Ways to Speed Up Your Home Sale in Charleston, SC

Ways to Speed Up Your Home Sale in Charleston, SC

The real estate market in Charleston, South Carolina, is slowing down. However, industry
experts have predicted an increase in home prices in 2022 with new arrivals and locals looking to
make real estate investments. If you are a homeowner who wants to sell a property in Charleston,
there is no time like now to see the sale through. Listed below are some ways to speed up the
sale of your Charleston house.

Fixing the Right Price

The most crucial factor that will accelerate your house’s sale is pricing it right. Learn about your
area’s market trends and housing prices before fixing the price. You can seek the help of your
realtor to access the MLS to check the sale prices of similar houses in the locality. Be sure not to
overprice the home.

Prepare the House for Showings

Before you list the house on the MLS, get the house market-ready by renovating it and making
necessary repairs. Increase the curb appeal and get the garden and the yard to look appealing.
You can also spend a little money straightening the fence and painting the exteriors. Declutter
and depersonalize the house. Add a fresh coat of paint and replace older appliances with newer,
energy-efficient ones.

Be Open to Negotiations

Be ready to negotiate with the buyer or the buyer’s agent. Try to be flexible about showings, and
do not be too rigid about the timing. The buyer should be able to trust you and confide in you. It
also helps if you are open about the shortcomings of your house. Also, do not be too fixed on the
price. If the DOM of your house has gone beyond 30 days, you should consider dropping the
asking price by a little. You do not have to undersell your home, but make sure you listen to
what the buyer says.

Be Open to Try Out Non-Conventional Buyers

If you are a homeowner asking yourself, “How to sell my house fast in Charleston, SC?” the
best solution is to consider non-conventional options like selling it to a cash home buying firm.
Many home sellers find that selling homes to cash home buyers in Charleston, SC, is the
quickest and easiest way. They make the selling process hassle-free and close the sale in less
than a month.

At Barrington Acquisitions, we buy houses in Atlanta, Columbia, and Charleston for fair prices.
You don’t need to make any repairs and pay us any commissions. It’s hassle-free, quick, and
easy. Contact us to get your no-obligation cash offer.


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