Wedding Outfit Trends for 2021

Wedding Outfit Trends for 2021

Wedding Outfit Trends for 2021

The year 2020 was geared up to be the revival of the roaring ’20s. We all had visions that this was going to be the best year yet; a new decade full of new promise. For many couples, 2020 was set to mark their big day. After all, it’s a nice round figure to lend your special day to, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Weddings were cancelled left, right and centre as guests were prohibited from attending, pushing many couples to move their weddings back a year. Although for many time stood still in 2020, it didn’t slow the world of fashion down. New trends were afoot across all sectors, especially weddings.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to live each day to the fullest and to be bold, and this sentiment has certainly been replicated in the world of fashion. People are more daring and vibrant, and by all accounts, this is set to continue through to the 2021 wedding season. Here’s a look at what’s potentially in store for the nuptial year ahead.


Men have traditionally worn plain, block suits with only sprinkles of colour perfectly selected to match the bridesmaid’s dresses or the bride’s bouquet. Well, that’s not the case for 2021. It’s very much the return of the tweed suit. First popularised in the 1820s and 1830s, tweed has long been associated with aristocrats and wealthy members of society, but it’s been slowly creeping its way back into formalwear for quite some time, and 2021 is pegged to be the year it makes a more widespread comeback.

Prints have been gradually incorporated into weddings for a few years, with the most common being geometric, paisley and

The rising popularity of tweed can be attributed to several things, with some saying that shows like The Crown and Peaky Blinders are responsible. Whether or not that’s the case, tweed has shown it’s a timeless material that looks good on every man and can bring an air of classical elegance to any couple’s wedding day.

Whilst it’s a tradition that the groom and his groomsmen wear hints of colour to match the bridal party, this is still an option with tweed. The beauty of this material is that it comes in varying levels of boldness and an array of different colours. If you don’t like the idea of a whole tweed suit, you can always opt for a tweed waistcoat to bring a subtle hint of Victorian aristocracy to your big day.


Tweed won’t feature in every wedding of 2021, but colour probably will. Whether it’s the form of a tweed, paisley, floral or geometric print – or if it’s just a plain block – bright colours are said to be expected throughout most groomsmen parties.

If the grooms don’t do it, the bridesmaids more than likely will. Peach is very much out and vibrant is very much in. Whether it’s yellow, fuchsia or aqua, colour looks good on everyone and really draws attention and distinguishes the bride from the bridal party.

That being said, lots of wedding dress designers are anticipating a year full of pastel promise, with more and more dresses featuring subtle hints of colour. This could be in the form of ombre or full colour – anything that will make them stand out.

If it’s not the dress that will be colourful, the shoes could very well be. We’re not expecting bright red heels, but pastel shades could make their way onto the bride’s feet, whether the shoes are stilettos, sandals, boots, or flats.

After the very serious year of 2020, fun is long overdue and we could see the need for playfulness and joy expresses itself through the medium of colour in the wedding season to come.


Fit is everything, and the trends of previous seasons are being thrown out the window entirely. Once upon a time, big princess dresses were every bride’s must-have gown, but not anymore. More and more slim fit dresses are making their ways onto wedding runways, many of which with extensive trains.

The puffiness is kept to a minimum this wedding season, with most dresses designed to accentuate the natural female form rather than disguise it in masses of tulle. Another way this is achieved is through intricate necklines and detailed back structures. The drama has shifted from the princess skirt to the bold neckline and fitted back. Bows, buttons, and capes are all very much on-trend, as are sleeves.

Whether they’re fitted sleeves for a more formal look or puffy sleeves for a bohemian vibe, sleeves are being used more in wedding dresses to create a styled and tailored fit that is uniquely modern and specific to the bride.

Irrespective of sleeves, neckline, backs, and bows, slimline dresses are definitely the prevailing fit, even if the dress itself is shorter.

That being said, more and more brides are opting for something more comfortable in the form of a jumpsuit or even a suit themselves. If a suit or jumpsuit is the preferred option, it’s likely that the fit will be free-flowing and loose – comfort is key. Long, oversized pant legs could still be a prominent feature.

Suits of weddings past featured straight-leg trousers, and although outside of wedding attire men’s trousers have been getting tighter, grooms have typically opted for a less tight option. Well, that’s certainly not the case for 2021. Fitted forms are in fashion and men want to show off their lean pins which means slim-fit or even skinny-fit suit trousers are very much in demand.

It’s forecasted that waists will also be cinched in, and shoulder pads could potentially be a staple feature to create a distinctive triangular figure.


Hollywood was an iconic era, least of all for its impressive female hairstyles adorned with sparkles and jewels. In recent years, brides have typically opted to keep their hairstyles fairly basic and free of excess glamour, but this is predicted to come to an end in 2021.
With subtly tailored dresses set to be all the rage, brides will be looking for ways to add a touch of sparkle where they can. Ornate necklines don’t leave much room for a necklace, so hair clips are pegged to be the way forward.

Gentle curls will be adorned with pearls and other prized accessories, typically focused on one side of the head. Less is more is usually the approach for newlyweds-to-be, and whilst brides are set to stick to subtle hints of sparkle, grooms are not.

For men, accessories are going to be the smallest features with the biggest impact. From cheeky bowties to contrasting suspenders, grooms will be wearing it all in the 2021 wedding season.

We expect to see more printed bowties designed to match the suit or stand out from it entirely, and we also anticipate the same for suspenders (and belts if that’s the preferred choice).

Cufflinks and bracelets have long been a staple of any groom’s outfit, but it’s thought that they will be more personal and resemble the couple rather than just match the suit. It’s said that symbols such as jigsaw pieces and anchors may become popular as opposed to simple metal squares.

Final Thoughts

The year 2020 has been anything but normal or light-hearted, and if anything, it’s exposed the very real need for us to express ourselves and inject fun in everything we do. The wedding fashion is no exception. It’s expected that couples will be ditching the traditions of years past and instead of adding their own artistic flair to their big day, irrespective of what’s seen to be classic or ‘the right way’.

Experimentation appears to be the running theme for both grooms and their brides, and 2021 is the perfect year to do it.


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