Is Valorant Really a Threat to Other Competitive Titles?

Is Valorant Really a Threat to Other Competitive Titles?

The new FPS on the block has been having it good since it was released
by the Riot games. It has been stealing players from big games like
Overwatch, CS:GO and Apex Legends. Valorant has lately been named
as CS:GO killer by many reviews and players alike and has also been
affecting many other titles in the genre. What really is the big deal
about Valorant?

Coming up with a new idea and nailing it in a market where the big
names have already conquered almost everything, is a really a big deal
and if any developer is up to the task, it is Riot Games. You just cannot
expect any less from the makers of League of Legends. All that said, the
game still has a huge task if it wants to thrive among the big names of
competitive shooters.

Before we get into the mechanics of the game, there is a considerable
difference between the developers of Valorant and all the other games
like CS: GO. We all know how secretive and silent Valve is on twitter
while Riot games are quite frankly the opposite when it comes to
blessing players with the information regarding developments in the
game and that surely has proved that communication is most definitely
the key. Another prominent reason is the constant updates that
Valorant gets in almost two weeks time which improves the game and
fixes smaller problems and bugs that annoy the hell out of many
players, which decisively keeps the gameplay smooth and the players
well addicted to the game.

Valorant’s gameplay can be closely compared to that of Counter Strike:
Global Offensive. A 5v5 tactical shooter that focuses on the physics of

gunfight above all else. The two modes that Valorant offers are also
quite similar to the ones that CS: GO offers. There is nothing wrong
building upon a pre set formula that has been working just fine while
the developers have kept in mind the fact that the game can’t really be
a carbon copy. With basics being similar, the game retains an original
touch to it with new features like agents having special abilities and the
fun graphics that it has. No wonder why Valorant has made some pro
players switch to the game from other big titles like Counter Strike:
Global Offensive.

Valorant manages to exhibit all the qualities of a good FPS game along
with magic fireballs and ice-walls and the crossover has been loved and
cherished by many FPS lovers around the world. The visuals of the
game play an important role too. Valorant is quite different visually
from all the other traditional first person shooters, the idea of making
the game look like some animated movie proved to be a better option
than making it look just too real. Along with all that, the cosmetics of
the game are fascinating enough to get players spending real money in
the game. The variety of guns along with their skins is really good in
Valorant and people just love it. The visuals make the game seem at a
little ease but I assure you, things get pretty messy right after the first
kill happens and the intensity that follows later on is just so hard to
manage for even the most accomplished players.

With all that said, Valorant makes a really attractive option to move on
to from the traditional first person shooters and a lot of players are
doing it already. Valorant’s caliber is so good that it gives a tough time
to the long hailing shooters and if you haven’t played it yet, get a
Valorant smurf account on Eldorado.

No wonder the game is the new tough brat in the genre and the
counterparts are already worried because of the growing popularity of
game and how it is so negatively affecting their fan base which has got
the competition rising up to a whole new level where developers are in
the constant race of introducing some new ideas that kill the other
games in the genre.

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