Transform Your Spaces With Merino Digital Laminates

Transform Your Spaces With Merino Digital Laminates

Laminates have been used in interior design for a while now due to their low maintenance cost, high durability and aesthetic properties. Digital laminates offer all these benefits, along with unparalleled accuracy in finishing and complete customizability.

 Why are digital laminates worth the investment?

Digital laminates are the new and upgraded versions of laminates. These are remarkably better due to the top-notch level of perfection in designing the laminates. The finishing is flawless, leaving no room for any manual error. Their unmatched aesthetic beauty and attractive designs with limitless options at your disposal make digital laminates well worth the investment. Digital laminates from Merino Laminates have been designed with cutting edge features such as resistance to water, abrasion, and termite and bacteria infestations, making them durable and long-lasting.

Here are some additional reasons for you to consider buying Merino digital laminates to transform your home and office space completely. 

  • Digital laminates are customizable.

The customizability of digital laminates exceeds one’s expectations. Digital laminates can display the image of your choice and embellish your chosen image with added effects on top.

With digital laminates, you can get the exact prints and images you desire on your walls or other such spaces. If you want to get a digital laminate specific to your kitchen, then digital laminates for the kitchen can be customised to complement the vibe and feel of a kitchen. For example, you can choose laminates specific to the type of food or utensils that you usually use in the kitchen. You could also get the compartments in the kitchen customised with laminates that align with what you put in there. Now you won’t have to worry about labelling or remembering a specific kitchen compartment where you put something.

If you aren’t sure about what kind of laminate you want on your walls and furniture, then Merino Digital Laminates gives you a catalogue of options to choose from and customise with the help of our team of expert interior designers.

  • Digital laminates show durability.

Digitally printed laminates are undoubtedly durable due to the base material used in them. The right blend of substrates, wooden material and adhesives gives strong and evergreen capabilities to furniture laminates. Furthermore, a blend of kraft paper with a strong melamine blend gives a durable wall laminate, which along with properties such as water and oil resistance, helps in giving an aesthetic look to the walls. Merino’s laminates are double-checked for infirmities and have accredited, industry-standard digital laminates that exhibit the utmost durability and evergreen properties. Our outstanding products ensure the best quality for your home’s interior. 

  • Versatility in design and aesthetics within budget

Digital laminates are versatile with endless design combinations that transform the complete environment of your home. It changes how your home looks without any hefty investment. Digital laminates by Merino laminates come at affordable prices with many lucrative options and payment plans.

Merino laminates guarantees that you will get the best in class laminates that fit your needs. All you have to do is share your vision of how you want your home or office interiors to look. We will craft the best catalogue that suits your needs, so our team can come up with the best possible laminates for your home and office interiors. Furthermore, our digital laminates come at the most affordable prices to suit your budget. So if you are someone who is looking to transform their space with a tinge of creative flair, then Merino digital laminates is the solution you’re looking for. For more information, contact us now.



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