Valorant: How to fix Valorant Voice Chat errors in the Game

Valorant: How to fix Valorant Voice Chat errors in the Game

Valorant: How to fix Valorant Voice Chat errors in the Game

  • Voice Chat not functioning correctly is a big issue in a game like Valorant where communication is everything.
  • Our guide will provide you with five simple steps to dealing with here issue.

During a tactical first-person, low TTK shooter like Valorant, communication between teammates is one of the game’s most critical features.

Learning different map callouts will help immeasurably win games. However, communicating information through the game chat takes way too high. 

The in-game voice chats feature in Valorant assists your teammates react faster to the information you give them.

If you’re in game voice chat features are not working in Valorant, hereabouts are some methods you can study.

Valorant: How to fix Valorant Voice Chat errors in the Game

Method 1: Correctly setting up the client voice settings

You can manually set your in game chat according to the settings page of the Valorant client or by pressing ‘Esc’ if you’re inside a game.

In Settings, proceed to the Audio tab, and click on Voice Chat. Here you will be ready to customize the voice input and output features as you see fit. 

Tinker with the settings a little and observe which of them brings the voice feature back.

Method 2: Confirming the Loopback Test

Verify that the Input microphone device is set to the proper device and not the usual ‘Default System Device.’ This will help fix the problem most of the time.

So, once you change the device settings, you can turn on the Loopback Test option and check your microphone’s functionality.

Method 3: Changing from auto-detect to push-to-talk

Following the input voice settings, auto-detect has been causing this problem for many players. You can attempt and set it up to the PTT or the push-to-talk mode and keep ‘V’ as the default button.

Method 4: Checking your windows settings

If the above methods don’t work, then the issue may be with your OS and not the Valorant client.

Make check the sound settings and make sure that the input and output devices are chosen correctly. Next, restart your system and boot up Valorant once again.

Method 5: Contact Valorant Support

If everything fails, go and register a ticket with Riot Games Support. They have an excellent support desk who will provide you with the required solutions.


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