Your Tinder Account Under Review: How You Should Know

Your Tinder Account Under Review: How You Should Know

Do you have problems logging into your Tinder account? Your Tinder account is presently under review, did the app notify you? It may be an aggravating experience, but it is not unusual. Tinder examines accounts on a regular basis to ensure they comply with its terms and policies.

If your app is under review, it is essential to understand why and what you can do about it. In this post, we will look at the various reasons for account review and provide advice on how to get your account back up and running tinder account under review.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that matches couples based on their mutual appeal. It notifies you of other Tinder users who are within a certain age range, gender, and distance from your location, as well as letting you know whether you have any mutual friends.

You determine if you like a person’s appearance based on their photos and profile: if you do, wonderful; if you don’t, they won’t know. If you’re both interested, Tinder’s messaging feature provides you with a private chat thread where you can communicate and get to know each other better.

It’s a little like getting introduced to the attractive friend of a friend in a bar, except it takes out the awkward, intoxicated matchmaker and the cringeworthiness.

How can I get Tinder?

Just download Tinder from the App Store or Google Play to get the free app for Android or iOS. You can also use it in your computer browser – just register at

Previously, you needed a Facebook account to get in, but now you can make an account using simply your phone number. However, this will prohibit you from using some of the app’s functions, such as importing photos straight from Facebook and displaying when you have mutual friends or Likes with another user.

What Does It Mean When It Says “Your Account Is Under Review?”

Why is my tinder account under review If you see the message “Your account is under review” on Tinder, review accounts to ensure they comply with their policies and eliminate fraudulent, spammy, or scammy accounts. You will be unable to access your account throughout the review process, which may take some time to complete. The length of time it takes is determined by the reason for the review. Depending on the results of the review, your account may be reactivated or permanently suspended after the review is completed.

Verification of photographs:

If Tinder has flagged one or more of your profile photos as potentially violating their policies, it means your account is being reviewed for photo verification. Tinder has strict rules regarding the types of photos that can be used on their platform, and they enforce these rules using a combination of automated tools and human moderators.

To get your account back up and running, you must complete the photo verification process. This process entails submitting a selfie that matches one of the photos on your profile. Tinder will then compare the selfie to the profile photo to ensure they match.

To complete the photo verification process, Tinder Account Under Review follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile in the Tinder app.
  2. At the top of the screen, you should see a message indicating that your account is being reviewed.
  3. To begin the photo verification process, tap the “Verify Your Account” button.
  4. You will be asked to take a selfie that matches one of the photos on your profile. Ascertain that the lighting is adequate and that your face is visible in the photograph.
  5. Submit the selfie, and Tinder will compare it to the profile photo.
  6. If the photos match, Tinder will reinstate your account and you will be able to use the app as usual.
  7. Your account may be permanently suspended if the pictures do not match.

Why Is Your Tinder Account Under Review?

To ensure the safety and security of its users, Tinder has strong policies in place. The app takes several measures to detect and eradicate bogus accounts, spammers, and fraudsters. If Tinder flags your account for violating any of these policies, it will be subject to review until further notice.

5 Possible Reasons for Account Review

1. Violation of Tinder’s terms of use and community guidelines:

Tinder sets rigorous policies on the types of material that may be posted on its site. Users are required to act properly and responsibly and to comply to these policies. Violations may include:

  • Using improper words or pictures.
  • Misrepresenting oneself on the app.
  • Engaging in spamming or fraudulent behavior.

2. Suspicious or robotic behavior:

An automated system analyses user behavior for signals of suspicious or robotic activity, which may suggest spamming, fraud, or hacking. Suspicious behavior might include numerous logins from various places or an abnormally high number of matches in a short time. If the system identifies suspicious behavior, the account may be flagged for review to ensure it has not been compromised or used for fraudulent purposes.

3. Multiple reports:

Tinder may flag an account for review if numerous users report it for improper behavior. Tinder takes allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously and carefully reviews them to ensure that the app is a safe and courteous place for all users.

4. Prior prohibition:

It may automatically flag any new accounts made by a user who has already been banned, either for violating its policies or for other reasons, in order to prevent them from engaging in improper behavior on the site.

5. Using information from a banned account or device:

When a person tries to create a new account using information from a previously banned account or device, the new account may be flagged for review. This method prohibits banned users from creating new accounts in order to continue their abusive Tinder behavior.

How long does Tinder take to review your account?

