Top Skills To Master For A Promising Tech Career in 2021

Top Skills To Master For A Promising Tech Career in 2021

Top Skills To Master For A Promising Tech Career in 2021

It is the third decade of the new millennium, and it is the era of technology. If the past year indicated anything, tech has become an integral part of human lives and a crucial factor in its continued existence sustainability. From virology to vaccination, communication to large-scale data computation, technology is the ubiquitous force driving innovative transformation in every aspect of our society. Be it an assignment help service online or cloud computing solutions, technology is universal and can augment, enhance, and optimize any business operations performance.

Naturally, the demand for technically skilled individuals is at an all-time high across all sectors and industries.

The recent years saw practical implementations of some of the most astounding tech advancements. Data, self-learning machines, end-to-end services, blockchain, etc. – a bunch of potent technologies are now being utilized across different firms, and the demand for skilled labor is at an all-time high.

This write-up takes an in-depth look at the tech skills that will be the most in-demand in 2021 and have up-and-coming prospects. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

AI and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Business Analytics- a quick search about the most in-demand tech jobs will reveal ML, data science, and the likes as some of the most sought career options today.

AI, machine learning, and data science are revolutionizing every industry. Data refining, optimization, visualization, and analytics enable firms to gain insightful information and boost performance. AI has become synonymous with innovation with numerous AI-powered tools. Apps, bringing about landmark changes in different sectors. It is no wonder why many experts consider AI data science to be the driver of a fourth Industrial Revolution.

Top Skills To Master For A Promising Tech Career in 2021

● According to the World Economic Forum, the demand for talented personnel in this field is amongst the highest in the job market. It is not just in the Information Technology sector but in numerous businesses such as Media, Financial Services, Retail, Computer Engineering and many more.

● AI and data science are evolving fields with rapid developments widespread implementations across different industries. With rising demand, opportunities are galore, and come up with attractive paychecks. Linked’s 2020 Emerging Job Report shows AI, Data Science, and Data Engineering as some of the fastest rising jobs in the US employment sector.

● The average salary of data scientists and ML engineers is upwards of $140,502 per year

in the United States. Such high wages and enormous demands are why IT engineering professionals are flocking to acquire relevant skills in the domain.

Learning Python, TensorFlow, R, SQL, sparks are AI and Data Science essentials. Besides, a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics is essential for a successful career in the field.

Top Skills To Master For A Promising Tech Career in 2021

Full Stack Web Development

While web development is a well-established field in its own right, changing market demands and project requirements bring about revolutionary changes in the domain. End-to-end developmental capabilities and operational support

● Full-stack web development involves the design and development of both the back-end or server-side aspect of a website or application and the front-end or client-side. As the

Internet becomes a central aspect of businesses worldwide, the demand for a wider range of web development and engineering jobs is set to shoot up in 2021.

● An article by the online employment portal, Indeed, lists the highest paying jobs. The

maximum number of openings and full-stack development holds the second position there, right after software architect.

Given the similarities between the two disciplines, software and web development is in huge demand across the IT and electronics industry. Seeking the right set of skills, training, and garnering the right kind of experience are necessary to land a perfect job.


Security and privacy in the digital domain have always been a controversial subject. As businesses expand their online presence, data security and integrity are now of paramount importance. Malicious hacking, data theft, data breaches, information leaks, and other kinds of cyber threats require the implementation of top-notch cybersecurity measures, and companies are investing millions in curbing protecting against them.

With more and more businesses opting to cloud infrastructure, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing. Companies are looking for individuals who can integrate seamlessly with their developmental operations team and ensure optimum security for all of their projects.

The increasing demand for security professionals has led to a labor crunch with requirements rising to about 3.5 million in 2021. To build or pivot to a career in cybersecurity, the following are some absolute learning essentials:

● Programming languages so as C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, SQL

● Courses in ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, CCNA Security

● Network engineering security, cryptography, cloud database security

While network security engineering and programming language courses are rudimentary for a cybersecurity career, upgrading one’s skills and knowledge with the other mentioned courses can provide a massive boost to one’s career prospects.

Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud, Edge, the Internet of Things are some of the most trending tech topics of today.

Businesses of all sizes and types migrate to cloud-native architecture and employ edge computing to deliver services faster and better.

The recent pandemic has resulted in a massive surge in cloud computing professionals demand.

More and more businesses are looking to shift to cloud infrastructure and seeking cloud computing solutions professionals. An article from shows an exponential rise in cloud computing jobs between 2016 and 2019.

● Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud computing solution provider today, offers

certification courses for interested professionals. One of the best in the industry, these paid courses can get one ready for a prosperous career as a cloud support engineer or associate.

● Besides the above, numerous Edge and cloud computing courses on edX, IBM, etc. are an excellent way to get started. A solid grasp of data communications, networking, and standard computer programming and mathematics can be a huge help.

Extended Reality

The concept about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is no longer restricted to science fiction. It has become a significant technology with implementations across different sectors such as entertainment, education, construction, health, manufacturing, public utilities, AI, and much more.

Extended reality combines VR and AR and offers enhanced functionalities to any operations implementing it. Market demand for XR, VR, and AR is massive with forecasting a $7.2 billion revenue share in 2024. Numerous job openings and massive demand amongst major tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Nvidia, etc. make this a lucrative prospect for tech professionals.

A stable career in extended reality demands the following set of skills:

● 3D tools and knowledge about computer graphics are essentials for any VR developer.

● Programming experience with languages like C#, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python

● Unity is the leading XR development platform in recent times with high demand.

Professional courses from online learning platforms are an excellent way to learn Unity

ropes and other 3D programming tools applications.

● Experience with platform-specific SDKs (Software Development Kits), sound design and

VR user interfaces can offer enormous benefits for engineers seeking entry into the domain.

Coding skills, solid knowledge of XR development platforms, and software engineering are the necessities for a promising career in this rising domain.

And, that brings us to the conclusion of this little write-up. The above technologies are some of the most popular, promising, and prominent applications and implementations across different sectors.

Be motivated, take the initiative, do your research, and work to the best of your abilities for a successful career and gathering holistic knowledge.

All the best!

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