Top 21 Usphonebook Alternatives in 2024

Top 21 Usphonebook Alternatives in 2024

When it comes to locating contact information for people in the United States, there is no better service than usphonebook app.

However, as technology has advanced over the last decade and data services have become more sophisticated, several competitors have developed that provide similar functions but have substantially more features and greater search capabilities.

In this post, we’ll look at 21 best US Phone Book Alternatives and talk about their features, present position in 2023, FAQs, and more!

Current State of Usphonebook in 2023:

Today, the phone book remains one of the most popular services for people to search. It is continuously updated with fresh data from public records as well as private sources such as survey respondents and other user-submitted material, ensuring that its results stay accurate over time.

Furthermore, users may access over 28 million profiles on the service and communicate with other users using integrated messaging.

Best 21 USPHONEBOOK Alternatives


Whitepages is another wonderful alternative to usphonebook reverse phone lookup, with a vast database including contact information for over 200 million people in the United States alone.

Its features include an easy-to-use interface that allows users to search by name or location, as well as a powerful “neighborhood search,” allowing you to find the names and contact information of folks who reside nearby. The service also includes extra add-ons like address history, person background checks, and more.


ZabaSearch is a powerful people search engine that allows you to access billions of records from public sources and get extensive insights into almost anyone’s life in the United States.

This unrivaled degree of data includes everything from political affiliations to criminal records and beyond. Users may also filter the results by area code, making it easier to narrow down their search quickly and precisely.


Pipl is one of the oldest alternatives to the USphonebook alternatives, having been active since 2004.

This database provides access to billions of public records in a variety of categories, including criminal records, contact information, and much more, allowing you to easily gain an exhaustive overview of someone’s life in the United States with a few mouse clicks.


AnyWho is a powerful people search engine that allows you to easily find, contact, and trace anybody in the United States.


TruthFinder is one of the most reliable USphonebook alternatives, providing access to billions of phone records updated daily from more than 50 data sources, including public records and user-submitted data.

With a single search query, you may get extensive information on almost everybody in the United States, including phone numbers, addresses, emails, and so on. This advanced service may also reveal additional details, such as criminal records, financial background, and more.


BeenVerified is a comprehensive people search engine that has access to billions of public records from across the globe, including legal documents like marriage licenses and arrest warrants that you won’t find on usphonebook or any other comparable service.

The service also provides powerful reverse email, address, and phone number lookups, allowing you to quickly and easily determine the identities of intriguing individuals.


Intelius provides you with access to all information from billions of public records using a powerful people search engine, allowing you to easily find important data about anybody.

The service allows you to do focused searches by name, phone number, or address, as well as completely automated background checks for further information. Its easy layout also makes it easier to efficiently parse the results.

The service gives users access to billions of public records in a variety of categories, including addresses, phone numbers, and even criminal records, to get a better understanding of someone’s history. Best of all, its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and exactly parse through results.


PeekYou is a comprehensive people search engine that helps you find and contact anybody in the United States quickly and accurately.

It provides access to billions of public records, including criminal records, address information, and even more extensive profile insights like interests, political affiliations, and so on. It also enables users to filter their results by location, making it easier to narrow down their search alternatives.


Radaris is a powerful alternative to the usphonebook that enables you to find out information about anybody just by entering their name or number.

This advanced search engine gives you access to over 45 billion public records in categories including address histories, employment, a history of crime and much more, allowing you to quickly and properly learn more about your target.

Best of all, it incorporates cutting-edge AI technology like face recognition for future refining.


FastPeopleSearch is a great substitute to US phone book that helps you quickly and accurately find information on anyone in the United States using its powerful search engine.

Furthermore, this service gives users access to extensive background checks on over 200 million people, including address histories, criminal records, and other information such as financial holdings.

Free Phone Tracer

Free PhoneTrace provides users with a simple yet efficient method to find for phone numbers connected with any person or organization in the United States.

It gives users access to extensive records from both public and private sources, such as phone directories and social media profiles, which may be analyzed using a simple interface to get more insights about a person’s or business’s identification.

US People Search

USA People Search is another excellent alternative to USPHONEBOOK that provides access to billions of public records S with its easy but powerful search engine for extensive insights about almost anybody in the U.S.

