5 Best Tips When Buying Air Conditioning

Buying Air Conditioning

5 Best Tips When Buying Air Conditioning

Are you also confused about how to buy ACs or looking for the best ACs to buy for but can’t decide which are best? Don’t worry, sit back stay cool and read these five best tips to keep in mind while you are out or doing online shopping for ACs.
It will cover every aspect one should consider for keeping in mind that the budget should not exceed too much. Summer is at its peak, and the heat witnessed all around was at its scorching best right now.
North region is on fire and even other parts of the country observing a rise in the mercury. Well, this is the best time to invest in a good air-conditioner like air conditioning Sydney which will provide some great relief in this scene.
With the rise in technology in smartphones or other high-tech gadgets, people are getting more aware of the temperature and environment. So, they want to choose the latest air-conditioner which not only provides them with the cooling but is also eco-friendly.
So, this time around, we will look at how ACs are being sold in the market and how people should buy them. Here we have five tips to keep in mind while you are looking to buy ACs. This shopping guide and tips will help you get the best one in your budget.

Energy Efficient

Always try and go for the one which has the highest energy efficiency, in this case, the higher the rating, the lower the electricity bill. This is no secret that an air-conditioner adds up a heavy amount to your monthly electricity bill. Hence, choosing an AC which consumes less power as well as meeting your preferred requirements over the rest.

Now a question takes place, how you should find the energy efficiency rating? Well to check this, you have to see the star rating printed on the device.

Most of the air conditioners come with star ratings ranging from 1 to 5. The more numbers of stars on the devices means the power consumption is lower. For example, a 5-star rating air conditioner will consume much less power when we compare it to a 3-star AC. So, keep this in mind the next time you are planning to shop for an air conditioner.

But there is another bit of twist you have to check and change accordingly, which is inverter AC. These air conditioners are, consume less power than your ACs using conventional cooling plants, at least theoretically and mostly in real life it does.

Due to this, the effect in some cases is quite dramatic. Sometimes it is so big that departments related to the government which is responsible for energy efficiency rates inverter ACs separately.

In other words, in most cases, you will see a 3-star inverter AC is consuming less power than the regular conventional ACs. Always keep this in mind next time, although these inverter ACs comes with a little bit of expensive price tag compared to the regular ones.

Size Matter

You miss considering this one important aspect while buying and your air conditioner will either feel insufficient or will freeze you and your room down so much that you will have the experience of living your life on the north pole.

Let’s consider you have a room which is around 110 to 130 square feet, a good 1 ton will be sufficient to meet your needs. For a room around 180 square feet, one can opt for an air conditioner up to 1.5 tons and so on. Choosing the right size of the air conditioner also helps in saving your electricity bill as they are being used optimally.

Features aren’t enough alone

Although features do matter, they are marketed in such a way that it drives you away from the basic matters more. In an air conditioner, companies don’t talk about the most important parts generally.

One good way to be certain about the quality of ACs is by asking the manufacturer about the type of coils and materials they are using. Copper coils are slightly more expensive and better performing compared to the aluminum foil.

Noise level and fitting area

Nowadays, if you get a ducted air conditioning Sydney system the chances it will be less noisy compared to that window AC which will disturb you even when you are sleeping. Make sure to ask your dealer about the noise details (dB) for both outdoor and indoor units and always prefer one with less noise.


ACs have complex and mechanical technology inside them which means it may require servicing even when you think they are working fine. Always choose a brand that has a proven good servicing and customer satisfaction rate, especially in your area. If you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to ask your dealers about it.

In simple words, don’t just buy an AC because you saw the advertisement and liked it, consider all the important things like affordability, service rates, customer satisfaction, etc.


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