What Is Catfishing? What We Need to Know | Android Spy App

What Is Catfishing? What We Need to Know | Android Spy App

Have you ever attended a wedding (a couple who meet online)? Well, this happens a lot these days. 1 in 5 Couple meet online and develop stronger bonding than real-life relationships. Such relations often lead to weddings. But things can go worst if we interact with a fake identity online. Yes, many cases came in the highlight in which a user falls in love with a fake online friend. Such a relationship often builds to get financial help (stealing money). This process is known as catfishing, and our teens are vulnerable to such fake identity traps. Some predating leads to money loss, and few predators trap the teens for abducting or for commercial sexual abuse. Parents can prevent catfishing exposure by tracking their kids online.

Technology empowers the parents to control the target device remotely and also allows them to take action against any action without touching the phone by using the android spy app.

One in ten social media profile is a fake, according to studies. Yes, we can’t suppose every online person, a true friend, or a partner. Today, we will discover the growing rate of catfishing.

Catfishing – Statistics

1 – 28% of Online Users have been harassed by fake profiles.
2 – 10% of Social Media Accounts are Scammers.
3 – 51% of Online Relationship partners are already engaged or married.
4 – 2018 Report shows that 18,000 people had been in a fake romantic relationship.
5 – 73% of People use Fake Photos to impress Online Partners.
6 – 64% of Catfishes were women who caught the men.
7 – 20% of Victims get emotionally blackmailed and transfer the money to the catfishes.
8 – Every Victim faces financial loss or gets a mental breakdown.

Signs to Identify If You Are Being Catfished

No one wants to go through an emotional breakdown or money loss. Catfishing and online deception causes harm to the user seriously or causes mental health problems.

Here, we are going to share some signs if any catfish is trying to harm you.

1 – They will never share the photos or share only fake ones.
2 – They share how they feel nice for you after first chatting.
3 – Catfishes progress the relationship quickly.
4 – They always go on tour for their job work.
5 – They demand money.
6 – They share their emotional stories to catch the attention of the victim.
7 – They mostly stay online on the social media platform.

How to Make Sure If Your Online Relationship Partner Is Real?

Well, there are different ways to confirm about catfishing. Read the below section to discover:
1 – Check the profile date when he/she signed up.
2 – Google Reverse Image search.
3 – Make Video Call (Facetime, Skype)
4 – Get a clue if they show interest in money
5 – Google the user
6 – Check the shared photos or videos
7 – Read the comments and find out the real-life loved ones of that user
8 – The real relationship does not progress quickly; it takes time to move to the next step.
Now, you can also prevent yourself from catfishing by reading the above tips. But wait!

Keep Your Children Safe from Catfishing:

Adults can prevent such catfishing interaction, but our youth trust everyone. They suppose themselves as the most intelligent generation and do not listen to their parents. Parents have to educate kids who are catfishes and how they target teens for different purposes.

Take Control of Your Child’s Phone – Android Spy App

Parents can get help from third-party apps that sends the data to the end-server through an internet connection. Once the end-user installs the app on the target phone, then it enables the parents to track the online activities of the target device. The end-user can access the social media profiles and can read the messages without giving any clue to the device user.

What else?

Android spy app gives the parents complete control and lets them manage activities as they want with only a few clicks. They also can track live-location, hack contacts, read IMs, access to multimedia or social media profiles, geofencing, listen to the surround recording, etc.


After analysis, we concluded that most catfishes are the women. Many other women were being targeted by male perpetrators. Our youth also vulnerable to catfishing and easily fall into someone’s trap. Parents should watch their teens with whom they chat online and where they spend money. They can monitor them by installing the android spy app on their kids’ phones, which gives remote access to the end-user.



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