Top 6 Instagram Tips for Graphic Designers

Top 6 Instagram Tips for Graphic Designers

Top 6 Instagram Tips for Graphic Designers

It has almost been a decade since Instagram was launched. Through all these years of journey, Instagram has evolved a lot; it is no longer just a social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Many brands whether big or small are using Instagram for promoting their business. If you know how to utilize Instagram to its full advantage then you are sure to be benefited. But most of us do not know the basic tips that are necessary for making your business stand out on Instagram. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 Instagram tips that every graphic designer must know.

Top 6 Instagram Tips for Graphic Designers

Create an Appropriate Instagram Bio

If you have an Instagram account then obviously you will have a bio but in this case, where you are a graphic designer, having a bio is not enough, you must have a proper bio that will influence your profile visitors to go through your profile. You just have only a 150 character limit to fill up your bio and you have to make wise use of it. Your bio is a summary of you and your brand. Include your name, hashtags relevant to your brand, small info about your services, city, and most importantly the link to your website in your bio. You can also add a personal note as it will help your visitors to connect and relate with you in a better way. Once again, only 150 characters are all you have!!

Be Social

As Instagram is a social media platform, this point becomes quite obvious. But the benefits that interacting with your community can bring to your business are unimaginable. When you will interact with your followers and other graphic designers it will generate a positive signal as a result of which your posts Viewer like Picuki will gain traction and will get their place in the Explore tab. To be social, you have to reply to the comments on your posts, chat with the people who follow you, and are using the same hashtags as you. Remember to keep your interaction humble and genuine.

Involve Your Followers

One of the most important ways of gaining success on Instagram is making your followers engage with your content. The more the engagement will be the more will be the traction that your posts will get which in turn will bring in a lot of new visitors to your profile. Firstly, you have to use catchy and creative captions that will encourage your followers to respond to your call to action. Whenever you will post something about your product give some info about it in the captions, it will be better if you ask for feedback in your captions or any improvements that your followers have to suggest. Besides posting about your products, you must also repost other content that you find inspiring and interesting, as doing this will create an impression that you appreciate and respect other’s work. But before posting someone else’s content do not forget to take permission from the respective accounts or else you will end up getting a copyright claim.

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Schedule Your Posts

Followers wait for your next post and making them wait for too long will be the last thing you can imagine doing. Maintain a schedule of posting your content, if you are posting daily then fix a specific time for posting every day. If you are posting weekly then fix a specific day for posting. Scheduling your posts will help you to look more active which in turn will increase your follower count.

Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are the main spice of Instagram; they play an important role in spreading your posts and brand. According to Forbes, the inclusion of hashtags in the feeds helps the brands to increase their organic reach. But that does not mean you will just keep on putting as many hashtags as you want, relevance and tidiness also matter. Your hashtags must be relevant and specific, for example, #graphicdesign or if you are particularly into business card designs then you can use #businescarddesigns as that will be more specific. Hashtags help your posts to show up on numerous feeds but as new hashtags are emerging daily and those feeds are getting refreshed so keeping your hashtags relevant and specific plays a very significant role.

Keep a Track of Your Progress

Tracking progress and learning from mistakes is very essential in business. If you are using likes, comments, and follows as your progress metrics then you can track them easily without having a business account. But if you want to have a detailed check of your progress such as post clicks, profile visitors, link clicks, etc. then you must have a business account as only then you will be able to use Instagram Analytics which is required to measure such metrics.


These are the top 6 Instagram tips that every graphic designer must know. Use these tips and let your graphic designing business reach new heights.


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