Top Review Omnichannel Customer Service Software

Top Review Omnichannel Customer Service Software

Our Omnichannel Live Chat app combines all of your communication channels into one. Your customers may now effortlessly go from email to live chat to SMS, desktop to mobile to tablet. No stopping and continuing the Omnichannel Customer Service Software conversation.

Join the hundreds of businesses who use Omnichannel Live Chat to simplify customer support. Struggling with many channels is a thing of the past for any firm that wants to remain competitive. Omnichannel Live Chat puts a stop to interrupted discussions, which cost you customers.

  • Increase your conversions.
  • Reduce abandoned carts.
  • Reduces customer churn.
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue.

Under the previous Multichannel system, a consumer could not switch channels of communication or devices without being disconnected from customer service. Reconnecting means beginning again and explaining their purpose for contacting you, which is the last thing you want when dealing with someone who already has an issue or complaint. features a straightforward UI that your team may begin using within minutes of installing. When a consumer quits a browser window, your conversation continues via whatever alternate channel is available, as if nothing occurred. When the consumer responds, their message is sent back over the same channel.

  • Several talks in one window.
  • Multiple sites sponsored by a single account
  • Any number of operators

Too often, customers are lost, irate, and frustrated when they are transferred between agents who ask them the same questions repeatedly during customer support. When the consumer switched communication channels, the Multichannel system had no choice but to end the conversation. Live Chat customer support can help you put this behind you for good. You and your team will notice the results from the start.

Our free live chat app installs in minutes.

  1. Register on the site to get access to your administrative panel.
  2. Install on your website in one minute. Add a short snippet to your website or install, a free live chat plugin for WordPress.
  3. Create your live chat widget on’s admin panel.
  4. Begin chatting to your customers.

Workplace for Operators:

  1. Mac App
  2. iPhone App

Extra features.

  • Customer reviews for the plugin
  • Get our free app now and enjoy a new age of customer service.

Messages workflow

  • Cross-browser customizable widget
  • Unlimited history
  • Emails sent to and received by offline visitors.
  • Attach documents or photos.
  • Send screenshots.
  • There are no new chats for previous talks.

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