Top Website Design And Development Tips That You Should Know About In 2023

Top Website Design And Development Tips That You Should Know About In 2023

Everyone’s online nowadays, and this includes your client base! Your customers will appreciate it if your business’s website is easy to navigate, informative and visually pleasing. So, naturally, you should focus on improving your website design and development in 2023.

Even if you are currently happy with your company’s site, improvements can always be made. It would be best to continuously look for ways to enhance your site and customers’ experiences. If you put in the effort, your customers will notice, and they’ll appreciate the thought and care you put into your business.

But what exactly should you do? Web design and development aren’t as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Instead, it would help if you put your site’s look and content into the hands of reliable professionals who know the best ways to turn your site into a modern online masterpiece.

What Every Company Owner Should Know About Website Design And Development In 2023

When the average person thinks of web design, they’ll often just think, ‘what looks good?’ Naturally, appearances are extremely important when it comes to good graphic design, but that’s not all that’s important. You must also think about navigation abilities, how easy it is to understand your business’s services, integrating social media links and so on.

For best results, you should work with a team that knows the best ways to improve any site. For example, at Kiwi Website Design, we have lots of experience and our team has worked with many New Zealand businesses.

You and your SEO specialists should consider the following website design and development trends in 2023:

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly. Nearly every adult in New Zealand, and the rest of the developed world, has a smartphone in their pocket. We use our phones for everything from keeping in touch with family to learning interesting facts – and we also use our phones for finding good businesses to work with.

So, you should absolutely make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Think about it; if you visit a site on your phone and find that it’s hard to read, doesn’t look good on your phone’s screen and is difficult to navigate through your touch screen, are you going to continue looking at it? Most people would respond to that question with a quick ‘of course not.’

Good web designers know how to make your website design look incredible on computer screens and phone screens. If your site is easy to navigate on mobile, your customers can have a pleasant time browsing your goods and services on the go.

Make Your Site Easy To Navigate And Explore. Easy-to-read navigation tools are a godsend to the average shopper. Your customers should be able to figure out how to explore your site within seconds of visiting. If they can’t, they could become frustrated and leave.

Giving your valued clients the tools to explore your site easily will encourage them to see what you have to offer.

Incorporate Social Media Follow And Share Buttons. Like how everyone is online nowadays, most people are also on social media. Therefore, many businesses choose to create social media accounts for their companies to further boost their online presence.

This smart decision is made even more effective if you integrate follow and share buttons into your website design. Encourage your customers to keep up with your business through their favourite social media sites.

Keep Things Efficient And Effective By Removing Unnecessary Content. When it comes to graphic design, more is not always better. Making your site cluttered with unnecessary information could make it hard to understand. Avoid text that doesn’t need to be there, over-complicated visual aids and anything else that could bother your audience.

Include A Call To Action. A ‘call to action’ is something that encourages your customers to take the next step. Sometimes, all you need to convince someone to buy from you is to give them an easy-to-click button that’ll move them along.  Tips for improving your web design We all love convenience, and we all appreciate a streamlined website design when we’re shopping online.

A few examples that you could use are:

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  • Visit this page to view our products and services.


  • Watch this informative video to learn more.

For Best Results, Contact Our Team For Quality Services

At Kiwi Web Design, we’ll take care of your web development and you can focus on making your business the best it can be. We have services dedicated to web development, mobile app development and more.

We are proud to offer our valued clients high-quality, personalized services. Instead of giving you generic solutions, we’ll really examine your business and create a website that truly shows off what makes your company so unique.

To get started, you can call our team at XXXX.

Make 2023 a fantastic year for your business with Kiwi Website Design.


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