Is your account taking too long to process?

Several factors, including the volume of complaints that need consideration at any given time and the intricacy of the issues that require inquiry, may impact how long it takes Tinder to review an account. Tinder may complete the review process in a few hours in certain circumstances, but it may take several days or even weeks in others.

If your account has been under review for a lengthy period of time, consider creating a new one or using a friend’s version instead. Using someone else’s account or creating a new account may result in a permanent ban from the app. However, patience and waiting for the review process to complete are essential.

If you are concerned that your account should be reduced in length for review, you may get in touch with Tinder’s customer service staff for further information. They can offer you an update on the progress of your account and an approximate schedule for when the review process will be completed. But it’s essential to remember that their response time may vary based on the volume of requests they get.

When a Tinder review lasts longer or shorter than usual:

If you have gotten a notification from Tinder indicating your account is being reviewed, the time it takes to review it might vary depending on a variety of factors.

If you have registered on Tinder and completed the verification process, the review should just take a few minutes. The verification process confirms that your profile is not a forgery and that the pictures you’ve supplied are authentic.

However, you’ve been using Tinder for a while and now got a notification indicating your account is being reviewed. Because Tinder may have seen anything out of the ordinary about your profile or behavior, they must take the required measures to ensure your account is real. In this situation, the review process may take many hours or even days to complete.

If you’ve been banned from Tinder and are attempting to create a new account, the review process may take several days. Because Tinder may have recognized anything from your prior account and is taking additional safeguards to ensure you are not attempting to continue improper behavior on the app, this is the reason.

If your account is being reviewed, waiting for the process to complete is the best course of action before attempting to create a new account. If you are concerned about the length of the review process, you may contact Tinder’s customer care staff for further information.

What Happens If Your Account Is Under Investigation?

You may have restricted access to the Tinder app while your account is being reviewed. Other users may be unable to swipe, match, or send messages to you. Tinder may also temporarily conceal your profile from other app users.

Tinder will examine suspected breaches of its terms of service and community rules during this time. It may include reviewing your profile information, communications, and reported behavior.

Please keep in mind that while your account is being reviewed, you should avoid attempting to create a new account or using a friend’s account. It may result in an indefinite ban from the app.

Tinder will notify you of their decision once the review process is completed. You will recover full access to the app once they accept your account. If Tinder has permanently banned your account, you will be unable to create a new account on the app.

When your account is being reviewed, the following happens:

When your Tinder account is being reviewed, you may be unable to conduct some operations on the app.

These are some examples:

Swiping: You may be unable to swipe left or right on other users’ profiles throughout the review process.
Matching: You may be unable to match with other app users while your account is being reviewed.
Sending Messages: You may be unable to send messages to other users while your account is being reviewed.
Viewing other profiles: You may be unable to access the profiles of other users while your account is being reviewed.
Changing your profile information: After the review process is completed, you may only modify or update your profile.

When a Tinder account is reviewed, a couple different things might happen.

  1. To begin, Tinder removes accounts after reviewing them and determining that they have violated their terms of service and community rules, have been reported several times, or have already been banned by Tinder. If Tinder has banned your account, you can no longer use the app. It may also happen if the user tries to create a new account using information from a previously banned account or device.
  2. Second, Tinder may shadowban your account, which means you may continue to use the app but other users will not be able to view your profile. This strategy is often used by Tinder to deter troublesome users from creating new accounts and to push users to pay for premium features.
  3. Finally, your account may have been verified, which means Tinder has reviewed your profile and discovered no issues. You may continue to use the app, and your profile will be marked with a blue checkmark to show that it has been verified.
  4. Finally, your account may be verified and then banned soon thereafter. It might be because of your behavior on the app after verification, or because Tinder changed its mind about your account.

How To Access To Your Account

If your Tinder account is being reviewed, the first step is to be patient until the process is completed. The length of time it takes to complete the check varies according on the reason for the review.

Avoiding creating a new account or using a friend’s account is essential during this time period. This may result in a permanent ban from the app.

If Tinder discovers that you have violated their policies, they may permanently suspend your account, and you will be unable to create a new account. However, if the review concludes that there was no infringement, your account will be reinstated.


It might be aggravating to have your Tinder account under review, but it is not the end of the world. By understanding what happened and taking the measures outlined above. You may also improve your chances of having your account back online. Keep in mind that Tinder’s policies are in place to safeguard its users. Following them is the easiest approach to prevent issues with your account.



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