How to use Wakelet Alternatives Review, price in 2023

How to use Wakelet Alternatives Review, price in 2023

Wakelet is a social web application that lets you collect, organize, share, and find information that is important to you. It enables you to build deeper, more relevant stories or collections known as Wakes, which may have a beginning, middle, and conclusion or can develop with you.

Use Wakelet to receive a diverse range of media for the education space. Wakelet provides an easy way to collate all of the rich media accessible online in one space. Imagine having to create your own website every time you wanted to explain a topic – except that it’s now really easy.

Wakelet’s educational tool concept is to make videos, internet links, photographs, audio recordings, social media postings, text, and more all accessible in one place. It is feasible for educators and students to construct projects in a highly accessible way by having a single location to collate all of that. It’s similar to a digital scrapbook that can be shared with everyone. This may be utilised in and out of the classroom, enabling students and teachers to share information with parents and family. Or for educators and administrators to work together in one single space of information exchange.

So, is this appropriate for your requirements? Is wakelet safe? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Wakelet.

What is Wakelet?

Wakelet is a digital curation tool, therefore it provides a way to collate internet resources in a single place known as a wake. These wakes may then be shared with a link that anybody can simply view online.

Teachers may organize wakes as a way to aggregate resources, say on a certain topic, and enable students to study the different information before to a lesson. Importantly, since this is an open platform, students may browse wakes made by others to learn more.

Wakelet works with a wide range of educational technology platforms, including Microsoft Teams and OneNote, Buncee, Flip, and many more. This makes it incredibly easy to integrate and work across resources.

Wakelet may be utilised by a group or by an individual. It works as a digital platform but also allows you to convert to PDF so you can print and use it as a tangible classroom resource. It is ideal for in-class media since it enables you to produce infographic-style outputs.

Wakelet is intended for those aged thirteen and above, and it works for both in-person and remote learning. Wakelet is accessible as a browser extension as well as an app for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices.

How does Wakelet work?

Wakelet enables you to join up and start using it straight away for free. You may access the platform using a web browser on almost any device. Once you’ve gained access, you may start creating your wakes.

Wakelet also offers a Chrome browser plugin, which is really useful. This feature enables you to browse numerous resources as you usually would, and then just press the Wakelet symbol in the top right corner to store that link to any wake you choose.

Wakelet may also be utilised as a place for students to collate research resources. This may be a fantastic way to get started on a project or to go back and evaluate what you’ve learned after you’ve finished a topic.

Wakelet may also be used by teachers as a professional development presentation platform since it is story-based. You may tell the tale of your professional development app in a single stream that is easy to add to and share information and best practisez with colleagues as required.

Learning Activities


Curate research on a scientific topic (for example, #climatechange). Gather research and videos to help you learn how to run an experiment. Request that local scientists contribute resources to a common class wake.


Calculate the number of Wakelets that are relevant to a given topic. Make a Wakelet with information that will help students learn, practise, and test their maths abilities. Create a wake for a mathematical topic, method, or mathematician.

Language Arts/English

Create a character’s wake. Make a historical timeline in the wake of a book studied in class.

The Social Studies

Collect Civil War research. Create a narrative based on the events of 9/11.

Online Class Community

Work together on a research project. Initiate a discussion on how political activities change history.

What are the best features of Wakelet?

Wakelet is really easy to use. It’s all extremely simple, from bringing in a website to uploading a video. Because this is a collection platform, you must be able to utilise other technology, such as YouTube, to make and post your own videos.

Lesson plans, newsletters, group projects, research tasks, portfolios, and reading suggestions are just a few excellent examples of wakes. The ability to copy these wakes is a useful feature since it allows teachers to browse previously completed wakes by other educators and copy them for modification and use themselves.

The ability to follow others, such as on a social media platform, makes it easy to establish a list of helpful frequent producers from whom you may receive ideas or copy wakes to use in class.

Wakes may be shared in either a public or private setting. If students seek creative privacy, they may share with one another without their work being exposed.

It’s important for teachers to remember that posting publicly might expose them to extra scrutiny, particularly if their social media accounts are connected to their profile. It is also worth mentioning that students may be exposed to inappropriate information, despite the platform’s goal of only offering proper content.

What is the cost of Wakelet?

Wakelet is free to sign up for and use, thus there are no hidden expenses, no scalability based on the number of users, and no concerns about being overwhelmed with adverts while attempting to utilise the platform.

According to the company’s website, all existing features are free and will stay that way. Even if premium plans are launched in the future, no features will be eliminated or paid for; only new features at a premium would be added.

The best Wakelet tips and techniques

Download the applications Wakelet is available in a variety of formats, with specific applications for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Amazon Fire making it easy to use. Use each for convenience.

Create portfolios

Use the space to create portfolios for students, possibly for their year’s work or for future career or college applications.

Plan of instruction

This space is ideal for gathering resources for a lesson, either to share before or during the lesson, or just as a reference point for educators.

Wakelet Alternatives in 2023


Sort links from the web into neatly stacked folders. Folders are represented as parallel stacks. Bookmarks may be organized into an endless number of folders. The structure of imported bookmarks is preserved. You may access your links from any location. Mobile, tablet, and PC compatible. Syncs across devices automatically. Nothing needs to be installed. Look for keywords inside the content of your links. Look for tags, titles, and keywords. The website is used to find keywords. You may also do searches inside folders. Share your folders in the form of collections. For every folder, create a shared URL. Protect the URL with a password. Bookmarked collections are shown as a folder. Using the save to WebCull browser extension, you may quickly save a web page link that you are presently viewing. We will never share, sell, or trade your bookmarks or information with anybody. Multilayered encryption and strong security processes keep you safe. There will be no advertisements, tracking, or marketing emails.


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  • Kahoot!
  • Quizlet.
  • Quizizz.
  • McGraw-Hill Connect.
  • Brainscape.
  • Mentimeter.
  • Course Hero.
  • EdPuzzle.

Pros: It is simple to curate and share media/content. A variety of configurations enables innovative presentations.

Cons: No features for two-way conversation, tagging, or feedback. Children may come upon or share improper content.

Bottom Line: This application provides a straightforward and useful way to curate media and make sense of themes, but it lacks feedback and content management features.


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