This powerful service includes addresses, phone numbers, and basic contact information, as well as political affiliations and financial histories.


USOneSearch is a powerful people search engine that gives users access to billions of public records in order to quickly and reliably learn more about practically any individual or organization.

This comprehensive service USphonebook alternatives includes address histories, job records, and criminal histories, as well as political affiliations and religious views.


PeopleLooker is a popular alternative to usphonebook that uses its own collection of billions of public record data and advanced search criteria to get quicker results.

It also includes features like reverse search, comprehensive contact information, and full background checks including criminal records, financial history, and more.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate gives users access to billions of public record data in order quickly gather reliable knowledge about practically any people or business in the United States.

This comprehensive service includes a variety of strong sorting tools, allowing you to quickly narrow down your results while also learning extra information about your target, such as address histories, criminal records, and more.

Reverse Phone Lookup

With its vast database including information on over 250M people, Reverse PhoneLookup is completely dedicated to letting you quickly find out who is behind any given number in the US.

Its powerful search engine can easily discover records from both conventional databases and social media networks, allowing you to acquire extensive insights about your target in no time.

Phonebooks are an excellent alternative to Usphonebook, providing access to over 2 million phone numbers and millions more addresses in the United States alone.

It includes both landline and cell information, allowing you to quickly and easily contact someone. The service also features an autocomplete search bar, allowing you to get results as you enter.

USPhonebook alternative, like its namesake, is a powerful people search engine that provides easy access to billions of public records, including addresses, phone numbers, and other information on practically any person or organization in the United States.

The service also includes various features, such as reverse search, easy access to contact information, and more.

411 is part of the usphonebook family, although it has its own set of features. It gives users access to more than 200 million people’s information, which can be quickly searched by name or location for optimal convenience.

It also has an autocomplete search bar, which allows you to obtain immediate results without having to type out the whole question.

Addresses gives users access to billions of address and location-specific data, which can be searched quickly owing to its simple layout and fast, accurate search engine.

It includes everything from standard contact details like name, phone number, and address to more specific information like political affiliations and criminal records S with ease for those who do deeper background checks on people in the U.S.

PublicRecordsNow is a complete alternative to usphonebook that gives access to millions of public records in the United States, covering themes such as marriage and divorce, criminal history, and more with remarkable accuracy.

Its clever search engine can quickly identify hard-to-find data from both conventional sources like court records and social networks, providing deeper insights into someone’s life.

Last words:

While there is no question that site like usphonebook is a reliable source of contact information and other data, consumers seeking more choice have more than a few great options.

From extensive search engine capabilities to comprehensive background checks, and everything in between, these 30 powerful alternatives may help you get the information you need quickly and correctly. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out now and let us know which one best suits your requirements.

Usphonebook FAQs

Are there any free alternatives to USPHONEBOOK?

Yes, there are a few free alternatives to usphonebook app, such as Whitepages, ZabaSearch, and Instant Checkmate, that provide free access to millions of public records. However, since free services lack the subscription-based features offered by other paying providers, they may be not as extensive or reliable.

Why choose an alternative to USphonebook?

There are many reasons why you could choose an alternative to usphonebook. The first is that some of these providers include features or search capabilities that are not available on USBP, such as criminal record searches and extensive background checks for people who want more in-depth information. Furthermore, several alternatives offer subscription plans that are often less expensive than the expenses connected with utilizing uspb directly.

Q1: How accurate is the information on usphonebook?

The accuracy of information offered by usphonebook is primarily dependent on its data sources. However, in general, it has shown to be quite reliable due to constant updates from both public records and user-submitted material, making it a trustworthy tool for people to search.

How can I remove my information from Usphonebook?

You may remove your information from usphonebook by signing onto their website and going to the “My Information” area, where you can choose to opt-out. This ensures that no personal information is shown when someone searches for you online using the internet.

Is USphonebook safe to use?

Yes, it is typically safe to use usphonebook for people’s searches since the team works hard to safeguard user data and ensure that the information supplied is reliable and accurate. Having said that, users should exercise care while searching for contact information online in order to ensure the safety of not only themselves but also individuals they are looking up.



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