Tips And Advice For Designing Your Own Website

Tips And Advice For Designing Your Own Website

You need to start creating a website with your studies. You shouldn’t skimp on knowledge. Find a thicker and more expensive textbook. A website developer must be fluent in HTML. Thick textbooks about creating websites are written in a very accessible and understandable way. Don’t try to master website building quickly. Nothing should be overlooked, otherwise, when creating sites, a marriage will appear in one form or another. Quality doesn’t like the lazy. You don’t want to get a penny for creating websites. When reading, try to immediately learn all the tags, then when creating sites there will be no problems with formatting text, inserting pictures and images, creating a background and changing colors, creating hyperlinks, etc. If you have mastered HTML perfectly, it will take you very little time to create your first website. Of course this site will contain a bunch of flaws. There is no need to be upset. No one succeeded in creating the perfect website the first time. Everyone learns to create websites “by mistakes”.

Directly to start creating a real site, you need some kind of HTML editor. You won’t be creating a website in a text editor, will you? Any HTML editor designed for these purposes is suitable for creating sites. If you feel confident, we recommend using more sophisticated editors to create sites. If you find it difficult to get started learning how to create websites, start using the simplest editors. It is always easier to go from simple to complex.

A few tips

They are:

  • avoid using large drawings, photographs, as well as the use of many scripts and applets, all of which significantly slow down page loading speed.
  • make sure that horizontal scrolling does not appear. Its presence is recognized as inconvenient and is another reason why potential customers leave the site earlier than necessary.
  • do not forget that some functions can be disabled in the browser settings. This leads to the fact that some of the information from your site will not be available to visitors.
  • remember that many useful things in your opinion can simply annoy visitors and force them to quickly leave the site, and after that they will not return to you.

Analyze your competitors

Before making a website, you probably looked through the resources of competitors and figured out which of all this might be right for you.  But a detailed analysis of sites from the same segment as yours will be more effective as it does Fireart studio.

Try to understand why such a design was chosen, does it attract visitors? Evaluate the design and navigation – what is immediately visible on the site, what catches the eye. Pay attention to the content – what does it consist of, is it interesting to the target audience?

Mission Achievable – Delegate Difficult Tasks

Leave to specialists what is outside your competence. For example, preparing infographics or illustrations, working with hosting, website promotion, ensuring information security.

And remember: when you make a website yourself, you act as a customer for yourself, which means that you can evaluate the final result, even if you are not a designer.


More and more platforms for creating websites are emerging almost every day. Saving money and taking control of your own website development may seem attractive, but if your website looks unprofessional and unreliable, your brand may suffer.


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