Tips to Choose A Pain Management Doctor in Annapolis

Tips to Choose A Pain Management Doctor in Annapolis

Tips to Choose A Pain Management Doctor in Annapolis

Annapolis, also known popularly as “Naptown,” houses the US Naval Academy. Some famous Americans who passed out of this Academy include former President Jimmy Carter, Major General Charles Bolden, Wendy Lawrence, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, and many more.

Fondly referred to as America’s sailing capital, Annapolis has a rich maritime history of fishing vessels and powerboats. The city boasts its share of restaurants, yachts, art galleries, and hotels.

Annapolis prides itself in offering world-class medical care and is home to several specialist hospitals. If you are looking for the best pain management doctor Annapolis, you needn’t look any further.

The city offers effective treatment for early relief of chronic pain anywhere in the body (from head to toe). Your pain medicine doctor works with you in managing your pain and helps protect your health. With so many hospitals and doctors offering treatment, here are some tips to finding the best pain management doctor in Annapolis.

Go by Referrals

Word of mouth recommendations and reviews are some of the best means of identifying and authenticating. You can start by asking your primary care doctor, who will refer you to the best pain management doctor in Annapolis.  Asking your family and friends and any other healthcare provider in Annapolis whom they would suggest is a great idea. While searching for a reputed doctor, you can do a bit of research yourself (online and via the local grapevine) to help narrow down your search.

Authenticate the Pain Doctor’s Credentials

Once you have a few referrals to go by, you should do due diligence by researching the credentials of the pain doctors recommended, and first, verify if they have board certification from regulatory authorities in Maryland. This proves that they are aware of and acquired the latest advancements in their specialty.

Look for a doctor who has gone through a pain medicine fellowship program, which shows they have the necessary experience, skills, and training to take up cases relating to pain medicine. You may also want to check for any malpractices or disciplinary actions. It is best to check a doctor’s qualifications and skills online to get the authentic information.

Go by the Doctor’s Experience

Experience makes all the difference because when dealing with chronic pain or other painful conditions, the Annapolis doctor’s expertise matters most. An experienced pain management doctor at Annapolis will have treated several such pain-related cases in their medical career, making them experts in the specialty. If you have a specific complaint, like a nerve block, or severe arthritis pain that won’t go, it is advisable to check if the doctor you consult has experience treating such cases. If the doctor has already handled some complicated cases, you know he or she is the best doctor to go to for finding a cure for your pain.

Choose the Right Location

While Annapolis is located close to the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Virginia areas, you need to ensure that the pain management specialist you choose is near you. As you might have to make multiple visits and follow-ups, it would be best to find a clinic that is centrally located. This will make the drive to the clinic convenient and arriving on time for your appointments easier.

Ask about Remote Treatment (Telehealth)

Telehealth capabilities have existed for some time and are popular today because of the scare caused by the COVID19 pandemic in Annapolis. Moreover, telecommunications technology is so advanced today that remote consultation is more like a face-to-face consultation. Seeking treatment for your pain right from the comfort of your home helps save you and your doctor’s time, besides avoiding the hassles of making your way through rush-hour traffic. Although telemedicine may not replace in-person consultation and treatment, it has its advantages, and fewer trips to the doctor are preferred by many pain patients who find it an ordeal to move. Routine follow-ups and prescription refills are rendered easy by virtual consultation.

Go by Patients’ Testimonials

Today, no one buys a product or service without going through the reviews, which are the best testimony to go by. Check for the past patients’ testimonials on the doctor’s website, which gives you a clear picture of what sort of benefits to expect from the doctor’s treatment in their Annapolis pain clinic. It’s not just about the treatment; you can learn about the ease in scheduling appointments, the general office environment, the wait time, and how friendly the office staff is, among other things, from patients’ reviews.

Summing It Up

Annapolis has a busy lifestyle with the US Naval Academy being the top employer in the region. Thus the residents may have significant exposure to stressful conditions that may need the attention of pain management healthcare providers, to deal with their issues.

You must choose the right doctor in Annapolis for treating your chronic pain because it is a long process and involves expert diagnosis and effective medication to cure the condition.

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