What Does a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider Do?

What Does a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider Do?

What Does a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider Do?

Retaining quality talent is among the major challenges of running a business. And one of the common causes of losing reliable employees is workplace injuries. Unfortunately, reports show 2.8 million workplace injuries annually. This shows the severity of the issue across all industries.
After an injury, workers are forced to stay home until full recovery. And this is where most employers go wrong.

The longer an employee stays away from work after injury, the lesser the chances of returning to
work. This is where a workplace rehabilitation provider comes in. The experts help the injured
individuals navigate through their duties safely.

Maybe you have heard about these services. But you are unsure if you should get a workplace
rehabilitation provider for your business. Keep reading to understand how these teams can help your company.

Duties of Workplace Rehabilitation Provider

The role of a workplace rehabilitation provider is to offer specialized assistance to injured employees.

The goal is to help them recover and get back to work sooner.

The providers assess the physical, social, environmental, and psychological risk factors. These are
aspects that hinder the worker’s abilities to go back to work. They then implement necessary
measures to mitigate these factors.

Workplace Assessment

The workplace rehabilitation provider starts by assessing the workplace for any risk factors. The
assessment aims to determine the workers’ well-being.

The expert will establish any risks that could compromise the safety of the employees. They then
develop fitting duties programs to suit the employees.

Workers Assessment

The service provider assesses the injured employees to determine their functional capacity.
The evaluation establishes if the staff members can carry out their duties with minimal assistance.
The rehabilitation provider evaluates the job demands. Thereafter, they design an appropriate
framework to suit the workers’ capacity.

Job Identification

The rehabilitation provider conducts a job analysis. This process helps them identify suitable tasks for the injured or recovering employee.

Suppose the workers suffered severe injuries. The staff members might not be in the position to carry out their previous duties.

Nonetheless, they may be capable of performing other lighter tasks. The workplace rehabilitation
expert recommends the best tasks to the worker and employer.

Moreover, the workplace rehabilitation provider helps the employer and employee agree on the best
task for the injured employee.

Modifying the Workplace

The employer may modify the workplace to meet the recovering employees’ capacity. Moreover, the modification involves eliminating any worker safety barriers. These include aspects that could slow down the employee’s record recovery.

For instance, the floor could be changed to suit a wheelchair employee. Suppose there are stairs at
the entrance. The employer may have another entrance door made. The modification should favor the recovering staff members.

Furthermore, the employer may need to invest in suitable equipment if applicable.

Job Seeking Assistance

Unfortunately, some workers sustain severe injuries. They cannot go back to their previous roles.
The workers may never be in a fit position to carry out their previous jobs. But that does not mean
they cannot fit in other industries.

The rehabilitation provider conducts a vocational assessment on the employee. The evaluation helps to identify alternative duties for the workers. The identified positions are simply or more fitting to their current situation.

Besides assessment, the expert aids the staff members in looking for suitable employment options.
The providers go out of their way to offer the employees job-seeking training. The education equips
the workers with relevant skills.

The provider assesses the employee’s skills, experience, and educational qualifications. The
assessment is to help them identify fitting work options.

The workplace rehabilitation expert can connect the worker to funded programs and services. The
effort helps them secure employment faster.


Workplace injury is not only physically painful but can also be traumatizing. The emotional and mental injuries take longer to heal. Some injured workers have a hard time going back to their old
workplaces; due to the trauma. Rehabilitation providers are there to make it easier for them.

The consultants initiate counseling and emotional support to the affected. They also educate them on workplace safety.

Why Seek the Help of a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider?

The main reasons to consider workplace rehabilitation providers over other alternatives to keep your employees at the workplace include;


Workplace rehabilitation providers are expert negotiators. They work smoothly with the injured, their
employers, and insurers. Therefore, you are assured of exceptional outcomes. The best part is that
the providers prioritize the recovery of the injured.

The providers strive to offer quality injury management. The gaol is to ensure a safe and timely
recovery process.

Impartial Assessment

The rehabilitation providers are independent. Consequently, you can trust them to offer an impartial
assessment of the injured. They give unbiased outcomes on the workers’ capacity to get back to
work. In return, impartiality ensures a fair outcome for all parties involved: the workers, employers, and insurers.

The Providers Are Independent

The rehabilitation providers are appointed to facilitate the return to work process. Their main focus is on the well-being and sustainability of injured employees. They help them to get back to work safely, at a suitable time.

The providers operate on evidence-based operations, hence no bias.

Make sure to look for an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider. In return, rest assured that the outcome you get is what’s best for your company.

Best Care for Injured Employees

The providers use their skills and experience to give the best care to the employees. They work under strict professionalism and codes of practice with federal oversight. They strive for quality and

You can have peace of mind knowing that your employees are in good hands.

Improve Workers’ Recovery and Retention With a Reliable Rehabilitation Provider

Working with a workplace rehabilitation provider is the secret to cutting absenteeism. The idea also enhances workers’ retention after injuries.

Take your time to look for an accredited and experienced provider. The expert will keep your
employees motivated. Besides, they will create a safe and sustainable working environment for them.

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