What are the main advantages of notarize online

What are the main advantages of notarize online

The modern world is rapidly developing. Every year, more and more transactions are concluded in the notarize online mode. Despite this, many businessmen and people who work with e-notary one way or another are not able to fully appreciate the advantages of signing documents online and the specifics of this system.

E-notary: myths and reality

In simple words, an electronic signature is essentially identical to a paper one: it identifies a person. It is used for signing various kinds of contracts and agreements of different types. It is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. The reasons are quite clear:

  • any legal documents can be signed regardless of your own location;
  • contacts with foreign partners and doing business abroad becomes easier and faster;
  • there is no need to go through multiple identifications, spend time preparing additional documents and performing other tasks.

All this becomes possible through the use of special software. However, there are a lot of myths about special software. The main one is that electronic signatures are not secure. There is a popular belief that the data may be used against its owner. But in fact, this is not true. And this is why:

  1. All data is encrypted in stages according to existing cryptographic standards.
  2. “Forging” an electronic signature is impossible, the code is completely unique.

In this matter, it is important to find only a proven software provider. The company should work officially and regularly update existing standards. Such programs implement the latest technology to ensure a high level of security.

Why PandaDoc program has become very popular

One of the most popular electronic signature programs nowadays is PandaDoc. Many entrepreneurs give preference to this service for the reason that it is able to provide the highest level of security.

The program works online and is available for absolutely any device. It can be used through a laptop or computer as well as a smartphone or tablet, which is very convenient. In this case, one account is created. Later the user can enter it from another device, using the data specified during registration.

Nowadays, signing documents with the help of PandaDoc is carried out in accordance with international standards. Because of that the program is the excellent choice for conducting transactions abroad and concluding agreements with foreign partners. Creation of electronic signature itself takes a minimum amount of time, which is also very convenient. In the future, the one-time created signature can be used to sign all types of documents.

Besides, this service has a lot of other advantages. It can be fully used for conversion of the document flow into electronic form. All options of the service can be tested in the free version. It is designed for two weeks. This time period is quite enough to fully test the advantages and disadvantages of the service.


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