What level is Art Foundation?

What level is Art Foundation?

What level is Art Foundation?

Art Foundation is mostly considered as the standard procedure for studying art at the academic level 3 consisting of four vocational courses. It’s a one-year program establishing a connection between design-related disciplines and the study of art. This three-stage Foundation in Design and Creative Development program is structured to provide students with critical technical expertise and creative professional skills.

Art foundation courses offer students a great opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of niche industry, advertising, promotion, fashion, illustration, and design from a team of industry experts, as well as build their own creative portfolio of work. It assists them in deciding the type of creative field of business that they would like to specialize in at the undergraduate level after exploring various available pathways. Interested students can study art courses in London and explore this industry with a broader mindset.

There are numerous benefits of pursuing an art foundation as there are mostly three outcomes from an art foundation diploma because it is an all-in-one degree program.

The first stage encompasses fundamental principles in art, design, and media, as well as key areas of industry, management, and artistic practices. It focuses on developing the conceptual understanding of controversial issues that surround these disciplines, as well as their historical and global backgrounds. The next outcome is accomplished through a live project focused on the creative and design industries. It builds on the core analysis, cognitive, and insightful skills developed during previous levels.

Here students are provided the ability to concentrate on their preferred direction within the creative arts by exploring specialized fields of research. The final outcome is in the form of project work where students are inspired to keep challenging the traditional norms and trust their instincts. They complete comprehensive projects that reconstruct and summarize their newly acquired knowledge.

Career opportunities with an art foundation program: It is appropriate for high school graduates who want to pursue fine arts at the university level. Likewise, students who are convinced to pursue a Bachelor’s in fine art. This course will serve as a springboard to a full fine art degree. Students who successfully complete this course would have a highly transferable set of skills that can be applied to a variety of creative industries exemplified below:

  •  Independent business owner
  •  App developer
  •  Business development manager
  •  Entrepreneur
  •  Event planner
  •  HR manager
  •  Information designer
  •  Graphic designer
  •  Office manager
  •  Retail manager
  •  Picture editor
  •  Web broadcaster

So, if you are enthusiastic about pursuing an art foundation course, then you must ponder on all the aforementioned information before signing up for the course. The majority of foundation courses are structured around a specific area of study, enabling students to pursue their interests in that particular domain which could be arts, culture, technology, philosophy, or even science. Art Foundation will help you streamline your thoughts so that you can start working in the right direction. It will assist you in exploring your artistic abilities and determining which areas of interest are the most appealing to you.


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