What Are The Various Types Of Bonds?

What Are The Various Types Of Bonds?

There are various types of bail bonds, differing slightly based on a particular jurisdiction and
state. The most common bail bonds include federal bonds, cash bonds, surety bonds, and
immigration bonds. All these bonds have different types of release methods and let us
explore the most important bonds below.

What Are The Various Types Of Bonds?

Cash Bond

Cash bonds mean a situation in which a defendant requests to pay cash for their bail.
Suppose the defendant completes the necessary probationary terms of their arrest and
appears in the court for all the court hearings. In that case, the authorities return the
previously taken bond or money to the person. Since bail bonds are a high amount of
money, such a bond is a popular choice among celebrities, elite groups, sportspeople, and
other exclusive people.

Surety Bonds

You can opt for a surety bond if you are arrested and need a release immediately. The
operation of a surety bond works in a specific manner. Once the police arrest the person
and take him to custody, another person can connect with the law professional, including
specialized bail bondsman companies such as Castle Bail Bonds. They can assist the person
in the bail process.

Such bail bonds typically comprise a type of collateral that is necessary
for the bail amount. The courts take the collateral as a surety as the person has pending and
ongoing stipulation related to the court, such as counseling sessions, drug testing, etc.
Therefore, the person should complete such pending tasks in the given time. It prevents the
a person from losing the entire bail amount. Also, the collateral amount in most cases
constitutes a non-refundable fee, which is a specific percentage of a full bail amount.

Federal Bonds

The person can use federal bonds if he has committed a federal crime. These bonds are
expensive in comparison to their counterparts. Hiring a reputable bail bond agent can gain
you a lot of leverage in the bonding process due to these professionals high industry
experience. The different types of federal crimes include:

● Kidnapping
● Aircraft hijacking
● Fraud related to mails
● Car-jacking
● Child pornography-related crimes
● Electoral fraud

● Bank robberies
● Credit card frauds
● Obscenity
● Identity theft
● Art theft from a museum
● Illegal wiretapping
● Federal hate crimes
● Counterfeiting of products and services
● Crimes in regards to animal cruelty
● Tax evasions
● Computer crimes
● Destroying and causing substantial damage to public mailboxes
● Lynching activities, including violent activities by a mob

In addition to the ones mentioned above, violations of specific laws are also federal crimes.
Few acts of utmost importance include;

● Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
● Espionage Act
● Patriot Act

Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are limited to crimes that involve people of foreign origin and non-US
citizens. Similar to federal bonds, immigration bonds are expensive and constitute a
significant risk on the bail bondsman.
Bail bonds are confusing to a layperson. Therefore, please consult an expert bail bond agent in your locality to provide you with accurate data related to bail bonds and their use.


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