Ways to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair

Ways to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair

Regular exposure to pollution, hair styling products, and heat tools can reduce your hair’s health, and consequently, its shine. Our natural texture and color can impact how shiny our tips can look, and for each hair type, there is adequate hair care and hairstyling product that can take your hair to your goal.

1. Maintain A Balanced Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet with a sufficient amount of protein is essential to having and maintaining healthy hair. A low protein diet can cause hair to become brittle and even hair loss. Be sure you’re incorporating foods high in protein in your diet, such as eggs, dairy, fish, and nuts, to ensure your hair is receiving the necessary nutrients. Also, if you notice your hair beginning to grey prematurely, catalase (a large protein formed from four identical chains of amino acids) can help combat this by reversing the effects of built-up hydrogen peroxide found in your body, which bleaches the hair pigment centers, causing your hair to turn grey.

2. Choose The Right Products and salon

Applying natural or herbal shampoos that don’t include nasty chemicals like SLS and sulfates can be brilliant when it comes to your hair’s spirit. Avoid sulfates because they are brutal on your hair and snatch away all of your natural oils. It would also be an excellent idea to spend in a good hair conditioner free of silicones. While silicones add shine to your hair, they also produce build-up, which ends up pulling your hair down. Besides, be wise about choosing the salon for hair treatment, do your homework on different Hair Salons Gainesville FL before visiting them.

3. Oil Massage

Give yourself (or get someone to provide you) a gentle and soothing oil massage at least once a week. Oil massages not only relieve tension but they improve blood circulation, making sure that your follicles are well-nourished.

4. Invest In A Wide-Tooth Wooden Comb And A Boar Bristle Brush

A wide-tooth wooden comb will avoid static and hair breakage. This is an excellent comb to use while detangling your hair. Once your hair is detangled, a boar bristle brush will assist in towing down the oils from your roots, making sure that your hair is well-nourished and concealed. It is also necessary to resist combing your hair while it is damp, as this is when your hair is more sensitive to break.

5. Never Skip Conditioning

Conditioning is vital when it comes to strengthening the health of your hair. Never miss using a conditioner every time you use shampoo. It would also be an excellent thing to deep condition your hair at least once a week with an intensely hydrating homemade hair mask. If you have dehydrated hair, it would be the best idea to buy a good leave-in conditioner.

6. Always Wash With Cool Water

Cool water benefits seal your hair’s cuticles, guaranteeing that your hair is soft and silky. Coldwater also works to prevent the loss of moisture from your hair.

7. Treatments With Eggs

Eggs are highly advisable for hair treatments, particularly for conditioning. They offer the perfect amount of moisture and sparkle you have been dreaming of. Spray water onto your hair, then beat two eggs in a bowl, apply the well-whisked egg yolk on your hair, reach to the tips with a wide-toothed comb, wait for 15 minutes, and then rinse it with a good shampoo. Wash well to obtain maximum shine.

8. Stop Using Hot Styling Tools

Heat styling can influence some intense damage to your hair with routine use. If you are hooked to your straightener, it would be a great idea to pick up some no-heat styles and take a break from using heat.

9. Do Not Over-Wash Your Hair

Rinsing your hair more than thrice a week can make it pale, dry, and dead. It’s better to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

10. Let Your Hair Air-Dry

Let your hair dry naturally instead of using a blow-dryer too often. Please do this by softly squeezing out the extra water from your hair with a cloth or towel and leaving it open until it dries completely. Avoid rubbing your hair forcefully with the towel, as this will stimulate hair fall and damage.

11. Protect Your Hair At Night

Sleeping with untied hair at night results in friction with the pillow and may make your hair blunt. You can make a bun or braid your hair or use a satin cap while you sleep at night.

12. Use A Serum

A hair serum not only increases hair shine but also makes your hair silky and soft. You can apply argan oil or any other serum available on the market. Apply it gently to your hair and brush your hair before going out.

13. Use Hair Masks

Various hair masks can do wonders to your hair. Some of the most effective hair mask ingredients are readily available in our kitchens. These masks are:

  • Egg white hair mask
  • Coconut oil hair mask
  • Mayonnaise hair mask
  • Aloe vera hair mask
  • Almond oil hair mask
  • Yogurt hair and honey hair mask

Some Other Hair Care Tips

  • Apply coconut oil. Please leave it overnight before rinsing it off.
  • Go for a hair spa monthly.
  • Use steam to stimulate the oil penetration into the cuticles.
  • Always braid your hair and wear a satin cap while sleeping.
  • Watch your diet
  • Look out for damaging hair ingredients in your shampoo


Your healthy, shiny hair can be worn like a crown. The tips mentioned above and hair masks can revive your hair shine and silkiness. If you start taking care of your hair by consuming a healthy diet and drinking enough water, you would not have to depend on costly hair treatments. Yet, you may find the best Hair Salons in Gainesville FL to give a chance. Just keep your facts straight about their services and work.

Now that you understand how to make your hair healthy, long, and soft, what stops you? It’s time you start trying these remedies. Beautiful hair is not as difficult as you think. With the perfect routine, you, too, can be modeling the hair of your fantasies.


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