Valuable Investment called Education: Find the Best Universities in India

Valuable Investment called Education: Find the Best Universities in India

Valuable Investment called Education: Find the Best Universities in India

Education is the procedure of gaining knowledge, acquiring skills, building thoughts, and forming opinions. It is the staircase towards becoming literate. Education makes the individual smarter, wiser, and able to make the right decisions. It provides the liberty to the individual to explore and imagine beyond extremities.

Education opens the door to a new horizon and an ocean of wonderful creations. Education and knowledge have the power to turn the impossible into reality. Right Education gives the power to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. It gives the individual hope to dream and turn them into reality. It widens the wings of hard work and helps to fly high towards our goal. Education gives the strength to raise the voice against violence.

Education System in India

Education System plays an important role in providing true and correct lessons to young minds. Young minds are the future of the nation whose education will determine the growth of the country. The nation is known for its youth and its capability to develop or degrade the nation. In India, education significantly affects its economic growth. Since independence, India has focused more on its education. Basic education is compulsory for every Indian. The government has opened free schools to provide every Indian basic education, which is very necessary for the social and sustainable development of the country. There are top class higher education institutes in the country which has produced many scholars and world changers. One can find the best universities in India for the best education, which will shape them into better individuals.

Right to Education

The constitution of India provides the “Right to Education” to every Indian. No one should be deprived of their basic right. Every child is entitled to school without any fee. The government of India started “Mid-day meal” in the year 1995, which provides free food to every student studying in a government school. This scheme was started to encourage poor people to send their children to school. Free books, uniforms, and accessories were also provided to the students. Education helps to make individual independent and vigilant. Education betters the quality of life and sets new standards in the limelight. It deepens the roots of values and tradition. It helps to eradicate poverty and hunger. It generates new employment and plays a big role in the economic sector of the country. It shapes the personality of an individual and builds self-confidence.

Educated and informed individual can wisely use his or her right to vote and select the best government for the development of the country. Educated individual guides the population towards the correct path in the election rather than following the mob mentality. An educated individual has a strong point of view and can put forward his opinion without any fear.

Education for Women

Educating a woman is as good as educating an entire family. A woman is the strongest pillar of the family upon whom the foundation is laid. The stronger the foundation, indestructible is the building and vice versa. The government of India aims to strengthen women in the country through various schemes. Women are the driving force behind the success rate of any nation. In earlier days, due to the poor mentality girls were only confined to the four walls of the houses. They were exploited both mentally and physically. Due to the male dominant society, girls were deprived of basic education. Girls were considered as a burden on their parents due to the prevailing evil of the dowry. The girl child was killed before their birth in their mother’s womb.

There is always a ray of sunlight at the end of darkness. There are many examples of women who fight against all odds and shine brighter than the star in the sky. Sarojini Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sushmita Sen, etc., all are perfect examples of hard work and breaking stereotypes. Indian women need to find the best universities in India and prove the benefit of educating a woman. Sudha Murthy, the chairperson of Infosys Ltd., was the first female student of IISc Bangalore. She joined the college when there were no toilets for girls in a college and went on to become a renowned author and a chairperson of India’s leading IT company. Education has the power to change the world into a better place and leading a country to the path of development and success.

In Summing Up

Ethics and values of a society can be mold by education. Evils can be eradicated by education. It is a continuous process of transferring knowledge from one generation to another generation to keep the process of learning continuous and evolving. Thus, it is very necessary to have a proper education system and better role models in society.


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