Top 5 Industries at Risk of a Cyber Attack

Top 5 Industries at Risk of a CyberAttack
Top 5 Industries at Risk of a Cyber Attack
“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”— Brian Reed
The year is 2021, the year of optimal search engines, electric cars, rovers to Mars, and online learning. Several technological advancements are being improved and researched everyday. You can find yourself relying on technology for almost every aspect of your life.
Waking up to the alarm clock on your phone and then getting food from a refrigerator. This food is then prepared by microwave and so on. Whether this is the exact way you start your day or some variation of it, you depend on technology one way or another. You might wake up with your body clock and prepare food fresh from the market and you would still need to thank technology.
The food you get from the market is there thanks to technology, as well as how the meat is preserved and the vegetables are grown. Many students are currently depending on a computer to serve as their teacher. Schools being conducted on Skype and Zoom are preparing the current generation for their future jobs.
Technology is very useful to the masses and serves many purposes. As time passes we end up being more and more dependent on their performance. With such a crucial role technology plays, one might wonder what would happen if they were to suddenly fail.

What is Cyber-Attacks

This may sound like something from a sci-fi movie but it is a very real and common thing. These are any attacks that involve computers or computer systems. This can range from someone trying to steal your personal information to a hacker attempting to control a factory production line.

Cyber-attacks have varying levels of danger and several methods for them to occur. Anybody can become a victim of these modern crimes. Cyber-attacks are a very serious concern to everyone.

These modern assaults are opposed with different programs such as simple anti-virus software, an ICS, and even physical guarding of computers. Antivirus software protects your device from common data-stealing malware and malicious programs. ICS or an Industrial Control System helps in securing control systems that belong in different industries like Transport, Healthcare, Utilities,and many more. They are anti-virus programs but instead of guarding the family computer, they defend the systems that control electricity.

An ICS plays a crucial role for the company and its users. They serve as bodyguards to protect the users and make sure that the service can continue despite varying cyber-attacks. If you’re concerned with cyber-attacks towards your company or business you might want to check out some ICS vendors.

An ICS is generally used to monitor long term processes such as the utility industries mentioned before hand. Some work with the use of remote sensors that are on-site that deliver information to the computer. These sensors take note of certain variables related to the processes. If a variable reaches a specific threshold of measurement then the sensors will alert the computer.

As an example, an Industrial Control System can be used to watch for overheating. Once the sensors report that the machine is over heating it will command them to shutdown. An ICS acts as a fail safe in case manual control is lost. Another method of defense that was mentioned was physically guarding systems.

Some cyber attacks don’t just occur over a fishy website. Plugging in an unknown flash drive might lead to your information being stolen. Some attacks happen with physical tools inserted into the systems. That is also why you can probably find most companies that provide utilities like energy and water to be guarded.

What Industries are in Danger of a Cyber Attack?

Top 5 Industries at Risk of a Cyber Attack

As mentioned, these technological strikes can be targeted at anyone. Whether it be a grand mother simply uploading her grandchildren’s pictures or a school inputting the student’s records. Cyber-attacks can be used for different purposes. Knowing this, you might want to update that anti-virus program especially if you are related to any of these industries.

1. Public Utility

Let’s start with the industry already mentioned, the utility corporations are a huge target for cyber-attacks. Many of the companies that belong to this category rely on machines to keep the flow going.In electricity for example, from how electricity is attained to how it is distributed to the masses –most if not all is thanks to technology. With so many people relying on their services it is no surprise that they have a giant target on them for hackers.

Fortunately, such companies take extra measures to protect themselves and their companies. Like all of the other industries to follow, security is a top priority, and with good reason. Most of the sectors mentioned in this article rely on ICS for security.

2. Healthcare

Whether it be in researching the next vaccine or simply maintaining the heartbeat of a patient –technology plays a crucial role in healthcare. It is almost impossible to walk into a modern hospital and not be greeted by the sounds of hundreds of beeping machines.

Medical technology is very important and helps to treat a lot of problems. Although attacking a hospital might not seem like a profitable situation,such an attack can have detrimental effects. It is obvious that if a hospital loses its machines then many patients who depend on such machines will lose their lives.

Technology in healthcare is extremely crucial; a breach in security may lead to several lives in danger. Not only can a cyber-attack mean dead patients, but they can also steal hospitable records. Different people’s blood types, allergies, addresses, and even more information can be used in various ways.

3. Banking

Of course, it is almost impossible to mention the possibility of crimes without mentioning our beloved banks. The holders of company funds, student allowances, and your monthly salary.Banks are very important and very tempting to target. You will probably see a pattern in this article, the sectors mentioned here are targets because of what can be achieved with a successful cyber-attack.Control of the bank means millions if not billions of dollars in the pockets of hackers.

Other than the simple funding, client records with personal information and transaction history are also very valuable. A bank that has a lacking security system will lose so much for their clients, not just money but even their safety. Dangerous people can do a lot with simple things such as personal information or transaction history.

4. Business

The term “business” is very broad and can encompass a ton of companies. For this article’s sake, we can simply include any corporation that might fall under this category. Businesses have different motto’s, plans, methods, and even employees but all businesses have something to lose. A business can’t be called such if money isn’t involved.

Whether it be millions in company funds or thousands in employee and customer information, businesses need to keep their company secure. Businesses are such a huge target you can find them being one of the main clients for ICS vendors – and good reason.

5. Education

Lastly, the sector is beloved by some and dreaded by many. Educational institutes at first may not seem to be a target but they can provide a variety of resources.

In the age of the Covid pandemic, education can be seen to transition into a dependency on technology. Some universities have their entire systems available online. Students can pay for tuition, apply for dormitories, and even pick their schedules.
A large chunk of universities’ data can be found on their servers and this makes for a valuable target. A lot of students today end up applying for online degrees because of the many benefits.
As mentioned before, hackers may go after funds but that isn’t the only resource available. A successful cyber-attack leads to information on students, teachers, parents, guardians, siblings, and even other employees that work on-site. A university is a valuable target because of all of the people that depend on and are connected to it.

In Conclusion

Cyber-attacks are no joke and shouldn’t be treated as one. Many companies and institutes can lose valuable resources and leak information if they don’t have a sufficient security system. Everyone should be wary of cyber-attacks but the industries mentioned specifically should keep an extra eye open.
This is the age of technology and instant information, we are flooding with startups and innovations. An age of beautiful design that serves many purposes but just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it is flawless.

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