Tips to Find Right Gas Solution

Tips to Find Right Gas Solution

Tips to Find Right Gas Solution

There are a variety of gases available for cooking and heating. LPG (Liquified petroleum gas) and CNG (Compressed natural gas) are the most common gases used in homes and industries. However, other options include bio propane, biogas, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, synthetic natural gas, and hydrogen. However, all the gases are not available and suitable for residential use.

The LPG and CNG are available in most parts of the world and most used for residential purposes. Still, some people find it challenging to find the right gas for their homes. Let us know in this post some tips to find right gas solution for your home.

Check the availability

All the gas options are not available in every location. If you are new at a place, you need to check the available options. If you prefer compressed natural gas, but it is not available in the new location, you need to look for other options. The LPG is usually available in all locations, and you can choose it for your home. However, it is best to check the gas available at a location before moving to that place.

If Both LPG and CNG are available

In some locations, both options of LPG and CNG are available. In such cases, you need to make a decision on which type of gas to choose for your home. Here are the things that you can consider while choosing between LPG and CNG.

LPG vs. CNG 

LPG is made of mainly propane and some quantity of butane produced from crude oil. CNG is natural gas that consists mainly of methane in compressed form and stored at high pressure. Natural gas is made of mainly methane while LPG consists of propane. LPG is obtained from the further processing of natural gas and the refining of crude oil.

After refining, LPG is stored and distributed in liquid form under pressure in gas bottles or tanks, unlike natural gas in gas pipelines or networks. LPG is isolated from hydrocarbon mixtures by separating it from natural gas or refining crude oil for natural gas, which removes only NGL and impurities.

LPG and natural gas also have different chemical formulas, with the chemical formula of propane being C3H8 LPG, while the chemical formula of methane is CH4 natural gas, which is the same as refined natural gas. Both are known by their popular names LPG and CNG despite their different chemical composition.


LPG is heavier than air compared to natural gas, which is lighter than air. Both are gases at standard temperature and pressure (STP). Natural gas is much safer than LPG in the event of leakage as it is lighter than air while LPG is heavier than air. So, in case of a leakage, natural gas dissipates into the atmosphere while LPG settles on the floors, edges, corners and basements of a house. Therefore, in terms of safety, CNG is a much safer option than LPG.


The price of both the gases varies from location to location. The cost also depends on the demand and availability of gas. Usually, LPG is slightly cheaper than CNG, but the prices are always comparable. If you have an LPG connection through utility lines in your house, the cost of converting it into CNG may be high.

As the compressed natural gas is stored at pressure 10 times higher than LPG, many components in the gas equipment are required to be replaced. The regulator and hoses are the components that control the pressure and flow of gas. These components need to be replaced when you plan to shift from LPG to CNG for your home.

Gas for your vehicle

If you want to get the gas for your vehicle, then CNG is better than LPG as its availability is more than LPG. Moreover, the new cars come pre-fitted with a CNG kit. So you don’t need to install a CNG kit to run your car on natural gas.

Choose the right distributor.

Whatever gas you choose for your home, it is important to choose the right distributor. You need to inquire about the timely delivery, cost of the cylinder, frequency of service, and availability of gas before selecting a distributor for gas supply. Some distributors offer the same day delivery, while others offer the next day delivery. You should not choose a distributor that takes more than 24 hours for the delivery of the cylinder.

Final Words

Finding the right gas solution is not difficult. All you need is to check the availability and delivery at your location and apply for a connection. Also, it is important to find the right distributor so that you get the delivery on time. Following the tips in this post can help you to find the right gas solution.


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