower containers can assist you with that. Their containers are often cheaper, easier, and more reliable to store your things with the company you have decided to move with, and this is where United Van Lines excels.

When you chat with one of the United Mayflower agents, you can ask for a package deal that will include storage and your move.

Tech Assistance

There are many time-consuming and frustrating things about moving and taking down (dismantling), and then setting your tech up again is usually one of the most frustrating tasks. From every moving company that we have already researched, United Van Lines seemed to be the only service provider with packaged tech-support in with the rest of their services. If you are one of those who cannot tell the differences between coaxial cables and HDMI cables, you will benefit from this service.

Full-Value Protection

One of the main attractions and benefits of hiring a United Van Lines company is its full-value protection offer. Many moving companies provide full-value protection insurance, yet this option costs a lot of money and is usually not included in your quote.

Here is an explanation of how it is broken down:

Many moving companies will provide basic liability coverage. This covers $0.6 per pound of all the items included in your move. To explain this further, if you have a loveseat that weighs 50 pounds and the chair gets damaged, then the movers would only cover $30. Full-value protection covers $6 per pound, and this is much better. So, if the same loveseat were damaged during the move, United Van Lines would be covering $300.

What happens when you have really expensive and fancy things?

If you own an impressive Mac desktop or a Twilight memorabilia collection, or anything similar, these items are worth a lot more than just $6 a pound. In these cases, it is always advisable to upgrade your current insurance. Even once you have included additional insurance, United Van Lines still offers the very best insurance for this sector.

Final Thoughts

United Van Lines shines when comparing full-service moving services. Yes, it does cost a bit more when compared to other moving companies, but when you take the time to add all these things together, you are looking at a virtually effortless move. One of the other important reasons why many customers choose United Van Lines over other popular moving companies is the impressive insurance options. Suppose you own many expensive antiques or other fancy items, and you are concerned about these items breaking. In that case, United Van Lines is one of the best moving companies to protect your valuable items.


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